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Live From North Kingston, It's the CMLL Running Diary!

Updated on May 8, 2017

Monday night is here, which means one of two things; I can stay up really late and do a review of what will probably be an average CMLL Puebla show, I can wake up early tomorrow and do a review of an average CMLL Puebla show, or I can do a wacky/zany running diary of the show right now and do whatever I want tomorrow! As you can tell, I chose the latter. You'll thank me after I've gotten overly excited for the micro estrellas match later on. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there; for now, let's get the party started! Moses, break out the memes and hit that music every wrestling fan wants to hear right now.

9:50: Promotion is complete and we are officially live from North Kingston, Rhode Island, where I'm dog sitting four young pups name Bandit, Bear, Boomer and Lola. This is their first lucha libre experience. I should apologize to them right now.

9:54: So I'm waiting for the show, I go to ESPN and I see the Capitals are beating the Penguins 3-0. Didn't the Penguins have the Caps dead to rights just a few days ago? Either that Toronto series turned out to be a blessing in disguise and toughened the Caps up for this series, or we're about to see them break Washington D.C.'s heart in hilarious fashion come Wednesday. It could go either way honestly.

9:58: A minute thirty to show time! Or at least I hope so; I don't know if I can take another endless wait for a stream like I did last Tuesday.


10:09: In a moment of "great timing", my mother called me just as the show was beginning. Luckily the first match is Vega, Meyer and Zaeta Roja taking on Rey Apocalipsis, Fuerza Chicana and Perverso, so I missed nothing. Like Meyer and Chicana doing nothing of value in the ring right now.

10:11: Roja and Perverso in. At least it'll be interesting to see if Roja can get anything out of Perverso...a question that seems to be answered when Roja nearly fucks up a kick up. Oh boy.

10:12: Perverso shows he can barely do a Monkey Flip while holding a wrist lock. Roja and him then try picking up the pace and it's as slow a stalemate as you can imagine. Thank Grodd Vega and Apocalipsis are getting in.

10:14: Not surprisingly these two are delivering the goods, building their sequence around Vega holding onto an armbar in various positions while Apocalipsis tries to escape. He just did and the pace is starting to pick up.

10:15: Unique spinebuster from Apocalipsis. He tosses Vega around, but Vega manages to send him to the floor. Chicana then sends Vega to the apron, where he attempts to hurricanrana Apocalipsis, but the rudo counters and hits a powerbomb on the stage! It was soft but who cares; still hurt! In the ring, Chicana disposes of Meyer while Perverso taps Roja with an armbar of his own to give the rudos the 1-0 lead. First half of this fall sucked, then the Vega-Rey Apocalipsis sequence made things watchable. Good work from those two.

10:18: It's a rudo beat down. Time to get the comeback meme on standby.

10:19: Perverso just did Flyer's step up Shotgun Dropkick. Let's just say Flyer's version > Perverso'.s By a vast margin.

10:21: And here we go.

10:22: That comeback produced quick results! Roja hit a second rope moonsault on Apocalipsis to takecare of him, while Meyer rolled Chicana into a submission to officially tie it up. It's almost over! WE'VE ALMOST SURVIVED!

10:23: Meyer actively trying with some cool arm drags to start fall three. He quickly disposes of Chicana, bringing in Roja and Perverso.

10:24: Even Roja and Perverso are doing good now! This must mean Vega and Apocalipsis are going to suck almost as much as I do at spelling Apocalipsis!

10:25: Right on cue; Vega tried to do a cool walk the rope dive, but he slipped. This leads to Perverso tapping Vega with a Boston Crab hybrid. Lame.

10:26: Roja sends Perverso to the outside, then sends Apocalipsis to the outside. Meyer and Chicana come in to close it out, and close it out they do after Meyer catches Chicana with a great underhook submission off an armdrag. I thought that was it, but Roja and Apocalipsis come in...just so Roja can hit a wrist underhook suplex for the pin. Alrighty then. I'm guessing Tirantes forgot who was captain and they improvised that poor finish. Fitting for a match that was only good when Apocalipsis and Vega were going strong, and naturally they then disappeared just when their teammates started to perform. Typical CMLL opener.

10:30: Super Dragon...sorry, I mean Lestat, is out for the next match. He teams with Oro Jr. (!) and Star Jr. (!!!) to take on Toro Bill Jr. (!), discount Heavy Metal (why Grodd why?!) and Nitro (vomit noises).

10:32: Uh...was that Toro Bill Jr.? Cause it didn't look like Toro Bill Jr.

10:33: I don't know who it is, but sadly Nitro and discount Metal both showed up, so Toro Bill Jr. or non Toro Bill Jr. better be ready to go. We need someone that Oro Jr., Star Jr. and Lestat can work with.

10:34: Star Jr. and Nitro are captains. One really deserves the honor. The other should at home watching this show.

