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MEET KERNER'S FACEBOOK FRIENDS -- History of the NBA Finals Part 18

Updated on March 10, 2010


There's a new scam in the literary world.

No no not the NBA...but...they definitely learned it from the NBA, for it illustrates the 1966-1967 season.

It's called a "marketing agent".

They do all the things that you could do if you felt like it, and that's about it.

They have no background except in business and economics. Not actually being trained at any reputable agency. They are in fact...Kerner and Kennedy's ideal players.

They lie for a living, they overexaggerate for a living. They declare it loud and clear that they can lie and exaggerate for you, because they're real good liers and exaggerators.

Why the fuck then wouldn't they do the same to you when they aren't seeing returns for all these unsellable manuscripts?


That's one to grow on.

When the NBA is hit with problems, suddenly...the professional liars know that...while their sales tactics have failed to work on the ticket-paying adult...they at least are dealing with direct clients who are NOT PROFESSIONAL LIARS AND THUS PROBABLY DON'T KNOW THE TRICKS. 

Otherwise they wouldn't have hired us!

So the spin machine is what will come out of anger at Red Auerbach.

A black head coach, huh? And a player-coach? An angry player-coach? An unsuspecting player-coach?

We'll never be able to convince this guy to turn on the small guy.

He's far too drippingly smart and talented to fight for anybody but other minorities. 

No matter what the color, white or not, they needed bitches, because only bitches -- male and female -- would actually turn on the artist.

And thus they were fucked. 

Russell could not be bought or bullied or negotiated with.

Russell didn't forget.

He was the first black panther in sports, doing precisely what Auerbach was doing...playing under the radar.

To understand Bill to understand Scottie Pippen.

Pippen drastically underperformed.

Deliberately underformed.

Because Chicago fans in the good seats at Chicago Stadium and United Center in the 90s were precisely like Boston fans in the 60s.

They expected him to do everything, all the while being fuckers. 

And so Russell would never have his 30 point games until the playoffs, or when it was SORELY SORELY NEEDED.

Neither would Pippen.

Russell is known today as a defensive center only...but he was actually a defensive center...PRIMARILY.

Boston fans were not going to get 100 percent of Bill Russell, and the powers-that-be could see it. 

Yet during the extent of Russell's run up until this point, he had been handling the race situation just like Red Auerbach handled the NBL stereotype. 

Under the radar.

Russell was doing everything he could not to call attention to himself or his true feelings, in the same way that Auerbach was instituting four corners, hack-a-shaqing, and other forms of CREATIVE CONSERVATISM.

Russell, Auerbach, Tarantino.

Tarantino assumes that material being ripped off all day long throughout time means that he can endear himself to producers by doing the same, which he does.

Auerbach assumes that stalling the game and making it boring will tell the middle garbage of this world that he's being a mature adult up to their standards, which he does.

And Bill Russell assumes that not joining any civil rights campaigns WHILE THESE CAMPAIGNS USED examples like Russell as the centerpiece of their arguments...would keep people from realizing that he would have loved to smack whitey around.

Russell in fact is the bravest and most professional and head-strong individual the game has ever seen. 

Which is all...according to garbage...evidence of not being in the loop.

For he's a freak and a criminal.

Overcompensating with all these enhanced abilities such as professionalism.


Even when minorities would BE professional back then, keeping their opinions and angers to themselves, they would get fucked.

The best thing that could have happened to Russell in training for an NBA front office dishonest about race...was in fact...seeing the truth expressed 40 to 50 games a the white Boston fans in the stands.

He made the connection.

And in 1967, Russell would be hit with more mind games then was possible.


Because all professional behavior from other people under these circumstances...would feel like a mind game simply because Russell didn't expect it!

How then to accuse anybody of anything when its' you who's letting little slight hints and words and looks...consume you?

How do you trust anybody?

So that's what happens to Russell, and it's enough for the Philadelphia 76ers to at long last knock the Celtics out of the playoffs.

At long last.

The fans in Philadelphia where holding banners and yelling "BOS-TON'S DEAD!!! BOS-TON'S DEAD!!! BOS-TON'S DEAD!!!"

Alex Hannum had been hired to coach Chamberlain and Cunningham and Greer, racing out to a 46-4 START!!!

So about these playoffs.

The bitches of the first round of the playoffs were New York, Cincinnati, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Boston, Philadelphia, St. Louis and San Francisco were respectively back in the final four.

Rick Berry had outfoxed Elgin Baylor and Jerry West.

While the 76ers were beating the Celtics in Round 2 in five games, San Francisco's Berry and Nate Thurmond would go on to cream Bob Petit. 

And so onto the Finals.

The 1967 NBA Finals -- Philadelphia vs. San Francisco. 

Chamberlain and Hannum were basically at their winter homes and their summer homes.

Philadelphia was a machine this year. 

San Francisco didn't look like it had a chance. 

This was until Game 1, when the 76ers need overtime to win 141-135!

Philadelphia manages to win Game 2 as well in a rout 126-95. 

But San Francisco back home wins 130-124.

But Philadelphia dominates 122-108 to go up 3-1 in San Francisco.

The teams would trade a win a piece from then on, and in Game 6 in San Francisco, Wilt Chamberlain would ignore the booing fans as he and his absolute machine, take their first ever NBA title in six games. 

The Philadelphia 76ers are the 1967 NBA World Champions.

But Russell didn't forget a single word, motion, utter or look.

And since Auerbach is still around, the title-o-meter still ticks...


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