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Metal Detecting Garrett Ace 250 Finds Treasures

Updated on September 24, 2015

Growing Popularity Of Metal Detecting

Metal detecting has grown in popularity an enormous amount through the years. Yet never so much as within the last decade. Many wonder is it really expensive to get into metal detecting as a hobby?

There are countless pros to trying out metal detecting as an activity. Over the many years that I have metal detected, I always get the exhilaration every time that I have a new find however small that it is.

My response to that question has always been not more than it is to go into several other established hobbies such as Snowboarding or Fishing or Four-wheeling or any one of the several different activities there are. Metal detecting merely needs in fact one thing to get started which is a good basic detector.

Garrett Ace 250-Metal Detecting Is Great Fun

Metal Detecting-On A Budget Pays Off

All that is necessary with the metal detecting hobby is a few hundred dollars to begin with and a beach or field or local park to search in. When I first started detecting my first metal detector cost $39.95 at radio shack. Now that was several years ago and I am not saying that detecting these days will cost that little. But for under $300.00 you could have a good quality detector and be finding your own little pieces of history.

Only the other day in the news was a story of a metal detectorist that was hunting in his neighbors field and discovered a 1870 silver dollar. That one find that he made was worth $20,000.00. This is not the rule but that is the excitement of this fun past time you never know what the next find might be.

Metal Detecting Helps Others

I myself own one of these detectors and keep it behind the seat of my truck. Sometimes after work or just as I am cruising along, I will see a small beach or field and I will contact the land owner and ask if it would be okay with them so long as I do not disturb or destroy there property to hunt it and have discovered countless coins and relics and jewelry pieces.

Quickly paying for that detector and allowing me the extra money to purchase the other three detectors that I own. I also made-up a number of cards and flyers and advertise to find peoples missing jewelry for a reward and this has paid of nicely for me specially on beaches throughout the summer.

As you can see this is not just an awesome hobby but it can be extremely lucrative too. Just the happiness of the folks as soon as you find their lost wedding ring is well worth the effort. I am hoping you can see the advantages of metal detecting.


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    • jaymills profile image

      jaymills 2 years ago from United States

      Thank you for your comments keep on detecting

    • profile image

      Ralf 4 years ago

      by the way ... great post ! :)

      HELLO from metal detecting Germany