10:35: I guess that is Toro Bill, just with new gear. Perhaps he and Rey Apocalipsis are over with? In any event he's starting with Oro Jr., which at least means Oro has a shot of doing something tonight.

10:37: They shake hands after an okay sequence. Star Jr. and discount Metal in. KICK HIS ASS STAR JR.!

10:39: They kept it to the mat, which is where discount Metal can't do too much damage, but also where Star Jr. can't be awesome. Nitro and Lestat now in, with Lestat getting some good offense in before Nitro floors him with a chop.

10:40: And the rudo beat down is on, with Toro Bill taking it to Lestat on the floor. Nitro suplexes Oro in the ring, with discount Metal following up by stomping Oro into the worst mudhole in history.

10:41: Discount Metal gets Oro Jr. with his weak ass finisher as the Puebla crowd noticeably boos. Toro Bill then taps out Lestat with a half crab and it's 1-0 rudos.

10:43: Fall two; yawn.

10:44: It feels like hours, but it in fact only took a minute for Lestat to start a technico comeback. Star Jr. is now in the ring owning Toro Bill.

10:45: Oro Jr. Super Rana into a Lestat springboard Swanton! SWEET! Out goes Toro Bill. Star Jr. then goes wild on Nitro, hitting a reverse 900 and sends him to the floor. This allows Oro to get discount Metal alone and hit a moonsault to tie it up! Good end to a very quick fall. I doubt it gets that much better than that for this match, unfortunately.

10:48: Lestat and Toro Bill will start. Toro Bill initially has the advantage, but Lestat turns the tide with an arm drag, hits a walk the ropes arm drag and then teases a dive. Star Jr. and discount Metal now in.

10:49: Star Jr. did what he could. Now time for Oro Jr. and Nitro. Gulp.

10:50: Everything went well there except for Nitro not giving Oro Jr. his weight to take a backbreaker. Eh, nothing's perfect.

10:51: Action is getting fast. Oro Jr. sends Toro Bill and discount Metal to the floor and THOSE ARE TWO AWESOME MOONSAULTS FROM THE TECHNICOS! Back in the ring, Star Jr. rolls up Nitro and YES!!! THE TECHNICOS WIN! STAR JR. JUST PINNED NITRO! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

10:53: Not the greatest match in the world, but the ending was great. Nice to see Star Jr. beat someone like Nitro. Also nice to see that Oro Jr. has now gotten three straight trios wins over teams featuring Arkangel de la Muerte, Nitro and discount Heavy Metal. The dirt he has on them is real and thank Grodd he's using it!

10:54: Now onto the good stuff; it's micro estrellas time! El Gallito and the legendary Microman are taking on Zakarias and Mije. If this isn't fun, then nothing else ever will be again.

10:58: They're giving these guys individual introductions yet again! How nice of CMLL.

11:00: Just had to let the dogs out so I may miss a few moments of this match. For now, Gallito is in their with Mije doing some pretty decent mat work.

11:02: Microman and Zakarias now in. They too are doing decent work. UG has taught these dudes well. And yes, I'm pretty much admitting right now I didn't catch the first match between these guys in Arena Mexico a few Sunday's ago. I have failed this city, I know.

11:04: Rudos double team Gallito while Microman is held back by the ref! EVIL REF! Zakarias then takes it to Microman with a slam, then Mije follows up with an elbow drop.


11:06: Gallito crossbody! GALLITO ARM DRAG! It's heating up! Both sides playing to the fans before we begin to brawl onto the stage!


11:08: Zakarias and Microman now in. Back and forth they go and my Grodd this has been just what the doctor ordered for this show.


11:10: Microman with a crossbody off the apron! Gallito then nails a super sweet suicide dive! What's next, a Phoenix Splash?!

11:11: Mije and Gallito back in the ring. Mije finally gets control, but before he can get Gallito in a Romero Special, Microman comes in and rolls him up for a near fall. Microman then gets another near fall before Zakarias breaks up the pin and gets a few near falls of his own.

11:12: Double suplexes by the rudos! Only two for both pins. The technicos then regain control and finish it, with Gallito getting Mije in a lift up Masterlock and Microman pinning Zakarias with a Vader Bomb! One of the most entertaining matches I've seen in awhile, with all four guys working really hard and delivering the goods. I hope CMLL runs a few more of these matches going forward; they seem to be working great and the guys have been trained well by UG. This is a concept that works.

11:17: We're onto the next one, with Johnny Idol, Stuka Jr. and Angel de Oro taking on the Guerreros. No Niebla Roja this time (Gran Guerrero replaces him), so we have a shot of this being really good!

11:20: UG is rudo captain and I believe Angel de Oro is technico captain. Oro and Gran Guerrero will start, and now I'm wondering if I should call Angel de Oro Oro, or just spell his full name out so people don't think I'm confusing him with Oro Jr.

11:22: Stuka and the Big Euf in after a good start from Oro and Gran Guerrero. Interesting that Johnny Idol gets to work with UG.

