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Lionel Messi the Football Record Breaker

Updated on June 25, 2020

Lionel Messi

Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini born on 24, June 1987 in Rosario Santa Fe Province Argentina, height 5ft 7 inches, (1.69m), 67kg. His father Jorge Horacio Messi is a factory steel worker while his mother Celia Maria Cuccittini is a Part-time cleaner.

Name Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini

Date of birth 24th June 1987 (27)

Height 5ft 7 inches (1.69m)

Weight 67kg

Country Argentina

Hometown Rosario Santa Fe Province

Club FC Barcelona

Squared Number 10

Position in the fied Striker

Messi’s father is of Italian descent; his ancestors immigrated to Argentina in late 19th Century. He has two older brothers namely Rodrigo and Matias, he also has a sister, Maria Sol.

During his early childhood, his height was far behind that of his age mate, which people thought was abnormal. However, at the age of 11, Messi was diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD). A disease which prevents children from normal growth and he was put under medication which will correct and enable normal hormone growth. Meanwhile the medical treatment was too expensive, treatment for his condition cost $900 per month and it made things difficult for his parents.

Messi's Starting Point

Messi started playing football at an early age of 5, he joined Grandoli, a local club coached by his father, who discovered his talent and started coaching him. In 1995, Messi joined another club, Newell’s Old boys based in his hometown Rosario a local club, then Powerhouse River Plate were interested in signing him but did not have enough money to pay for Messi’s medical treatment.

Messi’s connection to Barcelona became possible as he has relatives in Lleida, Catalonia. However, on 27 September 2000, Messi came to Barcelona with his father, Jorge, his agent Fabian Soldini and Gaggioli’s partner, together with Joseph Maria Minguella. They had arranged for Messi to have a trial at Barcelona. Meanwhile, Minguella had already informed Rexach, who was then Barcelona technical director that there is a kid, who play just like Diego Maradona and they decided to bring him over to Barcelona for trial.

Coach Charles Rexach who was impressed by Messi’s talent after watching him train with his teammate decided to offer Messi a spot in FC Barcelona Youth Academy.

Messi made his official debut at the age of 17, on 16th October 2004 against RCD Espanyol, during 2004/2005 season and he scored his First Official Goal on 1st May 2005, becoming the youngest player to score in the League goal.

In 2006, Messi was among the team when they won both La Liga and Championship League.

In the year 2007, Messi received his first FIFA Ballon d’Or Nomination but he finished third while Kaka of AC Milan won the award.

Lionel Messi

International Career

Messi made his international debut when Argentina played a friendly match against Hungary. During 2005 World Youth Championship, while representing is country, Argentina, he scored two goals during the final match, which help Argentina win the Tournament and scoring six (6) goals. When he participated in the world cup in 2006, he became the youngest player to play in the world cup competition.

Role in the Field

Messi began his football career as a left-winger but afterwards he was moved onto the right wing by his former Barcelona Coach Frank Rijkaard who noticed that from this position, he could cut through the defence into the mid field more easily to score goals. Messi is a versatile player and can play anywhere along the front line, he is comfortable attacking on either wing or through the centre of the field. Messi, is known as an incredible goalscorer, his skill, dribbling, speed, balance, positioning, and quick reactions is extraordinary.

Former Barcelona Manager, Pep Guardiola once said “ Messi is the only player that runs faster with the ball than he does without it.” No wonder the Zig-Zag pattern of the Adidas football is said to represents Lionel Messi’s speed and direction in the field. Messi is also good in free kick and accurate in taking penalty kick, his dribbling skill is prolific and Maradona once lauded him “The ball stays glued to his foot; I’ve never seen anyone with Messi’s ball control.”

Lionel Messi's Awards

Award Won
FIFA World Best Player of the Year and Ballon d’Or
Ballon d’Or
Ballon d’Or
Ballon d’Or
Ballon d'Or

Leo Messi

Messi's Scoring Records

Messi scored 86 goals breaking his own record as well as a record set by German Gerd Muller of 85 goals in 1958 and becoming the highest scorer in a single season.

Messi sets Guinness World Record for the highest goals scorer in a Calendar year by scoring 91 goals in 2012.

By February 2013, Messi scored 301 goals in 365 official matches for FC Barcelona

This is what the legend Diego Maradona has to say about Messi “I have seen the player who will inherit my place in Argentina football and his name is Messi.”

By February 2014, he scored 343 club goals out of 434 appearances, he did not stop there, on September 2014 Messi scored his 400th professional goal and this is what Coach Luis Enrique said “It’s like Messi was touched by a magic wand.”

2005 – 2014 Messi scored 75 Championship

2005 - 2015 Messi scored 372 goals

2005 – 2015 Messi assisted in 145 goals

2005 - March 2018 Messi has scored 600 goals

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Lionel Messi


2011/2012 Season

In the year, 2011 Messi won the inaugural combined version of the FIFA Ballon d’Or

In the year 2012, Messi finished the calendar year scoring 91 goals for both club and country breaking a record set by Gerd Muller who scored 85 goals to become all-time goal scorer in a calendar year.

Messi won the FIFA Ballon d’Or for the third consecutive times becoming the fourth player to win it three times after Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini and Marco Van Basten.

In January 2012, Messi added to his credit by winning consecutively his fourth FIFA Ballon d’Or.

Lionel Messi is the only player in the world, who has won FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP Golden Ball two times. In 2009, Messi won his first Golden Ball and in 2011, he won his second Golden Ball.

