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LuchaPalozza! CMLL Tuesday (UG-Volador Burn the Forest Down Again)

Updated on August 30, 2016

Never let it be said that CMLL didn’t go into the 83rd Anniversary Show stronger than Barry Bonds on the BALCO diet. Last night’s Puebla show had some black marks but it also featured a great main event and one of the best CMLL title matches in recent memory. Tonight’s Tuesday show kept the momentum going, with one solid trios match, one great trios match and a main event that was Anniversary Show worthy. Sure there were once again some imperfections but trust me; when that main event comes on you’ll care as much about the flaws as the Roldan family cares about quality. Bam shots fire! But enough unprovoked shots at the people strangling AAA to death, let’s review. Moses, for the final time before the Anniversary Show, kick out the memes!

Bengala & Flyer defeated Camorra & Cholo two falls to one

Your standard CMLL opening match, only this seemed to feature less offense from the technicos than usual. A pity considering Flyer and Bengala were the only ones with a pulse in this match while Camorra did a lot of biting (seriously, the biting has to stop!) and Cholo looked like he had just finished a White Castle bender. Really the best thing you can say here is that it wasn’t too long, there wasn’t anything mind bogglingly stupid and most importantly the right team won. Now if only we can get Flyer and Star Jr. back together and allow them to go against people who want to be wrestling. What are Sansón and El Cuatrero doing next week?!

Estrellita, La Vaquerita, Skadi defeated La Comandante, La Seductora, Reyna Isis two falls to one

The good news; nothing. Well I guess you could say the technicos won, marking this the first time in recorded history CMLL actually started a show off with the good guys/girls winning two in a row. Other than that this was a colossal bore, featuring action that at times looked like what would happen if Máscara Dorada got plastered and then tried to wrestle in slow motion. Not good at all and I spent most of the match either missing Zeuxis or simply trying to keep my eyes open. Thank goodness it’s over and really this was the only true dud of the night considering my expectations for the opener were lower than Ben-Hur’s box office totals. It was the lack of ramming speed I tell you. Uh oh!

Had to do it
Had to do it

Blue Panther Jr., Pegasso, The Panther defeated El Cuatrero, Skándalo, Sansón two falls to none

This was a little too quick for my tastes but boy was it intense. Not only that but it featured an honest to Cthulhu interesting Skándalo performance! I know; first Shocker looks better than usual last night (albeit thanks to Pierroth being that bad) and now Skándalo is out there actually being interesting. I guess we can look forward to Ripper discovering time travel next week and bringing back his younger self to wow us all.

In all seriousness, Skándalo’s work here was bolstered by the fact that he was actually given something to do, which was piss off Panther throughout the match. It was a good strategy, particularly because it fired Panther up and led to him giving his best performance in weeks. He was wrestling like his brother has been the past few weeks with a lot of fire and a lot of purpose. The only problem with all this was that it limited everyone else; Junior and Pegasso were clearly supporting characters who mostly got beat up (though Junior and Pegasso did get some dives in towards the end) while Sansón and Cuatrero were limited to one sequence of double teaming, which of course looked excellent. A few more minutes of something for these guys to do and this could’ve been the third great match of the evening. Alas it was just good. Hey, nothing wrong with that I suppose.

Blue Panther, Fuego, Rey Cometa defeated Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Virus two falls to one

What a damn shame the main event of tonight’s show happened because this match would’ve otherwise been the Match of the Evening and further evidence that Blue Panther either needs to be made the head booker, head agent or both of CMLL. Once again the maestro put together a sublime match that threw out the normal tropes and gave us some nice surprises. Look no further than the rudos going up one fall to none and then eliminating Fuego with a Sagrado Spiral Bomb in the second fall; for a moment you actually thought they might sweep the match and it gave the match a sense of unpredictability. It was creative stuff like that that really got you paying attention to this match, and best of all it seemed to motivate the luchadors to deliver the goods. Everyone was great here. Panther and Virus were tremendous as usual, whether they were interacting with the others or each other (I especially loved their continued teases of fighting, which really got the crowd into it). Sagrado and Misterioso were much more engaged and impressive than a few weeks ago. As expected Rey Cometa was allowed to be Rey Cometa and he gave his best performance since his feud with Cavernario earlier in the summer. To the shock of all shocks though it was Fuego stealing the show. HE DIDN’T USE THE ROUTINE GUYS! There might’ve been a dance or two in there but otherwise Fuego looked to actually be taking this a bit more seriously (especially in the third fall) and he stepped up big. He’s a good performer even when he does his shtick but this was the best I’ve ever seen Fuego and more of this would be welcome. Hell more of this match would be welcome. It was an excellent trios bout and again, more proof that Blue Panther needs to be in charge of everything with CMLL. Hell let him run the damn company too while Paco spends his days up in his moat guarded castle. Would you really miss him?

