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Luis Suarez - The wonderful world of...

Updated on May 31, 2013

Suarez ready to betray Liverpool

How do you repay a team that has given you a chance, stuck by you and defended you vigorously, even when you have been undefendable? You leave them at the first sniff of interest, Liverpool have been enjoying somewhat of a renaisonce in the latter half of the season, with Suarez at the heart of it, however this all looks to be strongly tested with the seemingly imminent departure of their top scorer, possible suitors include the likes of both the Madrid clubs, Diego Simeone is reportedly a big admirer of the South american Striker.

Suarez Punches Chillean Defender Jara during match

Suarez is once again at the centre of controversy, it appeared to stem from an in the box tackle from Jara on Suarez, which was perfectly timed, but the Uruagyan appeared to be unhappy about it and gained retaliation whilst being marked at the consequential set piece, which appeared to go unnoticed by the referee and was further caught on camera elbowing the Goalkeeper. FIFA have suprisingly decided not to punish the incident.

Suarez The Cannibal Strikes again

Luis Suarez has once again bitten an opposition player, after being heavily marked Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic, the Liverpool striker retaliated by plunging his teeth into the arm of the Chelsea Centre-Back.

Suarez has been punished with a 10 match ban from the English FA, which will see him miss the remainder of the season, which is a big loss to his club, as he will remain their top scorer for the season but will now miss out on the golden boot, leaving contender RVP several games without the competition from Suarez.

Oct 2012 Dive vs Stoke

Once again, Luis Suarez is not winning any fans, as this quite ridiculous dive is caught for all to see, it is one thing going down easily under minimal contact, it is another leapfrogging onto the ground. Tony Pulis made his opinion clear and said that Luis Suarez should be given a 3 game match ban, else he will continue to try to deceive referees and pointed out that players like him are infact making a referees job much harder.

Suarez is not alone on the unpopular list, he joins Ashley Young who had a couple high profile incidents last year and more recently Gareth Bale a much respected player, surprised everybody when he simulated to try get Brad Guzan dismissed, Suarez however is without doubt the most frequent perpatrator and his complete lack of Sportsmanship in all other area's doesn't help.

Should he and other players get a 3 match ban for diving as Tony Pulis suggests

See results

Biting a player, Hand of god, Inapproriate celebrations, diving, Swearing at rival fans, Kicking the ball at rival fans, found guilty of Racism towards Evra, didnt issue any appology, refused to shake Evra's hand in his first game back from his ban.. What next for this charming role model of the sport.

World cup 2010

For most English football fans, the first introduction to Luis Suarez was the 2010 South African World cup, I bet no-one expected his name would be everywhere in English football the next couple of years, sadly more often than not, for the wrong reasons rather than the right ones.

After the home nation South Africa got eliminated at group stage, along with any other African team, the whole continent united to support the final remaining African team (Ghana), their support wasnt just limited to fellow african crowds, many neutrals had adopted Ghana, due to their lovable happy approach to the game, so in light of what was to come Luis Suarez was about to become a very unpopular individual.

Ghana vs Uruguay - Quarter final

Ghana go 1-0 ahead right before half time, Uruguay waste no time, equalising in the 54th minute, from there on it remained a tight battle, going down to the last minute of extra time, after a dramatic scramble in the Uruguian box it takes a legitimate block off the line by Suarez, immediately following Dominic Adiyiah's header looked destined to find the back of the net and in the 120th minute would surely win them the game and see the hopes of the entire host continent continue on..... Enter Suarez the man with no Sportsmanship, adiyiahs header is cleared off the line by Suarez using both hands and then attempting to play on as if it never happened.

A penalty was awarded, justice could yet be executed but Ghanain striker Asamoah Gyan proceeds to hit the crossbar taking the game into penalties.

In cruel irony the first Ghanian penalty is given to Gyan of all people, he cooley put thes ball away, if only he had done that with his first penalty, there wouldnt even need to be penalties, Uruguay went onto win the shootout 3-2.

Asamoah Gyan was in unconsolable tears, with guilt and frustration over his penalty miss, the whole continent were upset that once again an african nation would not win and that they now had no team to support in the very competition they were hosting, in a typically Suarez manor, he celebrated excessively on the touchlines, showing no humility or sportsmanship considering the controversial and dishonest way they won. He was surely not on the christmas list of any Ghanian after that.

Suarez the Cannibal! - Ajax vs PSV

Surely he would get his head down after the world cup... but no..

This is something not many in English Football will be aware of, as it happened in the Dutch Football league in a clash between Ajax and PSV, as players huddle following a tackle, Suarez bites an opposition player in anger. The incident was missed by the Ref but he was banned for 7 games after the game.


