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Martial Arts and the weapons they use

Updated on December 27, 2013


This page is here to show people some of the main weapons used in martial arts today. Most clubs will do a small bit of training with weapons but not all will. So it will be up to the individual to ether train themselves or find a weapons training club. What ever way you go about it they are fun to use and look great at martial art demo's
And on the plus factor if you can use a martial art weapon they are great for self defence around the home. Look at it this way if someone sees you coming at them with a set of nuchukes and it looks like you know how to use them. That person is more than likely to turn and run. But if you go at someone with your fists they may just have a go of you, than anything can happen


These were made famous in the Western world by Bruce Lee. When used correctly they can be lethal. Where the nunchaku came from is unclear, all though one popular belief is that nunchaku was originally a short flail used to thresh rice or soybeans. This gave rise to the theory that it was originally developed from an Okinawan horse bit or that it was adapted from a wooden clapper called hyoshiki carried by the village night watch person it was made of two pieces of wood joined by cord. The night watch person would belt the two pieces of wood together to attract people's attention and then warn them about dangers coming


This are more or less just a stick. But used right you will defend your self against anybody. They are usually made with hard wood, such as red or white oak, although bamboo has been used. The size is from 6ft to 9ft.

Samurai sword or also know as the Katana

The katana is know by its distinctive appearance: a curved, slim, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to allow for two hands. It has historically been associated with the samurai of feudal Japan and has become renowned for its sharpness and strength. It is now one of the most collected items in the world. With old versions selling for thousands.

Samurai swords

Single Pronged Sai

One of the more unique weapons of the samurai police was the Jutte. Basically an iron truncheon, the Jutte was popular because it could parry the slash of a razor-sharp sword and disarm an assailant without serious injury. Essentially a defensive or restraining weapon, the length of the Jutte requires the user to get extremely close to those being apprehended.

3 Sectional Staff

This weapon will take a fair bit of training before you will be able to master it. but one it is mastered. It can be one deadly weapon

Chinese Butterfly Knives

Aluminium Chinese Butterfly Knives Beautiful in design and handcrafted in wushu aluminium. The ancient Chinese used the Butterfly knives as a double short length sword with a unique handle to catch the longer swords in between it’s handle.

Metal Kama

Consists of a sharp blade and wooden handle – usually used in a combative situations. The back of the bald can be used for strikes and the handle to block or punch.

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A Brief History of Martial Art weapons

Martial arts weapons refer to weapons created in Asia before the 1900s— most of these came out of China. Although the earliest record of a Martial art weapon (a weapon clearly used for killing purposes) is a 400,000-year-old wooden throwing spear. This was found in Germany. The earliest metal weapon is a Chinese Neolithic from around 5000 B.C. It is a lance with a copper spear point.

The Iron Age started in Europe in 700 B.C. and than in China in 600 B.C., But the Chinese perfected the art of forging cast-iron weapons 1000 years before the Europeans. No culture in martial arts history has created more diverse martial arts weapons than what came from China.

The study of these weapons offers a look into the past. The legends and folklore surrounding martial art weapons history, as well as the difficulty involved in mastering it, all add to the weapon’s mystique. For anyone who studies martial arts cannot but help love these weapons and most want to learn how to use them. Martial arts weapons can also define a person’s martial way. For example, the sword is regarded as a weapon of bravery and justice; a symbol of war; military skill and honour


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    • DrBill-WmL-Smith profile image

      William Leverne Smith 

      5 years ago from Hollister, MO

      Mostly scary, to me. Thanks for sharing, though. Certainly interesting! ;-)


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