Dragón Rojo Jr., Mr. Niebla, Pólvora defeated Guerrero Maya Jr., Johnny Idol, Máscara Dorada two falls to one

Maybe the last match was just too good to be topped but this one was more on the “okay” side than the “great” one. It wasn’t for a lack of trying though. I was happy to see Johnny Idol being allowed to live a little and do more dives (he also interacted well with Pólvora too), Maya and Rojo continued to show why CMLL is stupid for not giving their battle a bigger platform and the Dorada/Niebla pairing proved to be a great idea by limiting Niebla to his comedy stuff while Dorada carried the flow. It was a fine match; it just never quite got to the level of its predecessor or successor. The ending didn’t help either. How on earth did anyone think Mr. Niebla pinning Máscara Dorada would go over well? I get that the rudos had gone 0-4 up to this point in the evening (that’s right; the technicos won the first four matches! Madness I tell you!) and I also get that Dorada sadly isn’t long for the CMLL world. Still…Mr. Niebla pinning him? I love the man with the Fro, but he didn’t need that at all. Rojo or Pólvora pinning Dorada would’ve sat a lot better, as would the rudos getting a pin on one of the other guys. Hell the best result would’ve been doing a finish with Maya and Rojo so they can finally have the great singles match we all want them too. Just a bad choice by CMLL and seeing it makes it easy to understand why Dorada would rather become Gran Metalik than hang out in Arena Mexico. Gosh now I just made myself feel sad. Damn you Paco! If only there was a way CMLL could make it up to me.

Último Guerrero defeated Volador Jr. two falls to one

Perhaps CMLL officials realized they blew it big time with that last match and decided to just let UG and Volador loose here. Maybe it was planned all along. Whatever the case watching this match filled me with the same feeling I got when I first saw Mad Max: Fury Road, first listened to Pink Floyd’s The Wall and other stuff that shall not be mentioned here. Good freakin Cthulhu did these two kill it and dare I say they killed it better than their first encounter! The first fall was very strong with UG taking it to Volador all across the arena, only for the fastest man alive to ride a quick momentum burst to steal it away. The second fall looked like Volador was going to take the match quickly before he attempted that over the rope senton which was not only caught by the UG but caught PERFECTLY! I swear, the UG didn’t even budge when he caught Volador; no backtracking, no wobbling, nothing. He must be the strongest luchador alive, and it was that catch and subsequent swing into the barricade that allowed UG to tie this up. As for the third fall, well it was simply epic. Each man gave everything they had and then some, all while continuing to get up for more and even trying old tricks after they hadn’t worked earlier (let’s just say Volador wasn’t discouraged from diving again). It was the standard near fall epic you see every time but it worked and it worked to perfection here, to the point where I was starting to question whether UG and Volador have that Dragón Lee-Kamaitachi chemistry. That’s right, I just compared those two feuds and I don’t care who knows it!

You know what I loved the most about this match though; the gorram ending! After realizing he wasn’t going to defeat Volador the right way, UG went into the bag of tricks and fooled Volador into defeat just like last week, using a ref distraction to hit Tirantes in the back and then feign another low blow. Tirantes of course bought it and UG won again! Judging by some conversations I had on Twitter I may have been the only one who enjoyed this finish. The reason I loved it is twofold. From a short term standpoint a finish like this is great for adding heat to the Trios Championship match UG and Volador are involved in at the Anniversary Show; fans will now either want to see UG do those antics to give the Guerreros to the titles or they’ll want to see Volador finally overcome UG’s ways and outsmart him so Sky Team can retain. From a long term standpoint this continues the same thing CMLL has been building to the past month, with UG winning the same way he has over Volador the last three times prior to tonight. It’s CMLL so you can’t say for sure there’s a plan to blow this feud off, but if there is they now have an effective story of a technico being continuously outsmarted by the rudo, leading to the said technico finally figuring it out and getting one over on his rival. That’s a great story to tell and one that, being the optimist that I am, I think they might be trying to tell. If they are, outstanding. If they aren’t at least they’ve got heat for Friday. Either way we were privileged to see an impeccable match, the Match of the Evening and maybe the best Match of LuchaPalooza! I’d have to watch Pagano-Psycho, Demus-Astral and the four way tag match again but right now this bout is at worst tied. I enjoyed it that much, and gorram we need to see it again soon. We would be if Blue Panther had the book.

That’s it folks. The CMLL stuff now goes into hibernation until sometime Saturday night when I get the chance to review the Anniversary Show. I’ll have more before then though, including a PWG BOLA preview tomorrow (we had to delay because the man was trying to keep my pal Leafster down) and some hype for the huge IWRG show starting Thursday. Till all of that, Spider-Man! Spider-Man! He doesn’t give a fuck that Spider-Man!

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