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(Mis)Adventure of a Beginner Runner

Updated on February 11, 2018
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Novice runner trying to minimize mistakes and prevent injuries as she runs.

Shoes (Check them!)

As anyone would tell you, the most essential piece of equipment for running as sport would be the Shoes. Yes, Shoes with a capital 'S'. You can certainly run barefoot (or barefeet? I can never be sure) if you like, but for me, like so many other runners out there, I prefer running with shoes.

So, what about shoes, you may ask. A great deal. What type of shoes, how to choose, where to buy, what size to buy, these are all important issues pertaining to a pair of running shoes and have been well explored in various online articles written by people more qualified then me.

No, what I am going to talk about in this article (or hub or whatever they call it, newcomer here!) is my own misadventure with my own running shoes. Now, I am still very much a newbie when it comes to running knowledge despite having joined runs (all below 15km) since 2011.

Part of the reason is because I seems to always have something else to prioritize, part of the reason is because my family is basically a family of couch potatoes so I do not have anyone to talk about it. However, the mistake I am going to tell you below is still entirely my own fault. And stupidity. Especially stupidity.

So I bought a pair of shoes beginning of last year, and I ended up not doing much running at first. Because I started a new job while studying part time for my professional cert and it all got to be too much for me to keep up with my exercise.

Then I resigned in the middle of the year and got my cert and then a new job and suddenly I have time to run. Long story short I started running again and joining runs and whatnot.

Fast forward to the end of 2017. Still having fun running, still joining runs. And I never check my shoes. Nope, not at all during 2017. Which is bad and irresponsible. Shoes have to be changed out after a certain amount of distance ran or walked. Otherwise, they will be too broken down to help keep your feet safe.

And that is what happened to me. Without realizing it, I had already broken down my shoes. In January 2018 I joined a 15km run, the longest I ever ran and wondered why my feet were more painful than before. At that time I attributed it to the longer distance ran.

Then last Sunday, I went to a running clinic. By chance one of the sports brand was having a mini expo/exhibit there for their newest launch and I went to have a look since I was thinking of splurging on a second pair of shoes. Somehow I remembered this article I read online that said that the way the shoes have been worn down can give clues to what shoes to buy next. So I turn over my feet to have a look at my sole.

I received a great shock when I realize the cushioning rubber on the sole was all but worn away. I became slightly panicked at that because goddamnit, I have a run coming up!

I thought of getting a new pair of shoes and running in them in my next run which was this morning. But all the articles I read and my running friends discouraged me from that because new shoes should be broken in before taken for a long run. Or as my friend put it, the shoes have to be 'seasoned' first.

And that's how I ended up running this run in my broken down shoes. Not a fun experience; my feet hurt at the end due to the diminished cushioning. I actually contemplated not going to the run but I joined together with my friend and it seemed unfair to dump her.

And so, I learned my lesson. I am going to check my shoes every so often. I will NOT be caught out without a pair of nicely broken in shoes again.

Broken in shoes, not broken down shoes.


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