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Miami Heat About to Get Third Ring

Updated on June 17, 2014

Miami Heat are about to threepeat

Amazing how just a few years ago, only making it to the championship wasn't enough for the Miami Heat to be proud. Since they lost the playoffs to the Mavericks, they have been having nonstop victories in the playoffs. They have yet to be knocked out of the playoffs and really have been shining when it comes to taking it to the other teams. This is not discrediting other teams. They have played excellently and put up big stops against the Heat. The problem is the Miami Heat can finish when other teams just can't. Is it surprising that two of the greatest players of all time together are making this happen. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, who is going to stop these two. They have Chris Bosh to back them up and so many other players who make this team great. They have legendary players like Ray Allen to make three after three. There are just so many players on this team that make it unstoppable. There defense is good and there offense can not be stopped. If it is stopped, it's stopped for a short period of time. Look we are living through one of the greatest teams in not just Miami Heat history but NBA history. There are an enormous amount of Heat haters. The weird thing is it's not just from rivals or just the east. Every team has fans that are complete Heat haters. It is weird because no team has been vilified like this in NBA history. Of course it felt like the Miami Heat caused this and brought on themselves but at the same time if that is the case they are proving there point to everyone. The words they ate after losing there first championship as a team has been regurgitated for the last couple years. The road hasn't been a breeze for the Miami Heat but there hasn't been a team that could stop them yet.

Big Three

Historical Big Three

Big three teams are fairly new and a lot of people felt like if you put three of the best players together on a team like the Miami Heat you will automatically win games. Since the debacle that was the LA Lakers we have learned that just isn't the case. They attempted to be like the Heat. Mixing players like Kobe Bryant with stars from Orlando and Pheonix just didn't cut it. They were all great players on there own. However, they could not find rhythm as a team. It is truly a sad thing but in all honesty the were never going to be a future big three team. They were not able to cover each others weaknesses. Rather they all over shadowed each others strengths. Kobe might be one of the greatest players of all time but at the same time he alone isn't going to stop three greats. Dwayne Wade and Lebrone James are the duo we've waited for. They have been our Tim Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning 2.0 or 3.0 even. They really have been the phoenix to this Miami Heat fan base and team. I wont sit here and say that Heat fans haven't deserved some of there criticism because when I was watching the Heat lose every year these guys were no where to be found. I can respect some of the hating that went on the first two years. However, now that a fourth year is upon us this hate has become misplaced. The hate that people feel for the Heat is misguided anger. It seems the hate has been misdirected. They expect so much more from there teams and year in and year out they fall flat. Understandably, is bothersome to NBA die hards who think the only team in there way is the heat. Historically the Heat haven't had the kind of hate they have now and that's because though everyone loves a winner, everyone else hates losing to that winner.

Miami Heat whole team

Summary of reason for threepeat

Look there is no way that teams can stop the heat without having similar versatility.

A team with the kind of back up players the heat has is just crazy.

They have an excellent owner and excellent coach, half the battle is won right there.

Trying to beat a team with players who have won rings put together on a single team is a difficult thing in itself.

You can not beat a team that has great defense and great offense. When the Miami Heat lack defense they will lose games. If there defense is at top level then they won't lose. It just will not happen. The offense alone is almost unstoppable.

There's more then just three

The Heat are playing on a high level and aren't just competing as three against every team. With legends like Ray Allen it really isn't surprising that the Heat win so many buzzer games. Ray Allen is historically a closer. We also have players who just step up during clutch moments. Look at Shane Battier, look at Chris Anderson and Reshard Lewis. There are just so many weapons on this team that make them deadly. Every position has a power player will top talent. Put that together with the ability of the Big three and you're really out of your league. What team can stop this kind of assault from a team with this kind of arsenal.

Miami Heat Poll

Who can stop the Miami Heat

See results

Who's keeping the Miami Heat from a threepeat

Who is going to stop the Miami Heat. As it comes time for them to enter the finals, it really adds up to can the Pacers do it. The pacers are a fantastic team, and they will only get better and in a year or two they could really be a huge threat. At this point though they just don't have enough to pull it out. The Miami Heat are all around the best team in the NBA. There is no stopping there driving to the basket and there is no stopping there shots. If there was a whole team of Shaquille Oneil's there would be some trouble. But at this point who is really going to stop this team. If they end up facing either of the teams in the west I just see a repeat of years passed. This may not last forever but with the way things look the whole not three not four not five comment seems more and more plausible. Yes it really does feel like after the Miami Heat were smacked in the face for coming up short there first year that they are going to make what they said possible. Remember this is a team with few weaknesses. The only negative they have is time. Honestly time will have to creep up faster if the heat aren't going to get at least three rings. Other teams will develop and eventually the Miami Heat will really struggle with teams but right now while they are in there prime they can't lose.

Who can stop them? No one!

The Miami Heat can't lose right now

The Miami Heat also have a large amount of momentum pushing them to the peak of perfection. One championship after the other and the team keeps winning. Nothing more challenging has been put in front of them. They have faced the toughest teams and pulled it out time and time again. If the Miami Heat hadn't won nearly impossible wins in the past I may have a different tune. I've seen them win the impossible, I've seen them beat every competitor. I have no reason to doubt this team and as a Miami Heat fan since birth, I love it.

Ray Allen last years legendary save


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    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      Yeah I mean the Spurs are a tough team, there really is no denying that. Yet, I don't envision the Heat losing for a few years. Thank you for the comment

    • brakel2 profile image

      Audrey Selig 3 years ago from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      Hi. I know how well Heat players perform, as they beat Thunder in playoffs. Now they meet Popovich and the Spurs in playoffs Popovich is smart, but probably not smart enough to teach the winning plays against Miami. You picked a great team. Blessings. Audrey

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 3 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      I'm glad one of my favorite teams.