There are video's all over the internet of Suarez unsuprisingly diving, one quite laughable one, where an opposition player touches his in lower torso and Suarez rolls around clutching his face in an attempt to decieve the referee, its disgusting and simulation has no place in football

Hand Gesture - Liverpool vs Fulham

Suarez was seen sticking his middle finger up at the Fulham fans, Go Suarez!

Racism - Liverpool VS Manchester United

Suarez was found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United defender, Patrice Evra on numerous occasions during the game, the F.A banned him for 8 games and released a 116 page document, supporting their decision.

No appology was sent to Evra the victim and furthermore Liverpool FC astonishingly persisted to back the striker and support his actions. Which completely undermined the whole "Kick Racism out of Football" campaign.

Its a disgusting afair and i really thought we had progressed and evolved from the days where Black Footballers were discriminated against and the likes of John Barnes (A liverpool legend) were subjected to abuse from the terraces, some fans even threw banana's at Barnes whilst a Liverpool player, surely LIverpool football club would not support the very kind of narrow minded biggotry which had once been targeted at their own player.

The handshake - Manchester United VS Liverpool

Suarez makes his comeback after serving his 8 match ban, how ironic that it should also be against Manchester United.

There was eager anticipation surrounding the pre-match Handshake between teams, we had previously seen before Wayne Bridge rejecting the handshake of John Terry, but who could blame the guy, he was a victim of adultery and betrayal of trust, it would have been quite extraordinary however if John Terry had of been the other to have refused to shake the hand of the Victim. Therefore it was absolutely astonishing that Luis Suarez refused to shake hands with Patrice Evra, a few ridiculously stubborn Suarez supporters instantly retort by saying that Ferdinand didnt shake Suarez's hand but considering Ferdinand was two places after Evra in the line and had witnessed the utter display of disrepect and sportsmanship from Luis Suarez and lets not mention all the recent race scandal surrounding his own brother, why on earth would Rio Ferdinand have any desire to shake the hand of such a dispicable player.

Kicking the ball at Rival Fans

As the whistle blew for half time, Suarez kicked the ball point blank range at a section of Manchester United fans, surely he didnt expect a walm welcome after his behaviour? even Evra the victim of the racial abuse got rough treatment from the Anfield crowd the week before.

Amazingly this act went unpunished, the players then spilled into the tunnel and reports say that a scuffle broke out after a liverpool player spat at Manchester United keeper David De'Gea.... i know who my moneys on!

Post match

His actions were once again defended by Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish, who bizarely claimed not to witness the lack of a handshake which millions of spectators didnt fail to spot, i find it really hard to believe not even one of his coaching staff noticed it and informed him.

The day after the game, after increasing pressure from media, pundits and fellow proffessionals and even the prime minister, liverpool and suarez issue a rather insincere appology, Suarez still lacking a direct appology to Evra.


His conduct is disgusting, he has shown a distinct lack of Sportsmanship, frequently tries to cheat and deceive, expressed Sociopath behavior not witnessed since Mike Tyson and top it all off has not even apologized for his racism towards Patrice Evra, there is no room for racism within football, Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson said if he was his player he would kick him out of the club and given his history i really do believe Ferguson when he says this, Liverpool need to be very careful with their alignment with a racist, i think they're finally realising that such support might hurt their future endorsements and sponsorships, blindly backing and supporting Suarez is wrong, he is clearly a player of undisputed talent but that should not cloud their judgement and prevent them from seeing that his actions are wrong, this situation must be punished, footballers are role models to the younger generation and a message must be sent to uphold the authority of the FA and the 'Kick racism out of Football' campaign.

Do you think Liverpool were wrong to defend and justify his actions?

See results


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    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Suarez admits he wants to leave Liverpool FC

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Suarez will not be punished for punching Chile Defender Jara, See incident here...

    • stiggies profile image

      Ian Stiglingh 5 years ago from Cape Town

      I was at the 3/4 play-off between Uruguay and Germany at the 2010 World Cup and every time Suarez got the ball the fans would whistle and 'boo' him. There should be a fine or something for such a deliberate handball and not just a 1 match ban.

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 6 years ago from England

      Oh dont get me wrong, i have and still do think hes quality since seeing him in his first game for Uruguay and his hatrick the other week is possibly the best ive seen in terms of quality of goals. Talented player.

      Joey Barton and Balotelli are hardly saints either but EPL wouldnt be the same without any of em ha

      Cheers pal, good to see your not too bias to see his faults.

    • STEVEW13 profile image

      Steve Wright 6 years ago from Norwich, England

      As a Liverpool fan who is delighted at having such a talented and world class player in the team (we don't have too many of those these days), I can in no way condone the actions of this guy. As you have clearly pointed out its not just one thing, or even a couple. Such a shame that a world class will forever be known for his infamy! Great hub and voted up


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