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Mark Sanchez is a Sexier Quarterback than Tom Brady and Other Observations

Updated on October 28, 2012

Tom Brady

You have the golden child, the hated, the loved, the two time Super Bowl MVP. A sixth round draft pick number 199 overall in 2000. Who would play in four Super Bowls, winning three. The man the legend Tom Brady.  

Mark Sanchez

Then you have the fifth pick of the 2009 draft. Placed with the burden of high expectations, becoming a NFL starter in his rookie season in the Big Apple. An after two games he has a quarterback rating of 91.3 and a 2-0 record.

September, 20, 2009

Is there a new sheriff in town? September, 20, 2009, the New York Jets upset the New England Patriots 16-9. After trailing 3-9 in the first half, Mark Sanchez lead a second half comeback putting up 13 points. While Brady was silenced by the impressive Jets Defense who shut him down in the second half.

The Passing of the Torch? Was this Sanchez's Brady-like moment?

It was 2002, when Tom Brady upset the legendary Kurt Warner in the Super Bowl then went on to become the active quarterback in the NFL with the most Super Bowl appearances (four). While week 2 of the season is no Super Bowl by any means, has Brady lost his luster? The Patriots were expected to be unstoppable this year with Tom Brady's return to health, another 16-0 season seemed possible. But, September, 20, 2009 Brady is out played by a rookie! Yes, the Jets have the better defense, maybe the best in the NFL. But this is Tom Brady a proven winner, expected to claim vengeance on a marred perfect season after losing his first Super Bowl, after coming back from knee surgery. He is suppose to show he still is the man. But right now Drew Brees is in a league of his own while Tom Brady plays like a mere mortal. And according to our very own dohn121 Tom Brady didn't have the balls Sunday (my interpretation of his actual words). 

Reasons Mark Sanchez is Sexier

  • A young gun slinger 22 years old to Brady's 32
  • He is a bachelor while Brady is a married man
  • Better body
  • Beat the most successful Quarterback playing the game today
  • New while Tom is old news
  • Endorsements from year one

Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady's wife
Tom Brady's wife

Reasons Brady is Sexier

  • More mature
  • Has more money
  • Married to super model Gisele Bundchen
  • 3 Super Bowl Rings
  • Endorsements
  • Most hated/ Loved Quarterback in NFL

Ladies? (Guys feel free to join in it will be our little secret )

Who is Sexier?

See results

30 Random Thoughts About the NFL Season Thus Far

What I have learned from the first two weeks.

  1. Clinton Portis sucks. He had a nice match-up against the Rams and put up abysmal numbers. Not happy as a Portis owner.
  2. Forte and Slaton have been victimized by their schedule. I own both backs on several teams and what an unfortunate way to start the season. 17 total fantasy points combined between the two backs in the first two weeks. Having to face the fierce run defenses of Pittsburg, Tennessee, New York, *Green Bay.
  3. The Jets may have the best defense in football. Keeping Tom Brady and company to a mere 9 points in week two and holding the Texans to 7 points in week one.
  4. Start anyone who plays against the Jaguars, Buccaneers, Lions, Rams Houston Texans, and Buffalo Bills.
  5. Saints and Titans have allowed the most yards through the air.
  6. Bench/trade any Redskins player you own.
  7. The Ravens defense is overrated! Don’t be afraid.
  8. Cedric Benson is legit. He leads the NFL in attempts with 50 tied with Turner.
  9. Willis McGahee is healthy and has a nose for the endzone. A must start next week!
  10. Chad Ochocinco could be a top 5 receiver this year
  11. Andre Johnson is the best receiver in the NFL. I know I had listed Fitz as number one because of his career statistics but I did draft Johnson with a first round pick over Fitz.
  12. Chris Johnson is not in a time-share. LeDale White has carried the ball 10 times to Johnson’s 31 and been unproductive.
  13. DeShaun Jackson is a must start every week.
  14. My sleeper pick of Dustin Keller is looking really good.
  15. Tony Gonzalez is in a league of his own. It may not be a bad idea to deal a good receiver for him. He is unstoppable.
  16. Lee Evans hasn’t done much, 57 yards and a TD in two games.
  17. Percy Harvin has scored in back to back weeks.
  18. I told you tight ends were not worth a top pick if their name didn’t rhyme with Mony Meatballez.
  19. JaMarcus Russell is the worst starting quarterback in football.
  20. Byron Leftwich is winless but he has played well fantasy wise.
  21. Frank Gore is really that good. I still have concerns about his durability after last season. He cost me my championship.
  22. Tom Brady has thrown the ball 100 times followed by Leftwich with 91.
  23. Big Ben has played well. He has a great schedule week 14-17 when fantasy championships come around.
  24. 49er Defense is looking really solid.
  25. Brandon Marshall and T.J. Housh have yet to score.
  26. Witten is overrated like I said before.
  27. When are Knowshon Moreno, Chris Wells and Donald Brown going to show up?
  28. Packers Defense has me puzzled.
  29. Michael Crabtree is vain, greedy and stupid.
  30. Kevin Smith could be a top 10 back this year.


