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Mixed Martial Arts -The Front Leg Sweep

Updated on October 17, 2011

Mixed Martial Arts Front Leg Sweep

With the upcoming release of mortal kombat rebirth and the ever growing popularity of mixed martial arts I though I would share a basic self defense technique called the front leg sweep. Many people have a preconceived notion that self-defense is a karate kick to the groin or jab in the eyes. Self-defense and krav maga actually means what it sounds doing everything possible to avoid fighting someone who tries to attacks you. This is a little different from jeet kune do as it is more direct.You can also find a complete guide for MMA here

In a self-defense situation, a leg sweep is typically a fight ending move. Your opponent is thrown off balance and is helpless until he or she regains it, giving you the ability to deliver a destructive blow.

Training with Alexander Houston

Myself and Alexander After a light sparring session
Myself and Alexander After a light sparring session

Here are the instructions for performing a proper front leg sweep

First look for an opening most untrained opponent flair their punches. The leg sweep is best preformed when your opponent has their front leg forward and his or her center of gravity is over it.

Next when the opening presents itself, Move forward, within your opponent's reach. You can do this faint by delivering a jab as you move in, which forces your opponent into blocking position.

Place your front foot directly inside your opponent's front foot. Your big toe should be in line with your opponent's heel.

Then sweep your foot toward your other knee in an arc, impacting your opponent's foot just beneath the ankle bone while keeping your foot is still on the floor. Use your foot to lift your opponent's foot from the floor.

Finally deliver a front hook to the jaw. Your opponent will flail their arms to regain balance and keep from falling down, this will leave their head and torso unprotected.

How to do a Front Leg sweep

A few tips to help learn and perform it properly

  • As your hips come into contact, shift your weight so your hip contacts into their hip, forcing your opponent to shift their weight to their back leg.

  • make sure to strike your opponent's leg just below the ankle when sweeping. If you lift your foot from the ground for a sweep, you will be forced to shift your weight to your back leg, robbing your front leg of power

Self Defense Techniques

Now remember this is self defense most people who know how to fight try to avoid fighting. If you feel you need more protection there are a number of self defense weapons such as stun guns, pepper sprays, and tasers devices help you protect and look after yourself when you need it most.


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    • ericdunbar profile image

      Eric Dunbar 5 years ago from New Orleans

      Very informative. I think everyone should know self defense techniques.