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Mepps Aglia Fishing Lures

Updated on March 18, 2011

Mepps French Made Spinner

Mepps Lures

Based out of Wisconsin, Mepps has been making some of the best artificial fishing lures avialable on the market for quite a long time. There is a Mepps lure for almost every specie of fish including trout, salmon, bass, panfish and walleye.

Some of the most popular Mepps lures are the Aglia and Syclops models. Both come in a variety of colors and sizes to catch almost any type of fish species and conditions you can imagine.

The Aglia model is the classic spinners used for stream and lake fishing for small, medium to large sized trout and other fish. Aglia spinners come equipped with the dressed treble or a plain treble hook or the brightly colored and flashy GLO Aglia.

The plain treble Aglia is a great spinner used for stream trout fishing small and medium sized fish... A small #1 sized lure in this model is popular forcatching smaller trout, panfish, crappie and perch while the larger size #4 and #5 are good for very big trout, bass, musky and salmon.

The dressed treble Aglia is like the plain model except it has a large piece of hackle concealing the hook and making the lure appear larger in size compared to the undressed model.

The Aglia Marabou looks like the classic spinner but comes equipped with a very large marabou tail dressing over the treble hook which makes the spinner appear life like in the water. Sizes #3 and #4 in this model are great for largemouth bass fishing.

The GLO Aglia spinner baits are similar to the regular models except they are painted with very bright white, yellow, blue and flouescent colors making for a high visibility lure in even the murkiest or cloudy water conditions.

How To Fish A Mepps Aglia

Aglia models come in a variety of sizes, however the classic models are most popular with trout fishermen. With a small size 0 (1/12 ounce weight) lure you can fish them by casting upstream reeling them in just fast enough to make the blade spin while guiding the lure past submerged objects and spots in the water where the fish like to hide out.

These lures are also very effective when trolled from a boat in a lake.

Types of Aglia Lures

The Mepps Aglia lures comes in two different types the Aglia series and the Aglia long which has a slightly longer body allowing heavier weight and is generally more colorfull. In the Aglia regular series of lures you have the following to pick from:

Aglia Dressed Treble
Aglia Plain Treble
Aglia Single Hook
GLO Aglia

The Aglia long series has the following models:

Aglia Long Dressed Treble
Aglia Long Plain Treble
Aglia Long Plain Single Hook
Aglia Long Minnow

Keep in mind that each of these lures comes in different sizes and colours depending on what type of fish you are going after or the water/weather conditioners you plan on fishing in... the dressed treble models have hand tied bucktail dressings covering the treble hook. The Aglia long models are much more vibrant colours, have willow leaf spinning blades and are generally heavier to work deeper water either casting and retreiving or trolling across a lake in search of the big lunker fish.

Mepps Aglia Steelhead Fishing

Mepps Thunderbug (not an Aglia)


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    • profile image

      Trout Fishing 7 years ago

      Nice article, great tips.

    • microblue4 profile image

      microblue4 7 years ago from Winnipeg

      A few years ago a friend from Northern Manitoba told me his favourite lure is the Mepps #5. I went and bought a few Aglias. Soon after that I caught the biggest fish of my life - a 34-inch jack (in the picture).

      What a great lure!

    • profile image

      motown15 7 years ago

      I have just started fishing on a new lake, and the only lure I have caught fish with is a #4 Aglia. GREAT LURE!!!

    • dablufox profile image

      dablufox 8 years ago from Australia

      A very nice hub on my favourite spinners.

    • profile image

      spinning lure 8 years ago

      I have never been all that comfortable fishing spinners although after reading your article and watching those videos I gotta get me a few of those mepps spinners.

    • outdoorjunkie profile image

      outdoorjunkie 8 years ago from California

      @larrybass --- Yeah good old Mepps does the trick, I don't know what it is about those lures but they sure do catch the fish... especially when it comes to trout fishing (I don't go after much else except salmon and steelies).

    • larrybass profile image

      larrybass 9 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

      Nice Hub, Outdoorjunkie! I couldn't count the number of fish I've caught on a #3 Silver Aglia with the undressed hook, over the last 30 plus years! The #0 is DEADLY on trout in streams, also without the squirrel tail!