11:23: That was short. Here comes UG vs. Idol!

11:25: They're really taking their time here; most of this match has been on the mat. Finally UG sends Idol into the ropes and hits a big boot to start the rudo beat down.

11:26: Gran Guerrero is Shotgun Dropkicking everyone in sight. Eventually it leads to the Guerrero's getting a triple submission on the technicos for the win! Haven't seen that in awhile. Efficient, but slow first fall. Hopefully things pick up.

11:28: Guerreros dominating to start fall two, with UG hitting the corner senton on Stuka. Sorry UG, but Microman's was better.

11:30: No sooner did I find that picture did the technicos make their comeback. Idol and Stuka hit stereo suicide dives on Big Euf and Gran Guerrero, while Oro got UG in the Billy Goat's Curse in the ring. We're tied. I feel like this match should be better than it is as Idol and Gran Guerrero start fall three.

11:32: Idol takes it to Gran Guerrero and forces him to the floor with a springboard Shotgun Dropkick. UG and Stuka now in.

11:33: Stuka quickly owns all three rudos, bringing Oro in to face Gran Guerrero. Gran nails a shoulder block; I hope he holds onto that when Oro is owning him in three seconds.

11:34: That was a prime Angel de Oro sequence. Unfortunately his partners fail him, as Gran Guerrero manages to get Stuka in Pulpo Guerrero for the submission, while Euforia escapes an Idol hurricanrana attempt and hits a powerbomb for the pin. Guerreros take it 2-1. Average match at best; the third fall was the best, but even then it felt like these guys weren't really trying to hard, other than Angel de Oro. Servicable match, but no one will remember it in thirty minutes. Hell I may not remember it in five!

11:36: Main event time! It's a rematch of last week, with Maximo, Mistico and Negro Casas taking on Diamante Azul, Ephesto and Mephisto. It seemed like they were setting up Casas vs. Mephisto last week so be on the look out for that tonight. I'm certainly hoping that's where they go.

11:39: Just had a thought; instead of using this match to set up Mephisto-Casas, is it possible CMLL's using the match to set up the Casas family vs. Los Hijos del Infierno? I mean, Ephesto is back, Puma, Tiger and Negro earned that title shot...I'm just saying folks. Mistico and Mephisto are captains by the way, and Casas is honing in on Mephisto to start.

11:40: Rudo beat down? Rudo beat down? Rudo beat down.

11:42: This has just been the technicos getting owned to this point.

11:44: They're definitely taking awhile to get the heat on the rudos here.

11:45: Casas briefly fights back with Mephisto before Diamante and Ephesto come in and the triple team is back on.

11:46: UH OH! The rudos went for a triple team, but Mistico and Maximo tripped up Diamante and Ephesto, while Negro rolled up Mephisto to steal the fall. Good ending to a long fall featuring a ton of rudo dominance.

11:48: Fall two begins with Maximo taking it to Ephesto, primarily through his antics. Negro then comes in, Mephisto looks frightened, but for once the rudo doesn't duck out and instead he and Casas exchange chops!

11:49: That is 57 year old Negro Casas hitting a pitch perfect running hurricanrana!

11:50: Mistico and Ephesto now going at it. Seems like we're just passing time till Mephisto and Casas are going at it again. Diamante does come in to face off with Mistico though, so there is that.

11:51: Mistico and Diamante botch, but they recover quickly. Honestly I'm surprised that didn't happen sooner!

11:52: LOL Maximo. He kicks Mephisto on the ass, gets Diamante Azul in and actually gets the kiss! Unfortunately the rudos break it up, and the next thing you know Ephesto is pinning Maximo after an arm drag assisted splash triple team. That was a mouthful. Luckily it doesn't matter as Casas rolls up Ephesto with La Casita, so it's all tied up in this fall.

11:53: Mistico dive onto Diamante! Casas and Mephisto are back in, Casas kicks the leg and the second La Casita of the night gives Casas and his team the victory in two falls! Nothing too major but it did what it needed to do, which is establish Negro Casas as the next in line for Mephisto. And here comes the challenge!

11:55: Did he challenge him to a World Welterweight Championship match, or a trios title match? Did Mephisto even accept? I don't know, but the two are brawling now and Casas nails Mephisto with a DDT to end the segment, which is more active than these challenges usually get!

11:56: Casas is demanding they turn the mic back on! They don't! Wait, they do! Mephisto is speaking now. I have no idea what's going on!

11:57: Now Casas has the mic. All I know is that there will be some sort of match next week and that Casas and Mephisto will be involved. I'm just fine with that. I'm also just fine with this show, though that may have more to do with the micro's match being as fun as it was. Take that and Star Jr. pinning Nitro away know let's not dwell on that.

That's game sports fans. I'm off till tomorrow, where you'll see me do a running diary of the Tuesday show. The work never ends. Till then, THIS!

Please change disks to continue...


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