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Mexico at the FIFA World Cup 2010

Updated on August 29, 2012

Mexico at the FIFA World Cup 2010

Mexico at the FIFA World Cup 2010. Mexico is one of the best contender in the Americas. Mexicans not only like soccer, they love soccer. They just love the sports that they formed the Federación Mexicana de Fútbol ---- the official governing body of the sport of football in Mexico way back when football is just starting to gain recognition as a sports in Europe and other parts of the world. It was founded in On August 5, 1927. Having hosted the FIFA Worldd Cup twice, they have their share of dreams and hopes in winning in the World Cup FIFA competition. Hopes are high and dreams are always there for them to capture the World Cup one day.

Looking at the FIFA official website, Mexico soccer team under their coach "El Vasco" Javier Aguirre, has a "12 games without defeat before losing 2-1 to Colombia in a friendly, a game in which they used only home-based players". The Mexico squad soccer team qualified for South Africa 2010 and the team includes famous Mexican soccer players who won the FIFA U-17 World Cup Peru 2005. The Mexico squad team includes :Giovani dos Santos, Carlos Vela, Efrain Juarez plus Hector Moreno

Mexico Squad Team at the FIFA World Cup 2010

Mexico Soccer Squad Team and Players Credentials

  • The Mexico national football team is the one who represents Mexico in competition (in international competition)
  • The team is currently ranked 17th in the FIFA World Rankings
  • 8th in the World Football Elo Ratings
  • Mexico is one of the strongest soccer teams in the Americas
  • The Mexican squad team has qualified since 1994. They reached both the quarterfinals in 1970 an 1986 World Cups
  • Mexico has qualified for thirteen (13) World Cups
  • Mexico holds one FIFA Confederations Cup to its name, five CONCACAF Championships one North American nations Cup and two NAFC championships
  • They are invited to the CONMEBNOL Copa American and they finished as runner up twice and third place medal on three occasions

Chances of winning FIFA World Cup

Although there has been controversies in the past regarding coaches who come and go, their new team coach is set to pull hopes for qualifying for the Round of 16. Having safely made their way to the finals, their objective will now be to progress beyond the Round of 16. Mexico are excluded and fail to qualify at the last four FIFA World Cup finals, but this time since they have a new and more stable squad they are in for a chance to even qualify for the Round 16 and have high hopes of capturing the World Cup title, why not, all things are possible.

The Mexico Soccer Squad team

The Coach -- Javier Aguirre, sometimes referred to as El Vasco-- the former Atletico Madrid coach brought order and new high hopes for the Mexico squad team. He brought the team CONCACAF zone and they won five games. He is a coach that transformed the Mexican squad team to what they are now.

The star players of the Mexico squad team
Veteran player Cuauhtemoc Blanco is the one who unify the team and is a continuing inspiration to the Mexican squad. he also inspire later soccer players perhaps the player like Guillermo Ochoa, Efrain Juarez, Andres Guardado and Giovani dos Santos to find their best form. The skipper Rafael Marquez together with the squad team will bring high hopes to the Mexico squad in their bid for the World Cup 2010 at South Africa.

The team is composed of three goalkeepers Luis Michel, Guillermo Ochoa, Oscar Perez plus twenty three others more


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    • profile image

      Ray Worthing 7 years ago

      Mexico didn't really show up in game one. But playing against the home team in the first game of the WC isn't really a fair show of talent.

    • WEBB Works profile image

      WEBB Works 7 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Not too sure if Mexico will advance either. That was a tough tie against South Africa, and now they have to play the two best teams in the group. Though France looked listless against Uruguay, so you never know...

    • jamie-n-siddall profile image

      jamie-n-siddall 7 years ago from North wales

      I think mexico are a week link in group A. Not bad going foward but awful at the back. will be suprised if they progress the group stage.

      Good hub, but i think mexico can keep dreaming.

    • phoenixgbr profile image

      phoenixgbr 7 years ago

      Good info but realistically they don't stand a chance

    • WFawad profile image

      WFawad 7 years ago

      Mexico have a decent team and usually always make it through to the knockout rounds though I'm not too sure this time!

      I think the omission of Jonathan Dos Santos has also unsettled the team.

    • rprcarz50 profile image

      rprcarz50 7 years ago


      Thank you for this great information . Soccer is really expanding in popularity in the U.S. too. It is great to see the kids learning other sports .

      Nice work on this Hub !

      Thank you


      as always also a2z50