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Survival Kit Ideas-What to Put in a Survival Kit

Updated on December 3, 2015

Altoid Tin

an altoid and its tin
an altoid and its tin | Source

Survival Kits ( Boats , Bug-Out Altoid Tins )

A very small survival kit, meant to supplement your existing survival gear, in extreme cases your survival kit is supposed to be able to help you survive until such time as you have gotten yourself to a safe environment. Its meant to be used in emergency situations. The contents of this kit contain items that are difficult to procure or manufacture in a real world survival situation. A mini survival kit is meant to be carried on your person at all times, in a pocket, waist pouch, hooked onto your belt or any other way you wish to carry it.

Increasing Your Odds of Survival

Here I will cover the mini survival kit, a small container with a few essential items. Enough to help a person with the proper knowledge survive. Do NOT assume that just because you have all the items listed herein that you will survive, you need to know how to use them.

Different Kinds of Survival Kits.

There are 2 differing opinions on what constitutes a survival kit. Some people prefer a kit with a couple of large items ( knife, matches/lighter, water purification tablets etc ) and others prefer a survival kit with many small items ( fish hooks, scalpel head, fishing line, ferrocerium rod,water purification system etc).

Different Kinds of Containers Used for Survival Kits.

Most popular that I have seen are altoid tins or tobacco tins, but any container that can be kept in the pocket or on your person and waterproofed is fine.

Ferrocerium Rod

2 components fire-stone : a big magnesium rod + a smaller ferrocerium rod. The sparks lit the magnesium which lit the paper.
2 components fire-stone : a big magnesium rod + a smaller ferrocerium rod. The sparks lit the magnesium which lit the paper. | Source

A Survival Kit Needs to Cover a Few Basics.

A Few of the Possiple uses
Fire Making Tools
Ferrocerium rod, Flint and Steel, Magnesium Fire Starter
Warmth, Keep away wild animals, signal fire, cook food, boil water
Water Purification Systems
Water Purification Tablets, Filters
Purify Drinking Water
Water Container
Non Lubricated Condoms
Water Container
Fishing Gear
Fishing Line and Hooks
Catch Fish, Make Snares
Snare Wire
If you have the space in your container 2 to 3 feet of snare wire.
Make Snare to catch Small Prey
Flexible Saw
Cut Wood to make Tools ( Spears/Knife handles) Cut wood for shelter
Luminous Button Compass.
Surgical Blades
3 Surgical Blades of varying sizes
Handles can be fashioned out of wood, Numerous uses
5 Needles of varying sizes, at least one large needle with a large eyehole and one that is magnetized
The needle with a large eyehole can be used to sew with sinew or for leather, the magnetized needle can be used as a makeshift compass
Magnifying Glass
Small Magnifying Glass
Can be used to start Fires

Survival Kit

Would You Know how to Use all the items in a Survival Kit

See results

Very Basic Medical Needs

Antibiotic tablets ( one full course )

Antihistamines ( to treat allergic reactions )

Immodium ( Diarrhea can threaten your survival in the wild )

Butterfly Sutures ( to pull cuts together )

Potassium Permanganate

Potassium permanganate can be used to purify water, as an antiseptic, and as an anti fungal solution.

Add to water until light pink to sterilize water.

Deep pink to use as an antiseptic wash.

Dark red to use as an anti fungal solution.

If you have glycerin handy you could start a fire with potassium permanganate.

Warning: Potassium Permanganate is toxic in high concentrations, only use it as a water purification system in extremely dire situations when you have no other alternatives.

Warning . Potassium Permanganate is caustic at high concentrations.

Potassium Permanganate

 Crystals of potassium permanganate
Crystals of potassium permanganate | Source

Packing Your Mini Survival Kit

Pack everything neatly into the container of your choice, then use cotton to fill up the empty space.

Cotton makes great tinder, make sure nothing in there rattles around. Then waterproof your kit with adhesive tape.

Survival in Adverse Situations can be Attributed to 3 Factors.

The first is pure luck, you might be rescued before you need to use any of your survival equipment.

The Second is training, if you have had training, chances are high you will survive.

The third is being prepared and a dash of the first and second.

While not as good as the 1st or 2nd factor, the third will help you increase your odds dramatically.

Most people who are reading this will fall into the 3rd category.

Mindset and the Will to Live.

Being Mentally Prepared is as Important as Having the Right Equipment.

The Will to Survive is one of your MOST Powerful Tools.

No Matter the Situation Never Panic

Panic is your Worst Enemy.


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    • ketage profile image

      ketage 4 years ago from Croatia

      Agreed safetykart, a survival kit is only as good as the person using it, there is no point putting in a lot of great tools without knowing how to use them. the location you are planning to use the survival kit is also a factor is also a factor. Have fun putting together your survival kit :)

    • safetykart profile image 4 years ago from India

      I have recently compiled a list myself and found out while doing so, it seems there are loads of options available to make survival really easy. But you need to know how and what to use in different situations.