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Lebron James Is Joining Wayde and Bosh in Heat - NBA

Updated on August 29, 2012

Lebron James Decision to Join Miami

Lebron James Is Joining Wayde and Bosh to enjoy the Heat of Miami

Its final, Lebron James is joining Bosh and Wayde in Miami Heat.

The waiting time is over and finally the most awaited announcement was done. Lebron chose to be with Miami and chase the championship trophy which is lacking in his credentials.

To many of you who have been a friend of mine here, you know that I love to watch sports -- a woman who loves sports be it football, basketball and soccer. I always anticipate the month of September not only because of the fall winds but because of NFL or the March to June months where I could yell in front of the TV watching basketball.

Much have been told about the move, so I don't like to dwell about it anymore, to my thinking all is said and done but the fact still remains, he put himself first. Is it wrong or right, well, ask his mom, Gloria who is always a big factor in his decision making.He said it is not about the money, what is it then about fame, championship, isn't Lebron James only in his mid twenties -- chasing the dream no player ever had? Surely he will have more MVP perhaps, but championship, who knows?

Do I sound Like I am disgruntled like his fans? Yes, I was disappointed a bit, but I realized that it was difficult for him. He played on the media, people and the stakeholders who are chasing him. But I was still hoping he will be with Cleveland until the end even if he puts a lot of us into waiting. I should have known better. i value loyalty above all, that makes a man a man and what makes a person a person. Without loyalty, you can never go anywhere.

Before this hoolaballooo, I always side with Lebron James because I always side with a team who is always considered-- a no win team -- and I always wanted the Cavaliers to win, even when they play with my favorite team Celtics. Yes I cheered with the Cavaliers because I wanted them to win at least one championship. They needed that to uplift their spirits when the recession sets in at Ohio. Just like The New Orleans saints which I also cheered during the Super Bowl 2010 last year. Good for the Saints they won, but the Cleveland never saw the lights with winning.

Yes, loyalty -- to the expense of personal motives or perceived gains, what would championship trophy will do to his career, then it is already now? He is already a two time MVP player of the most prestigious professional basketball league in the world


Lebron James

image courtesy of wikipedia
image courtesy of wikipedia

His Mom Gloria -- Lebron James always decides whether his personal life or professional basketball life. But how old is he anyway, still young? Scapegoat is always an answer. I am a mom too so if my son will tell me this, I am honored but then I will let my son decides unless he cant decide? Can't he?

Lebron James -- A Big Man with a Heart of A Child -- Obviously he want to play with his favorite players he said, even though in the past he said that he loves Chicago team and always a fan of Chicago Bulls, where does his loyalty lies, we don't know really. He just wanted to be with Wayde and Bosh and probably get that championship trophy.

His personal ambition to get a championship trophy -- who wouldn't want a championship trophy, but what else does he likes to prove, we know he is good in basketball already, and the main reasoning that He needed somebody like Shaq for a championship, I thought he could win alone, if he is that great? Well let us see, if he can get the team Miami a championship. Obviously he thinks that Bosh and Wayde and him are like the tandem of Celtics, Garnett, Pierce and Ray.

Who Won? -- Miami and the new ballclub because of the many endorsements and money James bring in, well, I simply don't care a lot about the owners of ballclubs, they are rich enough. I care for the fans who shouts, line up and cheer their players. They are the ones who make the play so exciting, imagine a play without the fans watching.

For the reaction of the owner of the Cleveland team Open Letter to Fans from Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert. And another side of the story : Venom From Cavs Owner Validates James’s Exit.


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