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Marco-Terrible: Return of the CMLL Running Diary

Updated on May 30, 2017

You may have noticed that's it's been a little bit since my last CMLL Running Diary. As it turns out, doing those every time a CMLL show airs can get really, REALLY draining. So after taking a few shows off to relax and hang out with my brother, I've decided tonight is the perfect time to bring it back. It'll serve as good practice for All Night Long II tomorrow after all! So without any further gilding of the lily, and with no more ado, let's get this party started. Moses, fetch that meme and that Brian Boitano song from the South Park movie. I'VE NEVER SEEN A MAN EAT SO MANY CHICKEN WINGS!

8:13: Promoting is done and we are live from Casa de Cult. As we wait, Misawa vs. Jumbo from June of 1990 is on the screen; you know, the match that only launched the legend of Misawa and the beginning of All Japan's rise to legendary status. Now that I think of it, it's probably a mistake to be watching this before CMLL. What could possibly top this after all?

8:15: Misawa just crashed and burned on a Frog Splash and I just had a terrible thought; what if CMLL doesn't stream the Tuesday show?! Remember, they didn't do it last week due to technical issues. Who's to say that doesn't happen here and I'm left standing with my dick in the wind? A lot of pissed off people there will be, Mr. Garrison (points to the one dude who got that reference).

8:18: This match is so good, even the dudes wearing suits in the front row are freaking out. And they NEVER freak out!

8:21: Remember how I said the CMLL show may not stream? Yeah, maybe they shouldn't for my sake. I don't see how anything they do tops this beauty.

8:25: I cannot find the stream for tonight's show online yet. In the words of everyone before something goes wrong, UH OH!

8:31: CMLL has posted the stream! Now we wait for the show to start and the writing to begin.

8:34: We're doing our best Pink Floyd "Waiting for the Worms" cover again. WAITING (awesome guitar rift) WAITING (awesome guitar rift cut short because WE ARE LIVE!)!

8:37: The poster for the show tells me that Leono and Bengala will be taking on Hijo del Signo and Artillero is the opener. Dammit. You know a match has no hope when Hijo del Signo and the walking Sprite can are the best things going for it.

8:41: Finally we're off. Signo and Leono will start.

9:00: You may have noticed I have no notes for this match. That's because my good pal Joe Brown, who is watching CMLL for the first time, called up to talk about the match! Thus this match turned out to be way more entertaining than it had any right to be. Artillero and Signo won by the way, which is probably the right call.

9:01: Time for the luchadors. Sanely, the walking botch machine Estrellita and Princesa Sugehit will take on Tiffany, Metalica and the Queen of Lucha Libre Zeuxis. On the one hand, that's a bad lineup other than Metalica, Sugehit and Zeuxis. On the other hand, THE QUEEN IS WRESTLING! Always a good thing.

9:05: The Queen and Sugehit are captains. Interesting note; Edgar is reffing his second straight match. Hell let's have him ref all the matches!

9:06: Sanely and Metalica will start. Poor Metalica.

9:08: Things were actually going well for Sanely and Metalica. Then Metalica came out, Tiffany came in and Sanely hit the ropes.

9:10: Estrellita got a minute of mediocrity before Zeuxis and Sugehit came in for some predictably good action. Sugehit has Zeuxis in prime position, but the other two rudas come in and turn the tide for a moment before Sanely and Estrellita turn things around with a double submission. Sugehit then gets Zeuxis with a submission of her own int he middle of the circle and it's 1-0 technicas. Decent start; Sugehit and the Queen were money as usual, and no one else sucked too badly.

9:13: Sugehit starts fall two with Metalica, but ends up in the wrong corner and gets triple teamed by the rudas. The three clear the ring and it's ruda beat down time.

9:15: The Queen and Tiffany just destroyed Sanely with a leg drop/senton combo. I'm betting Sanely's just happy she wasn't taking knees to the face from Zeuxis again.

9:16: Metalica sends Estrellita to the showers with a Swanton and...well I spoke too soon! Sanely got dropped in the corner, leading to Zeuxis kneeing her face all the way to Arena Coliseo. Beauty. We're tied and this match has been inoffensively average in the same way Sylvester Stallone's Driven was offensively awful.

9:18: Fall three starts with more knees to the face! You get knees to the face, you get knees to the face, EVERYBODY GETS KNEES TO THE FACE!

