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MLB Fantasy Fixer-Uppers June 11th

Updated on June 11, 2013

Fantasy Fixer-Uppers

L.A. hasn't been abuzz like this since Fernandomania. But what should we call it? Puigmania doesn't have the right ring to it. Puigapalooza isn't bad. Is L.A. just gettin' Puiggy with it? Eh, I'm not too proud of that one. Well, whatever you want to call it I hope you listened to me last week when I said you needed to add Yasiel Puig to your roster. I mean, he only went 13-for-28 with four home runs and 10 RBI. But your team probably didn't need that. Now universally owned Puig looks like he is here to stay even when Carl Crawford and/or Matt Kemp come back. If you missed the boat on Puig maybe there is another budding star being called up shortly that you should take a flier on.

Gerrit Cole, SP, Pittsburgh Pirates (50% owned ESPN leagues)

Cole is actually in the middle of his major league debut right now against the San Francisco Giants. So far so good. As of this writing he has gone six scoreless allowing four hits and striking out two. Not too bad for your first taste of the bigs against the defending World Series champions. Cole is your prototypical #2 starter and he may be up for good this year. While his strikeout numbers may leave a little to be desired he is playing on a good team and does share a division with the lowly Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers. While I don't think Cole will be the difference for the Pirates, he could be just that for your squad. Grab him now as I am sure he will be a hot commodity after tonight's start.

Wil Myers, OF, Tampa Bay Rays (43% owned)

Myers was the prize piece in the James Shields deal during the offseason and for good reason. Baseball Prospectus has ranked him as the number four prospect in all of baseball and Myers looks just about ready to bust onto the scene. He is hitting .283/.359/.506 with 52 RBI in 59 games. Tampa needs bat and needs to find room for Myers in the lineup. If there's a wil there's a way. I have had him stashed on my bench since the draft and am counting down the days before I can plug him into my lineup and let him rake. I expect the call in the next week or two. If you missed the boat on Puig you might want to jump now on Myers.

Zack Wheeler, SP, New York Mets (22% owned)

Wheeler has not yet been called up but it is widely expected that he will be in time to make the start against the Atlanta Braves this weekend. While the Braves offense can explode at any given second we all know they like to strike out. A lot. Wheeler likes to strike people out so this should be a good match-up. As for the rest of the Mets, well, they are atrocious. There is no other way around it. But if Matt Harvey can find a way I expect Wheeler will too. If anything I need to at least see this guy so I can stop picturing the redhead from Captain Planet. He had the fire ring which was by far the coolest. Let's be real.

Gordon Beckham, 2B, Chicago White Sox (4% owned)

Ok, so maybe Beckham doesn't qualify as a prospect call-up but he was called up last week nonetheless. My blog, my rules.*wink*. Anyway, the second most famous Becks (or third if you count Posh Spice) is back in the bigs and hitting at a .333 clip right now. The second base job is his so playing time isn't an issue. Once a top prospect Becks has somewhat slipped into mediocrity, but he has his uses for sure. He can steal some bases and should produce runs both scored and of the driven in variety. With middle infield help scarce this year it could behoove you to give ole Becks a kick.

Mike Zunino, C, Seattle Mariners (0.1% owned)

If you are the one person in America that currently owns Zunino, well, thanks for reading my blog Mr. Zunino. We all know that Jesus Montero failed miserably in his attempt to be the catcher for Seattle. Enter Mike Zunino. His batting average this year in AAA leaves a little to be desired at .238 but he is driving in runs (43 in 47 games) and has belted 11 long balls. He could be just what Seattle and their abysmal offense needs. If he produces, and he should be given the opportunity, he may be in the bigs to stay. No rush in adding him unless you are in a league with one of his family members. Then you might be out of luck.


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