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Mayweather and Rousey need to stop!

Updated on September 8, 2015
Rousey's Thousand Mile Stare
Rousey's Thousand Mile Stare | Source

Ronda Rousey is an amazing martial arts practitioner. She boasts unparalleled skills in almost all areas of the fight game. Outside of the cage, she's moving ever closer to become a full on movie star. All the while maintaining a role model lifestyle both for women and professional fighters.

Floyd Mayweather is an amazing boxer. He boasts some of the best skills in the boxing world (maybe "the best ever"). Unfortunately, outside the ring, he's developed the persona of a braggart, one with a history of domestic violence towards women. He continues to prove himself to be a horrid role model, both for men and professional fighters.

The two essentially have little in common other than careers in fighting. So why are their names becoming so intertwined?

It started shortly after Rousey won "ESPY Fighter of the Year Award" in 2015, an award which Mayweather himself had won several times. Rousey made it a point to throw a little shade Floyd's way during a post award interview; the comment was made on national television(if you've never heard it, here it is).

Media outlets, seeing an opportunity for Floyd to get a little comeuppance in the wake of years of domestic violence issues and in the face of his rather braggadocio persona, rebroadcast the comment ad nauseum. People everyone flocked in to needle Floyd with Rousey's comment.

It wasn't enough for new outlets that Rousey had hit Mayweather with a verbal punch. As a way to push the envelope, they began asking how she thought she'd how fare against Mayweather in an actual "ruleless" fight.

As someone who loves fight sports, I understand that the athletes that compete in professional fighting need to be full of confidence, even bravado. It's not surprising that Rousey stated, without equivocation, she'd beat Floyd Mayweather in a "no holds barred" fight. She's not in the business of self-doubt.

The problem with vocalizing her sentiment publicly is that any and all comments are subject to reprinting and usually beg further questions; especially true, considering so many people despise Floyd and admire Rousey. People want(ed) to hear a women say she can beat up a high profile man with a history of physically hurting females. Media looks to sensationalize, their interest is ratings and views, they're generally not in the business of what can happen in the aftermath. Even worse, a negative fallout is probably better for business. A war of words is their best possible outcome.

And that's exactly what has happened.

Floyd, who was uncharacteristically silent after Rousey declared her belief that she could beat him in a fight, took exception a few months later when Rousey furthered her attack on Mayeather's ego by announcing she "makes more money" than him. Rousey, speaking a bit loosely, was referencing the fact that if you calculate her earnings based on her time actually inside the cage fighting, she makes more money simply because her fights last mere seconds as opposed to Mayweather's near guaranteed, 36 minutes of in-ring time.

If there is one thing Floyd "Money" Mayweather can't take, its the idea that somebody makes more than him. So the verbal sparring continued as Mayweather chose to fire back saying "Let's...see how much money you got." Rousey, at this point, refusing to be outdone, retorted to TMZ, "When he learns to read and write, he can text me." (A snide reference to reports that Floyd has below average reading and writing skills)

When Enough is Enough

Honestly, I really like Ronda Rousey, I think she has been near emblematic in her dealings with fans and media. She's on her way to becoming a bona-fide movie star. She's attracting casual fans to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. She's maintained a spartan work ethic even though she's dominated all her competition with ease. The confidence she's shown in her own body image has helped to redefine what both women and men see as feminine beauty.

She doesn't need Floyd Mayweather. Not as a joke, not as foyle, not as someone to juxtapose what the image of a man shouldn't be. And we, as a society, don't need to mull over a professional female fighter and a professional male fighter beating each other up. And lastly, we don't need two millionaires bickering over who makes more money.

Not when there are hundred of thousands suffering from domestic violence or when there are millions suffering from destitute poverty. It's low class, really low class. And Rousey's image is the one taking the hit.

She was asked back in March of this year, months before her ESPY win, about lacking competition in the ranks of female fighters and if she would ever consider fighting men as a way to step up her competition level. Her answer then should have been the only answer she ever needed to say on the subject; sadly it wasn't.

Should Rousey go on as one of the most notable crossover athlete-entertainment stars of this generation she can do it all without ever having to utter Floyd Mayweather Jr's name again.


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    • profile image

      Kevin Goodwin 

      3 years ago

      There is no way that this fight would ever take place because Mayweather would not want his perfect record to be ruined.


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