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Looking for a Reliable Tent for Camping

Updated on August 8, 2016

Coleman Elite Weathermaster Tent

My fiance and I enjoy nature and going on hikes. We decide to go on a camping trip and we were comparing different tents. There were a few considerations including luxury, space, durability, reliability, and convenience. I ended up buying the Coleman Elite Weathermaster because it satisfied exactly what I was looking for. It was quick and easy to set up. It allowed two people to easily set it up in less than 5 minutes. Overall it has 3 rooms. 2 main rooms to sleep in which have a removable divider. The third room is a completely screened in room which is nice because you can still enjoy being outside without the hassle of being bit by bugs. That screened room also can be screened off from the other two rooms as well. Second, it allowed 6 people to comfortably sleep in there. Thirdly, it is very innovative with automatic roll up windows to a hinge door, and to add to it all it had an overhead light with a switch built in. Finally, the way it was built allows it to have an lip that is a few inches up from the ground and then the seam to have a less likely chance water could pile up and leak in. I have been using this tent actively for three years and have yet to have any issues. So if your looking for a deluxe tent with all these luxury features than look no further.


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