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Middle school football players trick play

Updated on November 8, 2010

This video of a middle school football teams trick play has been sweeping the internet. It has been seen on news stations all over the us. Its extremely entertaining to see and has racked up over 600,000 views to date on youtube. The quarterback starts off looking completely confused about the play being called. The center then hands the ball over his shoulder to the quarter back who begins to walk off as if he was leaving the feild. He continues walking until he is safetly past the defensive line and then he HAULS BUTT! He is almost taken down by what looks to be a safetly in the backfeild but with a quick dash to the right and and a quick arm extension he makes it to the end zone. I dont know how moral or legal this play is but I think we can all agree, Its really freakin' cool.


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