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Man United Videos - Sexy Soccer

Updated on December 7, 2011

You know who they are!

Love them or hate them, Manchester United Football Club is probably the most famous soccer club in the world and one of the richest and most successful. The club's fan base is, quite literally, world-wide and it invariably plays to sellout, capacity crowds wherever it performs. The club's success is due partly to its free-flowing, attacking tradition initiated by its great manager of the 50's and 60's, Sir Matt Busby, and which continues to this day with great flair players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs, and Wayne Rooney.

Based at Old Trafford Football Ground, Manchester, the club is one of the most successful English football clubs, having won the FA Premier League/Football League fifteen times, FA Cup eleven times, the League Cup twice, the European Cup twice and the UEFA Cup Winners Cup once. The club has had the highest average attendance in English football for the majority of the past fifty seasons. In 2005/06, their average attendance was 68,765.

Man United 7 Roma 1 - 2007

Manchester United vs. Arsenal, at Old Trafford, October 1967
Manchester United vs. Arsenal, at Old Trafford, October 1967 | Source

Glory days

Recent Heroes

Famous Number 7's

1999 Champions League final


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    • profile image

      sandile 7 years ago

      hwen is the next game of man utd fc

    • profile image

      thomas  7 years ago

      you've got torespect man u but liverpool are better by amile and i am saying that from my heart

    • Drake's Compass profile image

      Drake's Compass 8 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Go Man U! Wednesday's Champions League final will be an absolute classic between two superior organizations. But I think that Man U's defensive balance will be enough to make the difference and deny Barca their treble.

    • profile image

      mirha494 9 years ago

      Man U is the best team today, no doubt about that.

    • gpetrou85 profile image

      gpetrou85 9 years ago from greece

      man utd for ever

    • gpetrou85 profile image

      gpetrou85 9 years ago from greece


    • profile image

      daniel tallew 10 years ago

      good performance now before 1 month latter

    • profile image

      Manchester United Videos 10 years ago

      The 7-1 against Roma was fantastic but its good to see that you also posted some of the old days, especially the double winning team era in the mid 90s.