9:20: This match turned around without me noticing! I just looked up to see Sanely tapping Metalica to a submission. Sugehit and Zeuxis go at it before finding themselves outside, allowing Estrellita to tap out Tiffany with a reverse figure four. Technicas win after the rudas let the Queen down. Bummer. Not as terrible a match as it could've been though, so I'll take that.

9:24: Time for match three. Starman (dressed in his worst Volador Jr. cosplay outfit), Esfinge and Oro Jr. will take on Puma, Tiger and Universo 2000 Jr. This is a big one; Universo Jr. is the son of lucha legend Universo 2000, and this show marks his debut on a CMLL stream. He's in there with some decent dudes so we'll see what he's got.

9:29: Tiger and Esfinge are captains. More importantly, Edgar is ref again! Third straight match. He's got the hat trick, can he get the double?!

9:30: Puma and Esfinge start off with some decent lucha and MY GRODD THAT GIRL IN THE FRONT ROW JUST NEARLY TOOK HER TOP OFF! That would've made this a top five match of all time.

9:31: Here comes Universo to work with Starman. What do you have for us young man?

9:32: The youngster and Starman are barely in before Oro and Tiger are in kicking the crap out of each other. Oro gets Tiger down though, allowing Universo to come back in and hit some crisp looking moves on Oro. Starman now back in to turn the tide.

9:33: Puma owns Starman, which brings us full circle with Esfinge coming back in. He puts Puma on the top rope, which merely sets him up to eat a Puma/Tiger double team! The rudos then take control, with Universo planting Oro Jr. with that move Marco Corleone used to do in WWE to get rid of him, followed by some Puma reverse Alabama Slamming Tiger onto Starman to give the rudos fall one. Good start; Universo looked good save for a few sloppy spots towards the end and everyone else was at their normal level. Let's see how things progress.

9:35: Puma and Esfinge will start fall two and it takes all but five seconds before Puma and Tiger are kicking the shit out of everyone while Universo watches on.

9:37: Oro Jr. tried to make a comeback. He failed.

9:38: Never fear; Starman is here to make the comeback with a backbreaker. Oro Jr. then gets going himself and MY GRODD THE AIR HE GOT ON THAT DIVE!

9:39: Esfinge and Starman capitalize on this, with the latter planting Puma for a pin and Esfinge tapping Tiger with a reverse bridging Death Lock. We're tied and this has been decent. The Oro Jr. dive was super cool.

9:41: Universo and Oro Jr. start this off with slaps. He hasn't shown much, but Universo looks comfortable out there.

9:42: A good sequence between Oro and Universo ends with Oro sending Universo outside with a great arm drag. Starman and Puma are now in. This ends with Starman's trademark hurricanrana from the apron to the floor. Always a cool move.

9:43: Universo back in with Esfinge. The youngster is quickly sent out, ESfinge then sends all the rudos out and it's TRIPLE DIVE TIME! They go for a second triple dive, but the rudos deny it and get three near falls!

9:44: AWESOME cutter by Oro Jr. on Tiger. He can't do the same with Puma though, who sends him face first into the mat. Starman then comes in and hits an awesome sitout powerbomb on Puma that Universo comes in to break up with a huge slap to the back.

9:45: OH MY! UNIVERSO WITH A DEATH DEFYING SUICIDE DIVE! Oro Jr. tries one of his own but Puma catches him with a last minute kick. This leaves Esfinge alone with Puma and Tiger and it ends with the brothers double teaming the shit out of him, ending the match with a backcracker/dropkick combo for the victory. Good match; Universo looked solid (though he may have nearly killed himself on that dive), Oro Jr. was great, Puma and Tiger were great and Esfinge and Starman were solid. Best match of the night thus far.

9:49: We need a meme; it's been awhile.

Told you so.
Told you so.

9:50: Junior, The Panther and Pegasso are next, taking on Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora and Sagrado. Or as I like to call them, the next Los Revolucionarios! We can dream, right?

9:54: ROJO'S GUN WAS SO POWERFUL IT KNOCKED HIS HAT OFF! He's captain by the way, along with Junior. By the by, Edgar's streak is done, as Bestia Negra will ref this match. DAMMIT ALL! I wanted Edgar to get that double hat trick.

9:55: Panther and Polvora will start. This pleases me.

