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Liverpool After Luis Suarez

Updated on August 13, 2016

Luis Suarez and Sturridge.Liverpool teammates

The Undeniable Truth.

The undeniable truth is that Luis Suarez took Liverpool to a level the team hadn't been in many years,and since his departure Liverpool, a team with a great history has gone back to a mediocre spot within English Premier League.It is not every day a team has the chance to have one of the best players in the world. When they do, and they recognize it they have the opportunity to achieve spectacular results and conquer titles that are cherished for generations.

Luis Suarez and " Palito" Pereyra .Uruguay national team.

  • Liverpool,Suarez,and a story with no happy ending .So the Suarez story has quieted down for the time being.The player.after being separated from the team as a punishment for stating he wants to be transferred has been reinstated after having to make an apology.But there is no happy ending in sight for this story, it is really a lose lose situation for both the player and the team.Liverpool can not expect to hold on to the player against his will and not have extremely negative effects come out from that situation,that has always been the case in the past.
  • The disruption in the locker room is inevitable .If his teammates are supporting him this will put them at odds with the team management,if some of them support him this will divide the team players in two camps, the Suarez supporters and those who are against him,a divided team can not achieve great results on the field.If the rest of the players as a whole don't support him he will be alone on the field ,and in that case not even if he were Pele ,Maradona, or Messi could he do what he is capable of doing simply because soccer is a collective sport as it is stated on its very name "football association".

Luis Suarez,Abel "La Joya" Hernandez,and Alvaro "Palito" Pereyra.

  • .I don't believe his transfer to Arsenal would be a good solution either,because his time in England has ended. The english could never come to know and understand Suarez and neither could Suarez understand them,it has always been from the beginning a typical case of clash of cultures.I know,I was born in Uruguay and spent my childhood and my life both in Uruguay and and in the United States.And the way race is seen and handled and what racial relations have been historically in the united states and in England for that matter could not be farther than how we in Uruguay have experienced and lived racial relations.
  1. First of all Uruguay has been a safe haven for every culture every race and every religious community that suffered discrimination and persecution since the birth of our country.Blacks that weren't wanted or welcome in Argentina took refuge in Uruguay.Jewish people immigrated to Uruguay where antisemitism was never tolerated or encouraged,people from every European country devastated by civil or international wars populated the country since the end of the 19th century.
  2. One of our national heroes was Giuseppe Garibaldi, and the right hand man of our national liberator was a black man named Ansina,who we call "el negro Ansina" or "Ansina the black",not as a sign of disrespect but believe you me , a term of familiarity.Unlike it happened in the U.S where the U.S constitution privileged mainly White land owning men,our National liberator established in the instructions of 1813 that the poorest should be the most privileged and in those he specifically mentioned blacks ,indians,and mulattos. We refer to europeans as a whole as gringos,but very differently than the way mexicans refer to americans as gringos, the same word that the mexicans spit out as an insult we use to let the person know he may have come from far away and we know his origin but he is one of us now.
  3. We call all italians "Tano" short for napolitano, not that we don't know there's more to Italy than Naples,but because the majority of Italians that came to Uruguay came from there and what we called them wasn't meant as an insult but as an embrace and a welcome to our community one hundred percent accuracy was irrelevant.What I am trying to convey to you is that if we call somebody " f-------ng tano" or "f------ng gringo" or "f-------ng black" the insult part to us is the four letter word ,not his ethnicity,unlike here in the us where the ethnicity would be the main insult like calling somebody a ni---r,or a wetback or a guinea
  4. And talking about Suarez particularly if the people who despise him knew where he came from, the neighborhood he grew up in , what his community looks like what his black team mates think of him ,both in the clubs he has played or the Uruguayan national team they would see how preposterous it is to think there's a racist bone in his body.But then again cultural barriers are very hard to look through.

The most hated sport person in the world.

Do you agree that Suarez should be the most hated sport person in the world?

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Liverpool defeats Manchester city.04/13/2014

Today Liverpool defeated Manchester City and remains at the top of the Barclay's Premier League,and it is solely up to them to win the title they haven't obtained for 24 years.The importance of coach Brendan Rogers should not be downplayed


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    • Carl Evans profile image

      Carl Evans 17 months ago from Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom.

      Luis Suarez was amongst the most talented players I've had the honour to watch play football in a Liverpool shirt. He has it all: speed, aggression, flair, finishing and a wonderful first touch.

      It's a shame about his biting because it truly divided fans' opinions of him and will tarnish his name. However, his talent is undeniable by all.

      Don't support the team for their legends because they will retire and don't support your club based on their star players because they are likely to come and go; support the club because it holds a special place in your heart whether they win, lose or draw.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 4 years ago from Uruguay

      you're right he's got some menacing teeth,I bet you they'll think twice before harassing him on the field.stay in touch J

    • jandee profile image

      jandee 4 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

      Mio cid Hello,thanks for reply. I may be wrong but have just heard a journalist from your home country saying in an interview with Suarez that the Liverpool fans have convinced Suarez that they wish him to remain in Liverpool and that is what he is going to do,we shall see...

      In My considered opinion the best footballer ever was George Best.

      (Wow! Have you seen Suarez's teeth) keep well my friend,jandee

    • jandee profile image

      jandee 4 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

      What about his habit of biting ?

      Mio you are very generous to him ,he is a wealthy footballer now so are you being a little bit of a 'ragged trousered philanthropist'?

      best from jandee