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How To Be A Warrior

Updated on December 15, 2016

The Mentality of a Warrior

A warrior must not only be able to push his body beyond its limits, but also his mind. A warrior has a set of guideline that he or she must follow to make sure that the mind and body are trained as a Warrior.

Warriors must...

Be the master of their emotions

  1. Control fear and anger
  2. Remain calm in the face of threat
  3. Have the ability to overcome arrogance

Be the master of their choices

  1. Don't allow others to distract you
  2. Stick to what you believe even when others believe it is wrong

Master oneself

  1. Say no to the voice that tells you to quite
  2. Overcome self doubt

Master of one's emotions

A warrior must be able to keep his emotions in check during, before, and after a fight. If a warrior lets his emotions get the best of him, it can make his form sloppy and useless. It can also make his mind think unreasonably, which could get him killed. The three main emotions that can cloud a warriors judgment are anger, fear, and arrogance.

Anger: Anger can make a warrior see red. Forget everything they have learned and become sloppy. Anger also increases adrenaline which makes you think less clearly and run out of breath much quicker. The best way to practice controlling your anger is to practice meditating. Another good practice is to control your breathing while training or during any exercise, like running.

Fear: Fear causes hesitation and can leave the warrior more vulnerable. It is normal to feel fear, everyone feels fear, but a warrior masters his fear and converts it into something proactive. A way to practice controlling your fears is to get closer to your fears. If you are afraid of heights, go on roller coasters or more thinks that involve tall heights. If you scared of closed spaces go into small spaces and meditate for a given amount of time. Another good way to practice controlling your fear in a fight is to imagine a real fight when sparring with a friend.

Arrogance: Probably one of the biggest emotional weakness a warrior can have is to be arrogant. Have you ever heard the phrase "arrogance before the fall" this is true for most fighters. Arrogance cause a fighter to lower his guard and over commit during punches. It can also cause a fighter to underestimate his opponent, lowering the fighters guard even more. It is good to be confident, confidence is a good tool to psychology beat your opponent, but make sure you don't have too much confidence that it turns into arrogance.

Have you ever had emotions cost you a fight?

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Be the master of your choices

A warrior must remain focus at all times. This means that he must not let others distract him from his goals. If you as a warrior planned to train for an hour, but then a group of friends asked if you wanted to go out to eat. You have to make that decision as a warrior and do what is best for your training.

This is is only one example. Making choices like a warrior happens everyday, every second. An example of this would be if you had to make a choice to study or play video games. A warrior would choose to increase his wisdom and keep his academic standing, Another example of being a master of your choices is to not to give in to peer pressure. A warrior needs to keep his body as healthy and clean as he can. This is why a warrior must not give into bad peer pressure of drugs, or other bad substances.

A warrior must also stick to his or hers beliefs even if others may ridicule them for it. If you believe that you shouldn't smoke or go to the bar with friends because you would rather train, and your friends start to make fun of you then so be it. You are a warrior and true friends would support you on your path to becoming a better one.


Master Oneself

The strongest warriors have complete and utter control of himself. This means that when your mind tells you that you are tired you go the extra mile. When your mind tells you that something is impossible you make it possible. This is true for a warriors training, school work, workplace. A true warrior doesn't let his mind tell him no to reaching his goal.

Saying no to yourself also refers to your self- doubt. A warrior feels no insecurity. When a warrior feels that he is flawed he acknowledges his flaws and trains to perfect them or realizes that the only person that he is competing with is his mind. A warrior remains confident in any situation, but acknowledges areas of improvement.



I hope that you find this article useful in your journey as a warrior. If you have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section.


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