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Michael Crabtree's Dilemma

Updated on August 12, 2009

Michael Crabtree's Dilemma...

Okay, here we go. If you haven't heard, there's this rookie wide receiver named Michael Crabtree who was drafted number 10 in the recent NFL draft. This guy was pretty good in college. He received all kind of awards in college. He is undoubtedly one of the best wide receivers to come out of college in a long time. But now, it appears that he has threatened to hold out for the ENTIRE upcoming NFLseason because the San Francisco 49ers and his agent cannot agree on a contract. The 49ers want to pay him based on his draft order, and apparently Crabtree and his agent want more than that. Here's the dilemma.

The San Francisco 49ers probably do have one of the most talented wide receivers in their ranks, and maybe they should pay him what he's worth. But, at the same time, this guy hasn't caught a ball in practice yet, and he's demanding more dough. In all actuality, the 49ers are WELLwithin their right to pay him what he was making in college... a big fat goose egg! Yeah that's right, pay him what he was making in college! Nothing! If he decides to hold out for the ENTIRE season, let him! He's not the first and he won't be the last if the 49ers decide to give in to his demands. Why do you think 9 other teams passed on him? Do you think the other teams saw or heard something that made them think twice? Maybe. But the minute a team takes a chance and decides to grant you a lifelong dream, what do you do? You decide to hold them hostage by threatening to hold out for an entire year!

Look, I'm no dummy. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. I could care less if I see this guy in any NFL uniform, much less the 49ers! He and his agent should follow through with their threat and sit out, go back to college and have a great college career...AGAIN! His agent needs to be fired and Crabtree needs his head examined to even go along with this lame idea! I don't care what you did in college and how many awards that you received. You haven't done a thing in the NFL yet!

In my opinion, Crabtree should fire his agent, get whatever money he's supposed to get for being drafted at the number 10 spot, prove to the San Francisco 49ers and the rest of the NFL that he IS the best, and THEN get your big time contract! In that order. This all go's back to what these kids have been learning, not just in school, but in life.

What happened to proving yourself first? What happened to crawl before you walk? These are all dead concepts to this generation of athletes, singers and entertainers. They want the big expensive car BEFORE they have even earned their driver's license! The words honor, loyalty, respect, prove and earn mean nothing to them! The only word that they understand is MONEY! And they don't want to work their way up to the top position. They want the top position as soon as they walk in the door! Instead of earning, they are TAKING. In no way shape or form should the San Francisco 49ers cave in to Crabtree's demands!

I'm not saying that Crabtree is a bad guy, but if he is going on board with whatever his agent is trying to pull, then it pulls into question his honor. The recent events make you want to question his humility. Is it all about him or is it about the team? He really needs to ask himself some of these questions. If the 49ers do not cave in to his demands, does he really want to go back to college and repeat the whole process again? Does he want to run the risk of injury? Because if the NFL is upset about this, how do you think the college world feels about it? If he decides to go back to college, how many guys do you think will be gunning for him?

Is he going back to college so he can be a number 1 draft pick? Because, in my opinion, it's not going to happen. Someone else will be picked over him again NEXT YEAR, if he decides to go this route. No NFL team in their right mind will touch him because the stench of what he tried this year will be fresh in their mind. They won't say it, but that's what they'll be thinking. Being drafted number 10 NEXT YEARwill be a gift! Last but not least, Michael Crabtree has to ask himself, does he want to be remembered as a number 1 draft pick, or a great wide receiver?

This is just my opinion, what do you think?


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