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Leg Stretcher for martial arts & kicboxing training

Updated on September 19, 2013

First why should you use the leg stretcher

Well if you do any type of martial arts or kickboxing, you will want to get those high kicks. With as little effort as possible. The same applies for dancer's the more flexible you are the better the moves will look.

Now I know that there is loads of different types of exercises that you can do to get the same results. But by using the leg stretcher even just twice a week, will focus on the right muscles that should be stretched. Plus you can also position the leg stretcher so that it is not putting any pressure on you knee joints. As anyone who does stretches for your legs will know some of them can put a lot of pressure on the knee joints. Which over time will cause damage that in some cases can not be repaired. Now I am not saying that you should stop doing these stretches and just use the leg stretcher. No in fact keep doing your leg stretches at training but at home use the leg stretcher plus some of your normal stretches at least twice a week.

The benefits of using the leg stretcher for martial arts kickboxing Plus Dancing

Some of the benefits of using the leg stretcher, are that you will be more flexible which means you will be able to kick faster and harder also you will find a lot less pressure on your knees, because of the fact that you will be a lot more flexible so when you are doing your normal stretches it will reduce the pressure on the knees by huge amounts. Plus for dancers the same applies to the knee joints and when you are dancing the moves will look a whole lot better and smoother.

What type of Leg stretcher should you get

Now what type should you get. Well for starters don't go breaking the bank. As it can depend on how flexible you naturally are. If you are already naturally flexible than maybe you don't need one for a while yet. But if find that you have to stretch more and more just to loosen out than it's time to get one, other wise you are only starting to put more pressure on your knee joints. Before you buy one have a good look around the internet as there are many different types plus even more different prices.

Some people make there own, all you need to do is search the internet and you will find hundred of pictures and plans for making your own leg stretcher. How good it will be all depends on you and how good you are at making things. But if you are the type of person that can not drive a nail into a wall. Than just go and buy one and save your self a lot of time.

Here is a basic Leg stretcher I made.

Now I am not even go to show a picture of this or any major details, because like I said well ago if you can't drive a nail straight just go and buy one. So if what I describe below, on how to make a basic leg stretcher, makes no sense to you as well. Than just go and buy one.

First you need two bits of 2 by 1 each bit should be around the length of your leg. Than join the two together with a door hinge. On the ends which will be up against your legs fix a bit of four by one onto them. This four by one will spread the pressure point on your legs plus make it more comfortable for you to use. If you want you can also fix some soft padding to these. Than finally screw a hook or closed eye into the top and tie a rope onto this, so you can pull the leg stretcher down and stretch your legs. That's it your done.

Earn money & make your own & sell it on ebay

Now if you are handy at making things. You should have a look at Ebay at some of the home made leg stretchers. Some are pretty bad looking but they are still selling. So if the one you make turns out looking good. Than you may just of found a nice way of earning some extra cash.

Buy a Leg stretcher

But for people that just want to buy a good leg stretcher at a good price here is a link to a site that sells good leg stretchers at good prices.

3 Bar Leg stretcher
3 Bar Leg stretcher

How will you benefit from a leg stretcher?

With leg stretching machines you can quickly and easily achieve the flexibility that you desire. The way these machines work is a systematic way to flexibility not a hit and miss system. A lot of beginners stretch only as part of their warm-up, but with a stretching machine it is more effective to stretch after you are warm in order to stretch the muscle fibers and ligaments.

With A Leg stretcher You:

- Get flexible in the quickest most efficient way possible

- Will achieve the flexibility that you desire and always wanted.

- Will begin a systematic path to doing the splits and higher kicks with more power

- Achieve your potential in both flexibility and skill

- Will have fewer injuries due to more flexible muscles

- Will impress your friends and class mates with your flexibility and high kicks

- In short a leg stretcher will only do you good

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    • CraftytotheCore profile image

      CraftytotheCore 4 years ago

      I could totally use a leg stretcher. I had physical therapy at the beginning of this year for paralysis on my right side. I try to walk up to 3 miles a day, but somedays it's not enough. I'll have to look in to one of these.