2011/2012 Season

He scored 50 goals

2012/2013 season

Messi scored 60 goals and 16 assists in all competitions

2013/2014 season

Messi ended the season scoring a total of 41 goals and provided 15 assist in all competitions

2014/2015 season

On 5 November 2014 Messi beat Ronaldo and equals Raul’s 1995 Champions League goal scoring record of 71 goals after scoring 5 goals against Ajax.

Within a space of three (3) days, Messi break two (2) records. On November 22, 2014 Messi equaled, and beat Telmo Zarra’s 1955 goal scoring record of 251 goals; as he scored a hat trick against Sevilla. He was lauded by his Coach, Luis Enrique “Messi is one of a kind and we ‘ll never see anyone like him ever again and we are privileged to have him and be able to watch him”.

In addition, after three days, precisely on the 25 of the same month Messi break another record by scoring another hat trick against APOEL Nicosia in a 4 - 0 victory becoming the top goal scorer in the history of UEFA Champions League with 74 goals after beating Raul’s 71 goals set since 19 years ago. Barcelona Coach Luis Enrique described Messi as the “greatest player of all-time.”

Between the commencements of the season 2014/2015 until January 2015 Messi scored 58 goals while his opponent Cristiano Ronaldo scored 61 and won his third FIFA Ballon d’Or award, which people described as deserving.

Messi has scored four goals of his 10 goals with his right foot this season. And this is what people said “Leo is priceless” ……. Anonymous, “Messi is the best player in the world and he is still young” Lius Suarez.

Leo Messi has scored 32 Hat tricks for FC Barcelona and 3 for his Country Argentina. Anonymous said “Messi is the Hat-Trick King” and every time Messi score in La Liga a new record is set.

On 15th February 2015, Messi celebrated his 300th Laliga Match. Messi has scored 43 goals in all competitions this season in 40 appearances and 21 assists.

On 8 February, Messi scored a goal and made his 106th La Liga assists in a 2-1 away win against Athletic Club equaling the record held by former Barcelona and Real Madrid winger Luis Figo for the most assists made in La Liga League history.

Lionel Messi With His Six Ballon d'Or

Hat-Trick Record

Messi has to his credit 32nd Hat tricks. He scored his 32nd hat-tricks during Barcelona match against Rayo Vallecano on 8 March 2015 and Barcelona won 6 – 1s

El Clasico Record

On 23rd March 2014 Messi beat Alfredo Di Stefano of Real Madrid 18 El Clasico goals after scoring a hat-trick in a 4-3 away win against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu set a record of 21 goals making him the highest goal scorer in the history of El Clasico.

Messi's Monetary Value

Messi is earning £16 million net a year till 2018. He is among world highest paid sport stars. In 2013, Messi became fourth highest paid player earning $64.7 million.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Comparison

These two star players have been in the centre of football arguments within Spanish League and all over the world. Their rivalry is second to none, both are stars no doubt but one thing differentiate the two, which is, Messi is naturally talented footballer who has been described by many as an “alien” as a result of his speed, unique style of playing football and his magic goal scoring techniques to crown it all ‘Football is in Messi’. While Ronaldo is a hardworker, there was a report that he train six hours per day even when every other players have left the pitch, he would continue in order to improve himself. Definitely, his hard work has paid off as he is closing up on Messi in almost every aspect. However, in every competition, one must be outstanding, and standing by Messi’s achievement over the years, he is the ‘best’ player in the world.

Messi quote on his rivalry with Ronaldo “Even before he signed for Madrid, I knew he would be my great rival in the following years.’

Messi Got Married To Her Childhood Sweetheart



Lionel Messi got married to his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo. She is also from Argentina and they welcomed their first child Thiago on 2nd November 2012, . Messi wrote on his facebook page; “I am the happiest man in the world, my son was born and thanks to God for this gift!” He had his son’s name and handprints tattooed on his left calf, which I think is so sweet. He later welcomed his second child Mateo in 2015 and the third child Ciro in 2018.

Charity Works

Lionel Messi is involved in several charity programs. He established Leo Messi Foundation in 2007, supporting vulnerable children access to education and health care, which is in response to his childhood medical difficulties. On 11 March 2010, He was announced as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. Messi’s UNICEF ambassador activities are aimed at supporting children’s rights.

Messi Celebrate After Scoring A Goal



Messi has spent most of his lifetime in Spain and in 2005 he became a Spain citizen, he now have a dual citizenship of both Argentina and Spain. He was expected to play for Spain during the 2006 World Cup competition but rather he played for Argentina and this is what he said, “I feel very proud of being Argentine and I’ve been clear about it since I was very young.”

Injuries History

In 2006, Messi suffered a muscle tear in his right thigh during the second leg of the second round a Champions League tie against Chelsea.

In 2007, Messi suffered a broken metatarsal when Barcelona played against Real Zaragoza, ruling him out for three (3) months.

In 2008, Messi suffered yet another injury, this time a muscle tear in his left thigh during a Championship League game against Cletic FC.

In 2009, Messi suffered an ankle injury as a result of an ill-advised tackle by Atletico Madrid defender Tomas Ujfalusi in the 92nd minutes of their Round three match at the Vicente Calderion Stadium. At first, people feared that it was a broken ankle but thank goodness, it was not.

Messi suffered from a hamstring problem in his left leg on 2nd April 2013, after scoring a goal in a match against Paris Saint-Germain, PSG after which, his appearance to subsequent matches became irregular as the hamstring injury keeps re-occurring. Barcelona suffered many game lost as a result of Messi’s absent, believe it or not Messi has a huge impact in FC Barcelona games.

On 10 November 2013, Messi suffered an injury in a 4-1 away win against Real Betis, which kept him away for 7 weeks.


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