9:57: Good start from those two. Junior and Rojo are now in and my goodness is General Rojo at a size disadvantage here.

9:58: Junior used his power to get control before Sagrado came in and kicked him in the head. Poor Junior. Rojo uses this to gain control, but it doesn't last long before Junior turns the tide again. Once more this leads to Sagrado coming in to put the boots to the youngster.

9:59: Shit is heating up and MY GRODD Panther was going a million miles per hour on that fake dive. Pegasso takes out Rojo with a hurricanrana off the apron, Panther hits Polvora with his top rope shotgun dropkick for a pin and Junior then taps Sagrado out with Nudo Lagunero. Strong close to a decent first fall. Seems like there could be a Junior-Sagrado issue in the works. We shall see.

10:01: Polvora and Panther will start. Panther is once again going really fast, which works well till Rojo comes in and Spinebuster's him. The rudo keeps control as Pegasso comes in and just gets overpowered on a shoulder block attempt.

10:02: Pegasso is back in it, using his speed to get a hurricanrana and an arm drag on Rojo. He fakes a dive, walking right into a pounding by Sagrado.

10:03: Sagrado sends Pegasso into the corner, but the technico slides out so Junior and Sagrado can continue their issues. Sagrado floors Junior with a Sling Blade, slaps him along the ropes and then allows the technico to get some speed to arm drag him and hit a suicide dive!

10:04: Rojo and Pegasso are in. The rudo puts Pegasso down and squashes him with a wonderful double stomp. Panther meanwhile tries to catch Polvora with a springboard crossbody, only to instead catch a dropkick to the face. We're tied. Decent fall, decent match thus far. They haven't hit high gear yet though.

10:07: Junior is the target of a rudo triple team to start fall three. Well he was till he slid out; now his brother is taking the beating.

10:08: That'll hurt the baby Panthers!

10:09: Junior moves out of the way of a corner attack and takes the rudos to backbreaker city. You know what that means.

10:10: Pegasso and Panther connect with dueling suicide dives on Rojo and Polvora! In the ring, Sagrado and Junior go at it for a moment before Sagrado pulls off Junior's mask for the Arena Mexico special ending! That's a DQ, so the technicos win and the Sagrado-Junior feud is definitely on. Solid match with good moments, but they can do better. It'll be interesting to see if this Sagrado-Junior thing goes anywhere; Sagrado is a guy Junior can do decent work with.

10:13: It's Soberano time! He's in the semi-main in place of Volador Jr. (I hear he's preoccupied somewhere), teaming with Niebla Roja and Blue Panther (in for Valiente) to take on Rey Rey Buc, Gran Guerrero and Mephisto. Could be good.

10:19: Niebla Roja and Mephisto are captains. Roja and Gran Guerrero will start...or they won't as Gran Guerrero runs up the stage. Except now he will fight because Blue Panther is in. Let's just leave it at that.

10:21: Leave it to Blue Panther to make this a cool mat exhibition. He and Gran Guerrero are in the midst of a really good chain wrestling sequence as we speak.

10:23: The sequence finally ends. Mephisto and Soberano are in and boy will this be interesting! They shake hands and get to it.

10:24: Back and forth between the two. Soberano finally sends Mephisto to the floor with a headscissors, but can't do the same to Rey Rey Buc as Gran Guerrero pulls him over the ropes and slams him hard on the stage! The rudos take full control as Soberano lies unconscious.

10:26: Rey Rey Buc rolled up Roja with a Crucifix Pin and it's 1-0 rudos. I missed it thinking the beat down was still going on! Okay start; I anticipate things will pick up here after the rudo beat down ends.

10:27: Blue Panther is the target of the diabolical villains to start fall two.

10:29: SO! MUCH! OWNAGE!

10:30: Roja is trying to get the crowd to rally behind him...and it works! He gets enough momentum to knock Grna Guerrero out of the ring and MY GRODD THAT IS A 900 BY SOBERANO! BEAUTY! Blue Panther knocks Rey Rey Buc to the floor as well, allowing Roja some alone time with Mephisto to hit a Bubba Bomb like maneuvar for the win. We're tied. Great end to a good fall; the rudo beat down was actually fun and Soberano's dive really brought the energy up.

10:32: Fall three. Blue Panther and Mephisto will start.

10:33: Watching Blue Panther be awesome right now just reminds me of how sad I'll be when he sadly has to retire. I will cry more tears than I did when Leo froze to death at the end of Titanic.

