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March Madness Brackets

Updated on February 13, 2020

How to Survive Your Husbands Addiction to Basketball

It's that time of year again. The time of year when college basketball monopolizes the television. At my house it seems that all signs of normal life are put to a standstill. Over the years I have learned some tips on how to keep this March Madness from making me mad. When we were first married, I really didn't get it. Believe it or not, many of our arguments in the first few years of marriage were about sports! So here are some of the things that I have learned these past seven years when it comes to college basketball tournament time.

* Don't complain.  It's only for a short time, so just learn how to adapt and live with it.  The more you argue, whine, and complain, the more it will drive your husband to watching more of the basketball.  This approach does not work! Instead, try to be as accommodating as you can.  If you know that you have something to do (ex. a work party), than offer your husband ideas for how he could still watch the game.  Try to work around the schedule of the games as much as you can. Avoid planning any major family functions during this time.

* Educate yourself.  Learn a little about about the brackets, players, and top teams. Even if you just learn one or two names, you can keep throwing them out there to help maintain a conversation of any sorts with your husband. A quick look at the could really help you out in this area.  Don't worry if you have a few flubs, your spouse will appreciate that you are trying.  Be willing to laugh at your lack of knowledge.  If all else fails, listen to what the announcer says and repeat the things that he said 5 minutes ago. Your husband may never catch on to this little trip!

* Get involved.  For those of you who are really adventrous, get a bracket of your own. If you get bored easily with the games, this will help to keep it interesting. You could place a friendly bet with your husband using money or even chores around the house. This will help you to actually get excited when a team that you have never heard of before beats your husbands team. It's a little bit of healthy competition and a lot of fun.

* Provide snacks.   If you make snacks, your husband will love it!  Who doesn't like to eat while watching an exciting game?  The trick is to also make dinner for the next night while you are in the kitchen preparing the snack.  This way when you wake up the next day you will not have wasted a whole night on watching basketball, you will have also made dinner and will not have to worry about it during the day. 

* Use your Tivo.   Set all the shows that you would normally like to watch so that they will be recorded.  You can have fun catching up on all your favorite shows right after the tournament ends.

* Host a party.  Chances are good that there are a lot of other wives you know who are enjoying March Madness as much as you are.  Invite them all over to bring their favorite dish and watch the big game.  Those of you who aren't as interested in the sports can sit around and talk while eating some great food.

* Get him out of the house.  Suggest a night out with the guys.  After you have had everyone over, suggest that your husband and his buddies go out to watch the next game to a local bar or resturant.   This way you will have a basketball free night at your house.

* Sacrifice a little.   Though you don't have to watch every game, pick a few to sit down and watch with your husband.  You will be surprised at how much you enjoy yourself and how exciting the game can actually be.  This can be something that you really bond with your husband over.

* Get some work done.  On other nights, you don't have to watch the whole game, but just sit beside your husband while he watches and get some work done.  My favorite things to do while my husband watches sports are to fold laundry, pay bills, sort through mail, and check my email.

* Press on toward the goal. It's only a few short weeks.  Keep your goal insight and use a calendar to mark off the days until it's over.

Remember, that peace in your home matters much more than basketball.  If this is a passion of your husbands or boyfriends, it's not worth the fight.  They will never give it up! It's up to you to change in order to make this time of year work.  It could be much worse than a husband who is addicted to basketball, so considered yourself blessed that his addiction is not something that would actually harm your family.  Be as patient and as loving as you can.  This is not something that is worth the arguments.  After the season is over, gently remind your husband of all that you have done for him and then suggest a day of shopping or renting some chick flicks to celebrate! 


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