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MMA Clothing For Women - ShotGun Cage Gear

Updated on November 21, 2009

MMA is not just a man's sport. More and more women are getting into the fast paced high intensity sport of mixed martial arts. MMA has gained increased popularity over the past few years thanks to the frequent UFC fights that can be seen both at home and in bars.

For those die hard fans, UFC and other MMA events can be seen at local events. What was once more commonly known for having the majority of male fans, increasingly, there is more and more estrogen in the stands and even in the ring.

While more women are found to be watching, rather then fighting, there are quite a few tough girls getting into the ring and showing that it doesn't take testosterone to throw a punch.

Black ShotGun Cage Gear MMA T-Shirt Dress
Black ShotGun Cage Gear MMA T-Shirt Dress

Womens MMA Clothing

Whether your a fighter or a fan, women looking to show their love of the MMA sport can wear MMA Clothing and other mixed martial arts apparel. ShotGun Cage Gear is a MMA Clothing Brand that has a line made just for women. The ShotGun Cage Gear brand itself is owned by two intensely proud MMA fans who wanted to create something for passionate MMA fans with mixed martial arts clothing for women and men.

Their MMA clothing for women is tasteful and cool and can be worn by fans of all sorts.

The ShotGun Cage Gear line of MMA Apparel is growing. Currently for women they offer t-shirts, hats, and T-shirt dresses. Look for more items coming soon.

The tastefully sexy line of mma for women clothing can be worn both by the athlete and by the fan. ShotGun Cage Gear believes in supporting locally, so this Seattle based company uses only materials they find locally in the Seattle area and that are made in the USA. Not just good for local business, this is also good for the fan. These aren't your typical import T-shirts with logos, ShotGun Cage Gear clothing is always made strong with quality materials.

You can purchase ShotGun Cage Gear at their MMA Clothing Website or in the Greater Seattle area at 5th Element MMA in Mulkiteo or NW Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts in Federal Way. 


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    • profile image

      dan 7 years ago

      The gear doesn't look bad but the logo on some of the gear may be offensive. For example the shot guns crossing the heart with KKK printed on the heart. How would you respond to something like that?

    • profile image

      kurt white 8 years ago

      we would be interested in featuring your clothing on our website: