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The Day Monday Night Football Died

Updated on September 26, 2012

Little things in life like this are the only reason I am not an atheist. Because clearly somebody in power hates my fuc*ing guts...

This particular incident I’m speaking of is the most recent NFL Monday Night Football game. In which the NFL replacement referees decided it would be a super awesome idea to torpedo the last 8 minutes of the game. While this may not seem like a travesty to some, I assure you all it is. Just ask the people who lost an estimated $150-200 million worldwide in bets that were shifted by the blunder.

I have grown up a Green Bay fan, and coming into this season I had high hopes. I suppose I still do. However we now have a losing record after three games. (Yes like many sports fans I include myself as part of the team) And because I’m on the team I feel the loss a little sharper than the talking heads across the airwaves.

Silly thing is while I most certainly was not thrilled last night I was way more hot about it in the morning. Compare it going to sleep a blues singer and waking up in a Nordic death metal band. Why you ask? Well probably because when I woke up at 5:30am after staying up till midnight to get kicked in the beans for starters. But while watching the 4th quarter of the game I saw it all coming. As I said the cosmic powers that be like to do this to me to remind me they are there. So when the die was cast I almost felt justified as if saying, “Hah Cosmos I saw it coming the whole time!” Its like watching a movie where you see the twist coming before the end then tell all your friends smugly that you saw it the whole time.

I had that feeling at the start of the Seahawks drive after Green Bay scored their final points. It got stronger as I saw not only the roughing the passer call that canceled a likely game ending pick. It got stronger when they call an absurd pass interference call on Sam Shields at first and a country mile. I try to tell myself its all in my head. That I'm just being a pessimist. But I have been here before I know what coming. When the ball goes in the air on the final play I try to keep my hopes up, but the devil on my shoulder is telling me I'm hosed. Then there's the stoogian moment where the officials signal different calls, and Gruden is in the background saying, "Oh No don't do it." The rest is history.

I would like to talk to Golden Tate. While I dont expect him to dump a win I would like to know what his real thoughts on the play are. Im sure most pro athletes would tell you they have been on the poor end of bad calls to many time to look a gift horse in the mouth. I would just ask him if after seeing the replay if he feels he got away with one or if he sticks to hit guns. No camera, no article just one dude talking to another. Because the entire world and even the most steadfast of hawk fans would have to admit that seeing a hi-def replay of the final seconds resulted in an interceptions. MD Jennings very clearly gets both hands on the ball before Tate swoops in like the french dude in Raiders of the Lost ark to steal Indiana Jones’ shit. I suppose the refs in that case would be the Nazi’s. A term I’m sure they have been called before from the cheap seats and from behind TV screens.

The point of this rant would be to convince the owners and commissioner Goodell to swallow their pride and beg the real refs to come back. That way we can scream obscenities and competent officials instead of scabs. One would think at some point in the near future Goodell is going to have to try to either do something fan friendly or simply sit in the background quietly for a few years. I read an article by Bill Simmons the other day proclaiming the current NFL commissioner as the worse in his (and my) lifetime. A view I am inclined to agree with. I implore someone to let me know of any entertainment aspect of the game that has improved on his watch.

Being as this is my first entry I'd like to dedicate it to a young man who doesn't think he's seen anything good today. Cameron Frye, this ones for you.


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    • SuperBowlDeals profile image

      SuperBowlDeals 5 years ago from New Albany, Indiana

      Yes, it was a huge debacle and the worst example of why the replacement refs were a bad idea. I don't blame the refs as much as I do the NFL for allowing this to happen. It goes right to the integrity of the game. It took a big hit in that game. No excuse for that to have happened to the Packers.