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Lucha Tributes: Zeuxis

Updated on April 26, 2016

It’s time! It’s time! It’s Lucha Tribute time! That’s right; I’ve dusted off the old Vader intro and one of my running column series’ to bring you another look into someone from the lucha libre world you should be keeping an eye on. For today that’s the understatement of the century. This Lucha Tribute is for one of the most underrated luchadoras in lucha libre today. Still in her 20s, she’s already become a household name for one of the biggest lucha libre promotions of all time, winning crowds over with a charisma and ability that many of her peers just don’t quite have. I’ve yet to be unimpressed with her whenever she’s performed and the fact of the matter is I probably should’ve written about her long before now. So ladies, gentlemen, weird guy who criticized me for leaving a Rayo de Jalisco match off my greatest mask vs. mask column (it’s not my fault that match was slower than Dirk Nowitzki in a 40 yard dash), grab a cold one and make yourself comfortable. This is a Lucha Tribute for one of my favorite wrestlers today, CMLL’s Puerto Rican Power, the beautiful Zeuxis.

What You Already Know

Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Zeuxis is best known for her near seven year stint with CMLL. It’s been a good seven years; in that time Zeuxis has been a member of the stable La Comando Caribeno (a group made up of Puerto Rican luchador(a)s), had a well known rivalry with fellow luchadora Silueta (who she unmasked back in 2010) and is currently the Mexican National Women’s Champion, a title she won from Estrellita back in January 2015 (her 460+ day reign is the tenth longest in history). Combine that with her great all around in ring ability and Zeuxis is considered by many to be the best female luchadora in CMLL today. At least I think so. Regardless, she will be after this column because I will throw down with anyone who disagrees with me Kung Fury style.

What You Didn’t Know

Let’s start with some small biographical stuff shall we? In an interview from a few years ago, Zeuxis revealed that prior to her wrestling career she had sought a career in music and then as a paramedic. It was the latter job that led her to Mexico, where she worked for the Mexican Red Cross and an unnamed children’s hospital. That’s even more badass than being a luchadora if you ask me. Zeuxis would eventually move on to wrestling full time in 2008 but her experience in the field has been helpful as several of her fellow luchadors have consulted her for advice when hurt. It was also helpful when she seriously injured her leg in a match with Goya Kong a few years ago, which occurred when Goya fell on her leg. There’s pain, there’s excruciating pain and then there’s that. Another example as to why you should never try this stuff at home girls and boys.

Zeuxis and her Mexican National Women's Championship belt
Zeuxis and her Mexican National Women's Championship belt

Back to the wrestling. Perhaps the best thing to happen to Zeuxis’ career is that she hasn’t spent all her time in Mexico. Since 2011 she’s been a semi-mainstay in Japan, primarily working for the CMLL associated promotion Reina Joshi Puroresu. In the shocker of all shockers, Zeuxis has been just as successful, if not more, in Japan, winning the CMLL-Reina International Junior Championship once (her reign is the third longest ever at 425 days), the Reina World Tag Team Champions three times with three different partners (like Jack Evans, Zeuxis carries the team) and several Tag Team tournaments as well. Wrestling in Japan agrees with Zeuxis just as much as wrestling in Mexico does! Recently she’s also started to branch out into the United States. I’m not sure how many times she’s wrestled in America but I do know for a fact she wrestled an indie show in Illinois this March, where she defeated Lluvia in a match so solid money was thrown in afterwards. Let’s hope Zeuxis starts wrestling in the US more; perhaps even a trip to Rhode Island? We’re an underrated lucha town I tell you!

I have no words
I have no words

Best Moment

We’re going to go with two matches here. The first features Zeuxis defending her Mexican National Women’s Championship last fall against the equally underrated Princess Sugehit. You can’t really get much better than this here; both women click well together and Zeuxis is given a great opportunity to show off her athleticism with dives, covers and even a really nice submission reversal that helped her win the first fall.

The second match is the most recent CMLL battle between Zeuxis and her long time rival Silueta that took place earlier this year. Once again for the Mexican National Women’s Championship, this is much more of a brawl than the Zeuxis-Sugehit match, which makes sense considering Zeuxis and Silueta have battled each other for years across Mexico and Japan. In many ways this match between the two is where they put everything together for a semi-classic, including a finish that is so good I’m not even going to spoil it. You have to see it to believe quite honestly. (note; skip to 26:20 to start the match)


For my money, Zeuxis is the best women’s wrestler in the world today that very few people have heard of. I can’t get enough of watching her perform; her look is exceptional and stands out far more than most performers (man or women), the way she carries herself as a ruda is flawless and best of all she’s an amazing in ring performer. Want her to work the mat? She can. Want her to brawl? She can. Best of all is that she’s a great high flyer, as shown in her match with Silueta where she nailed an excellent moonsault to the floor. Some luchador(a)s are only able to put one or two of the pieces together and thus are missing something. Zeuxis is missing nothing; she’s as complete a performer that CMLL has and in my opinion is the present and future of their women’s division. Barring a serious injury she should be one of their top rudas for years to come and hopefully will continue to get more notoriety outside of Mexico. I certainly hope to see more of her in the US and I wouldn’t be surprised to eventually see her compete on a bigger stage in America. She certainly deserves it. When it comes to women’s wrestlers, there’s Sasha Banks, there’s Ivelisse, there’s Becky Lynch and there’s Zeuxis. I will throw fisticuffs with whoever speaks otherwise!

And scene. Hope you enjoyed this look at a super talented woman everyone. I shall return later with my list of the ten best matches from Lucha Underground’s second season (thus far). Till then, another photo of Zeuxis! She’s earned it.

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