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Madridistas For Life

Updated on May 14, 2017
This poor guy can't hold back his sobs after a particularly heart-wrenching loss
This poor guy can't hold back his sobs after a particularly heart-wrenching loss

Being Loyal To The Team

Everyone who loves some sort of sports has a favorite team and/or a favorite player. Sometimes they may have favorite teams for different sports but usually there is one team in a particular sport that makes its way into their hearts and stays there.

I have seen it with baseball, with the NFL (sorry folks I just can't bring myself to call it football), basketball, and cricket. There are always these die-hard fans who back the team no matter what. Some people bond over there love of a certain team and some people become enemies. If two friends like two different teams in order to preserve that friendship that particular sport is never spoken of in each other's presence.

In the case of football, or soccer, as you might know it, fans tend to pick a side as well and which side you pick says a lot about you, it is believed. There are fans of football who love a certain country's team, there are those who have a favorite team from each league and then there are those who pick a team/club and focus all of their loyalties on that team for life.

Fever Pitch trailer - The fan devotion is not a joke. It really happens.

Fans give each other grudging respect if their loyalty is proven time and time again but they have no respect for bandwaggonists who decide that they will support one team on Monday and another on Wednesday. This is simply sacrilege and will not be tolerated.

Some bandwaggonists get by because they pick the winning side and there is no one to challenge them about their true feelings about the team. The test arrives when that team begins to lose. Do they still stick with the team through the tough times? Do they passionately expound on the positives of their team when every sign indicates certain defeat? if they jump ship and back a rival team, especially a team that is the other team's KNOWN enemy, then they are bandwaggonists and have no idea about really loving a team.

Each team has its special name for those who are loyal fans and the name for the fans of popular football club Real Madrid is 'Madridista'.

Riley rants about being a true Knicks fan. This applies to any team of any sport. She could not have said it better.

Rafael Nadal and Iker Casillas sharing a joke
Rafael Nadal and Iker Casillas sharing a joke

What is a Madridista?

A Madridista is someone who is a supporter of the Spanish football club,Real Madrid. Real Madrid is simply by far the best football club in the world to Madridistas. Although there are many football clubs, there are none, in their opinion, that can come close to Real Madrid.

There are Madridistas scattered far and wide. Some you may know, others you may not. For instance,did you know that Usain Bolt is a Madridista? And what about Rafael Nadal? Both are fantastic athletes in their own right.(Bolt being fantastic in track and field and Nadal being fantastic in tennis) It would stand to reason that they would throw their support behind and equally fantastic club!

To be a Madridista is not hard. Simply love the team. That is all. Love the history and love what it stands for. Hala Madrid! You will find that it is not a one-sided love. Madridistas are a loyal bunch. They stick together. They unite. When Rafa has a big match, guess who comes to see him play? That is right...members from the team of Real Madrid. It is not uncommon to spot Raul or Iker Casillas in the stands, supporting a fellow Madridista. When you are a Madridista, you are a Madridista for life.

Founded in 1902, its supporters range from the very young to the not so young. Its former captain, Raul has always been a Madridista and has said he will remain one even though he has moved to another club.

Being a Madridista is an honor because one knows that they are a part of something special.

Some other well known people who have professed their Madridismo are:

Russell Crowe

Marc Anthony

Placido Domingo

The Jonas Brothers

Alberto Contador

Rey Mysterio

Patrick Dempsey

These, along with countless others, as Usain Bolt put it so aptly, will always hold Real Madrid in their heart.



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    • North Wind profile image

      North Wind 6 years ago from The World (for now)

      You are welcome, Batbold Darisuren! Thanks for reading my hub :)

    • Batbold Darisuren profile image

      Batbold Darisuren 6 years ago from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

      Thank you for letting know that, North Wind!

    • magenta sunrise profile image

      magenta sunrise 7 years ago from cape town, south africa

      lol - thank you - it's good to know :p

    • North Wind profile image

      North Wind 7 years ago from The World (for now)

      They are known as colchoneros or rojiblancos... now you know!

    • magenta sunrise profile image

      magenta sunrise 7 years ago from cape town, south africa

      So what do u call Atletico Madrid supporters then? :)