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Leech Streamer Fishing Flies

Updated on September 2, 2014
Olive Leech Streamers
Olive Leech Streamers

Leech Streamers come in a wide range of colors and sizes and are typically used to imitate leeches, baitfish, and crawfish.

It is an effective fishing fly for Bass, Sunfish/Bluegill, and Trout. Consider this pattern a "must have" fishing fly for fishermen.

To assist others in using/fishing Leech Streamers, the sections below provide a brief summary of:

  • "Suggestions On Fishing With Leech Streamers"
  • "Tying a Leech Streamer"

Also, we have added an RSS Feed from our weblog, City Of Allen Fishing, to keep our Readers up to date on our Field Team's fishing reports. Check it out when you get a chance!

Good luck and good fishing!

Black Leech Streamer
Black Leech Streamer

Suggestions On Fishing With Leech Streamers

A few suggestions when fishing Leech Streamers:

  • Use short pulls and a fast retrieve to imitate fleeing baitfish. Use longer pulls and a pause between each to imitate crawfish.
  • Use a strike indicator and a dead drift to imitate leeches. On occasion twitch your flyline to "liven" the offering.
  • For Bass, use fishing flies ranging from Size #10 to Size #4. Larger sizes tend to "deaden the action" of the fly.
  • For Trout and Bluegill/Sunfish, fishing flies in Sizes #12 to #8 are consistent producers.
  • Carry colors in Brown, Black, and Olive. And, match the hatch to the situation.

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Tying a Leech Streamer

Leech Streamers are tied with the following materials:

  • Streamer Hook (Sizes #12 to #4)
  • Dacron Thread (6/0)
  • Zonker Rabbit Strip (3" to 6")
  • Bead Head (Optional)

See slide show for step-by-step instructions for tying a Leech Streamer.

Do Leech Streamers Work For You?

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    • hbng84 profile image

      hbng84 2 years ago

      Although it's the heat of the summer, do keep Leech Streamers in mind when targeting warm water fish like Bass!