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Mann's Jelly Worm | Top Selling Soft Plastic Bait

Updated on July 13, 2014

#1 Selling Plastic Worm Of All Time

Believe it or not, the Mann's Jelly worm introduced in 1956 is the #1 selling plastic worm of all time. Not only is the bait the number one selling worm of all time, but it was actually the industry first in a number of categories. It was the first super soft plastic worm (others were simply stiff and brittle), it was the first scented soft plastic, is responsible for a record first place finish in B.A.S.S. tournament total weight (as won by Paul Elias) and as previously mentioned - is currently first place in all time soft plastic worm sales. You don't have that many "firsts" by accident, and Mann's Jelly worm has certainly earned all of it's accolades.

Paul Elias On The Jelly Worm

Design, Color, & Features

The Mann's Jelly worm is designed with an ultra soft plastic body, extremely pliable and supple, giving it it's unbelievable lifelike action under water. Available in 6", 8", & 12" - the bait has a long slender, textured body, with a thin flat tail. The larger profiles, combined with the slow waving tail will tantalize even the laziest bass into slurping up this classic bait. The baits sleek design allows it to easily snake in between weeds without getting fouled up or snagged. The bait has even recently received an upgrade to it's original design - the "hardnose." The new hardnose feature means that the head of the bait is made of a harder/denser plastic (instead of the same ultra soft plastic), which means that the hook will stay on the the bait better and longer, without the use of glue or pegs. This hardnose will actually save you a few dollars too, as it prevents the bait getting destroyed on those aggressive strikes, that rip most other soft plastic baits.

Available In 6+ Colors

Fruity Flavor & Scents

The effectiveness of the various fruit flavors that the Mann's Jelly worms come, are both amazing and perplexing. I've always been amazed on how flavors like: grape, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, & watermelon can be effective in bass fishing, but I guess I shouldn't second guess this big fish producer. I'm one of those individuals that believes a fish's sense of smell is actually it's "weakest" sense - trumped by sight, sound, & vibration (picked up by the fishes lateral line). Most soft plastic baits don't leave a scent trail, instead the scent is infused into the bait, making the fish hold on longer to bait (but probably not a big factor in coaxing the bite). Again, this is my humble opinion; however, I know there are many of other anglers with the same position.

I don't know if it's the color or the scent - but I have found grape and watermelon to be the best producers for me. Water condition and clarity will of course effect which colors work best for you and your application.

Unbelievable Value

These baits are an believable value, ranging from $4.95 to $5.95 for a 20 pack, but are available in bulk packaging for even less. I find that I don't go through very many, as the baits (with their hard nose) are actually very durable. You'll get the most bang for your buck by finding an online retailer, & buying in bulk.

When & Where To Use...

I personally find this bait effective in a number of areas & presentations - I'll start with my favorite. Because the bait has a tendency to be bouyant (float), I like texas rigging it with a weighted worm hook, and dragging (or jigging) it along the bottom of weed edges or rocks. The slow moving and subtle waving action of the bait, has proven to be too much for many lunkers to handle, and have coaxed some very large fish into biting.

My second favorite application would simply to utilize the bait as many other anglers do, which is to snake it in and out of vertical weeds, acting like wounded or dying bait. The bait has a profile that works very well in weedy conditions.

The last application I find effective, is to fish the bait on a unweighted worm hook, and using it as a floating top water bait. When "jerked" across the waters surface, the bait acts like anything from a dying bait fish, to a slow swimming snake.


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