10:34: BLUE PANTHER HURRICANRANA! Mephisto is to the floor, Blue Panther is to the apron and Gran Guerrero and Roja are in.

10:35: Roja was being double teamed, but he gets out with a rolling elbow on Gran Guerrero and then suckers Mephisto towards the ropes for a springboard rana. One fake dive later and it's SOBERANO TIME, featuring Rey Rey Buc.

10:36: Soberano arm drags Rey Rey Buc out. Mephisto comes in, shakes Soberano then slaps him in the chest. HE FELL FOR THE OLDEST TRICK IN THE BOOK! Luckily Soberano is the man, so he quickly recovers and hits another 900 from the top. He follows it with an awesome hurricanrana and an awesome Fosbury Flop. I told you it was Soberano time!

10:37: Roja follows Soberano with a dive of his own. Blue Panther and Gran Guerrero are in and Panther is slapping the fuck out of Gran on the top rope. He launches Soberano up to the top, but Gran catches him and hits the reverse powerbomb for a pin. Meanwhile Rey Rey Buc catches Blue Panther with a submission and that's an anticlimactic finish to an otherwise good match. Great work from Soberano and Blue Panther, good work from Niebla Roja and decent work from the rest. A few more minutes and this could've been super cool.

10:41: Main event time! Marco Corleone takes on Terrible in what could be a really good match. It also could be a preview of who the next CMLL World Heavyweight Champion is; you know, if CMLL chickens out and doesn't give it to Sam Adonis. Hey CMLL; give it to Sam Adonis.

10:42: Terrible attacks Marco quickly to start the match. Edgar is reffing, making him the official for four out of six matches tonight. Well done Edgar!

10:43: They're trading shots! Terrible gets the better end of the exchange, but makes the mistake of sending Marco into the ropes, allowing them to have a series of reversals before Marco gets a schoolboy roll up to steal fall one. Good end sequence to an otherwise quick fall. I expect fall two will be the same.

10:45: Fall two begins with Marco and Terrible immediately slugging it out because the edecan forgot the huge card they usually bring out! That's comedy. Marco takes control with a flurry of arm drags, and then keeps it with a series of right hands. He goes to the ropes and walks right into a cannon of a Shotgun Dropkick from Terrible. What a kick! That's enough to get the three count and we're tied. Another quick fall, but man did that kick rule.

10:47: Fall three!

10:48: Terrible immediately goes for a La Cavernaria esq submission on Marco. Marco reverses and Irish Whip into the ropes and connects with a big clothesline for a near fall. Gonna need more than that. Marco takes Terrible into the corner and connects with a few shoulder blocks before going back to the left hands.

10:49: Irish Whip into the corner. Marco tries for Splash but Terrible moves, kicks him while Marco's hung in the ropes and gets a school boy for a super close near fall. They head to the floor as Terrible keeps control, swinging Marco right into the barricade.

10:50: Marco comes back with some left hands and Irish Whips Terrible into the ring post. He puts the boots to the rudo before tossing him into the barricade and then back into the ring.

10:51: Terrible recovers in the ring, but and Irish Whip into the ropes nearly leads to him getting caught with the same finish Marco got him with in fall one. This time Terrible kicks out though. Marco keeps control by hitting a Splash off the top, but only gets two. He's taking this seriously; no push ups after the splash!

10:52: Terrible tries for a suplex, but Marco counters and rolls him up again for a near fall. Terrible is up first and kicks Marco in the thigh before Irish Whipping him again. Marco stops in the ropes, back drops Terrible to the ramp and hits the crossbody from the ring onto the stage!

10:53: Marco tosses Terrible back into the ring and just like that he's hitting the splash from the ramp into the ring! That's all it takes to finish Terrible and Marco goes home a winner. Very good match, despite neither guy doing much. I know Terrible is capable of more moves than he showed tonight and Marco seems like a guy who never shows most of his arsenal. Even still they made this work, with a nice simple story and solid work all around. A solid close to a solid show. Makes sense I suppose!

Welp, that'll do it sports fans. I'm off till tomorrow, where we'll do this all over again for Lucha Underground's return with All Night Long II (and yes, that means the LU article I had planned earlier has been scrapped. It wasn't coming together like I wanted). Till then, THIS!

Please change disks to continue...


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