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Rumors On Why Lebron James Choked Once Again In The NBA Finals

Updated on September 17, 2011
That feels good D. Wade!
That feels good D. Wade!

I'm sure there may be many theories as to why the man formerly known as the King crumbled like a saltine cracker in yet another NBA Finals.

It has been said that someone had stolen his girlfriend from him. Another was that the big three are gay and Lebron and Bosh both took the feminine role of the relationship. That can explain why Wade took charge for the Heat in the series. D. Wade was ridiculously hustling. He was recording amazing blocks, rising for mad power dunks, getting monster rebounds over the Dallas Mavericks big men, and just playing like he had to single handily take over the ball games.

Where was Lebron?

Number 6 was on the court but he was still absent after game 1. It would be pure hatred to say that Mr. James doesn't have tremendous basketball ability but so does many players who have played the game. Trying your hardest to get a triple double and thinking that that will get you a win is delusion. What good is a triple double if you decide to quit in the 4th quarter of a game.

Obviously I'm not a huge Lebron James Rumor fan but when I saw this I was amazed!

A very reliable source sent a particular video direct to Lebron through facebook and Twitter before the second game of the NBA Finals. After LBJ got locked up in game 2, my source sent the video again. My source told me that Lebron replied to his message and he said that he is going to dominate the rest of the series and that the video sucked big time (I personally think the video is very amusing). Of course, we all know what happened to LBJ after game 1. I think he got so shook up from watching this vid but who knows the real reason he played so timid...Check out the video in question below. Please comment if you agree.

The video that Lebron seen after game 1 of the finals


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