Phillip Rivers

Broncos Defense- Good D to pick up this week if you need one.

Lawrence Tynes - Will be a top-5 kicker this year.

Stephen Jackson – Hey I am a loyal guy

Tony Gonzalez- This man is amazing!

Kevin Smith - Top ten material this year


T.J. Housh - Not what I expected with him in Seattle. He is doing the same as last year.

Matt Hasselback - Dirt bag gets hurt at the one yard line and leaves my fantasy teams in shambles.

Steve Slaton - Horrible start

Jay Cutler - I blame Cutler for Forte's lack of receptions.

Ravens Defense - OVERRATED!

Frank Gore - You did me dirty last year and never gave me a week like this one.

Carson Palmer - Drafted you last year and you did absolutely nothing.

Joeseph Addai - You need to get hurt. Donald Brown is wasting bench space.

ESPN- pretty bad insight for guys that have connections with the players.



Tom Brady- nothing stellar in week 2. After coming off a 216 game one interception and no TDs, Brady’s value will never be lower. He has a stellar schedule week 14-17.


Cadillac Williams is averaging ten carries a game.


Waiver Wire Pick-Ups

Add - Steve Smith NYG he has been hot! 16 catches 214 yards and one touchdown.

Drop - Lance More has been having hamstring trouble and only recieved 3 targets in 2 games.


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    • Disturbia profile image

      Disturbia 8 years ago

      I just watched Tom Brady get trashed last night by New Orleans and he didn't look remotely sexy. ;)

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 8 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      Hahaha who would have thunk

    • ericfeld profile image

      ericfeld 8 years ago

      You gotta love that pic of Brady. Great post Drew

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 8 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      oh I know that, that was a typo. I'll fix that.

    • T_Augustus profile image

      T_Augustus 8 years ago from Detroit, MI

      Mark Sanchez was the fifth overall pick (#5 in 1st round), not a fifth round pick.

      I liked your random thoughts, keep'em coming.

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 8 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      Everyone loves a winner. That is why he is the sexier quarterback!

      Oh really? I didn't get to see it. Regardless Brady should have scored in the second half...Peyton Manning>Tom Brady.

      I got the Falcon game which was a gift from the NFL Blackout seeing as my game would have been painful to watch.

      Eli played very well this week. So did Steve Smith(nyg) who I played over D.Jackson. Who would have though Roddy White should have been the receiver to bench oit of those 3.

      Picks as in who will win out of each team? Houston and Detroit off the top of my head right now. I will post my predictions in my blog tomorrow.

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Mark Sanchez is definitely a hot commodity right now. In New York, they hate your guts if you lose but love you to death if you win. Just ask Eli. If Sanchez get them to the playoffs, he'll run for mayor. I expect to see him on commercials very soon (actually, check that, I saw him in a Toyota commercial with Eli).

      One of the reasons why Brady stunk it up was a lack of confidence. What? That's right: Lack of confidence. He looked like a pinball in a pinball machine the way he was getting bounced. He might not have gotten sacked, but he got hit like he stole something twice. He just seemed so damn nervous about re-injuring that leg--I don't even think that he's fully recovered if you ask me. There's definitely something fishy in New England and it aint the lobster bisque.

      Great hub, Drew. Who do you like this weekend?

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 8 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      Thanks man!

    • ShyneIV profile image

      ShyneIV 8 years ago from Montreal

      Great read dude