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Lucha Tributes: Famous B

Updated on January 18, 2016

You hear that Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of another Lucha Tribute hitting the internet at the speed of…something. Speed Racer? Once again, I’m not entirely sure where I was looking to take that. In any event, yes, we’re back with another Lucha Tribute, and the first of (hopefully) two Lucha Tributes today! What can I say; when motivated and filled with the right pop culture jokes in my head, I’m a Brian Cage esq machine. That’s a lie; please don’t tell him I said that. Anyways, who is this tribute for? Well, much like the one for unsung hero Marty Elias the other day, this tribute focuses on another Lucha Underground performer who doesn’t quite get the recognition that others do. That said, he’s still been extremely valuable to the company, is secretly a pretty solid in ring performer and, like any wrestler, has his own interesting story to tell. And you know me; I just love telling these stories. So Lucha Kliq and those of you still looking to gain access to the Lucha Kliq, grab a cold Pepsi and put that homemade mac and cheese in the oven for 25 minutes (for maximum taste). This is a Lucha Tribute for the most “famous” man in the Temple, Famous B.

What You Already Know

Famous B, whose name clearly begins with B and is famous, is a member of the Lucha Underground roster. Unfortunately, that’s where his success in the LU ends. Throughout season one, Famous B’s most notable highlights mainly involved him getting smushed by the competition. He was one of the first people to lose to Mil Muertes before he reached the Immortan stage of his powers, and perhaps even more famously (no pun intended) was the first wrestler in the Temple to have his arm broken by Pentagon Jr. That’s right, of all the sacrifices, Famous B’s arm was the one that kicked off the best storyline of Lucha Underground’s first season. Not bad, aside from the fact that his arm was nearly snapped in half like Batman’s spine in Knightfall.

A Pentagon esq beat down.
A Pentagon esq beat down.

What You Didn’t Know

When he’s not getting his arm broken by Pentagon Jr. or making the best of the best in LU look good, Famous B spends his time being one of the most sought after wrestlers in the California independent circuit. A graduate of the Masked Republic endorsed Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy in 2008 (someone, Kevin Kleinrock is marking out again at being put over), Famous B has pretty wrestled for every major California indie you can think of. That’s a good thing for several reasons; first, California is a very nice place I hear, and thus spending a lot of time there is a pretty good thing. Secondly, it’s allowed Famous B to rub shoulders with numerous people he know works with in Lucha Underground, such as Willie Mack, Cage, Mr. Cisco and the late LU legend Bael. In fact, Famous B and Bael (then known as B-Boy) actually teamed together a few times, which I guess means poor Famous B is just as sad about Bael’s untimely passing as we all were. A moment of silence for Bael; we miss him, wherever his mutilated body ended up in the mysterious beyond.

But enough about depressing stuff; more Famous B talk! Despite his LU and California indie fame, Famous (can I call him Famous?) has kept busy in other feds as well. He has wrestled in Mexico for the World Wrestling Alliance, competing against Rey Horus for the WWA World Welterweight Title and even competed for several years in a number of National Wrestling Alliance sponsored events. Yes, that National Wrestling Alliance, the NWA, the place where Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Lou Thez and every famous wrestler you’re too young to remember competed (what a shame it’s no longer at that level anymore). Despite that , the most well known promotion Famous has wrestled for is everyone’s favorite mega indie Pro Wrestling Guerilla. Though he hasn’t worked there for a couple of years, Famous was a regular for the promotion from late 2011 through 2012, frequently teaming with Bael, Empire Wrestling Federation star Chris Kadilak and the love of my life Candice LeRae against Joey Ryan and whoever Joey Ryan was friends with at the time. From what I can tell it was a pretty good run, with Famous showing everyone he was quite a skilled high flyer. In the wake of LU’s success, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him brought back again sooner than later. A Famous B/Vinnie Massaro invasion at PWG? Sign me up right now!

Best Moment

No, it’s not going to be the time Pentagon broke Famous’ arm; it may have jumpstarted a great storyline, but if breaking your arm is the best thing you’ve ever done, you might as well change your name to Pauly Shore and kindly move aside. Thankfully, the best moment for Famous B in the Temple took place towards the end of season one, where he and his fully recovered arm took part in ten man battle royal for the final Aztec Medallion. To the pleasant surprise of everyone, Famous was the best part of the match, making it all the way to the final four while eliminating both Ricky Mandel and Argenis and breaking out the lethal super kick/Pedigree/Hulk Hogan leg drop on Argenis (poor Argenis). Really, the only thing missing was the victory. Otherwise, it was a fun performance from Famous, and a sign that maybe there’s bigger and better things to come for him in season two.


Like Marty Elias, Famous B is one of those Lucha Underground performers whose work for the company is incredibly valuable. Yes, he’s not a top star like a Mil Muertes or a Pentagon Jr., but there’s more to wrestling than just being the man. In the course of season one, Famous B was able to make both of those men look like stars on their way to becoming the two head honchos of the promotion, all while being able to showcase some of his own ability in the limited time he was given. That’s commendable, and a sign that sooner or later there might be more for Famous B to do than his current role. Perhaps I’m being hopeful, but I like to think that ten man battle royal at the end of season one is a sign that we’ll be seeing more from Famous B in Lucha Underground’s second season. I don’t know if it’ll be a push or even just a nice upset victory, but I sense something good in his future. Famous B has the talent; all he needs is the opportunity.

And I’m spent. I’ll be back later with another Lucha Tribute for a man who truly has Aztec blood running through his veins. Till then, am I the only one wondering if DUCHOVNY is returning for Zoolander 2? The world needs more JP Prewitt, the world’s greatest hand model!

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How will Famous B do in Lucha Underground season two?

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      3 years ago

      Love LU and love all these tributes you do - Please do the Crew, Vinny, and Argenis!


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