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More American Football Scandals

Updated on February 17, 2008

Who knew American football could be so scandalous? Everyone, of course! I already covered some of the sex scandals in the first part of this super scandalous series: American Football Scandals. Now, let’s get to the really dirty stuff. These scandals have to do with football players who got into some serious legal trouble for some serious crimes. I think you gossip lovers know what’s coming.

Michael Vick’s Dog Fighting

Seriously…this is beyond scandalous: it’s sick. This dude not only kicks around dead pig skin, but he also electrocutes innocent animals. Vick is currently serving a term for his felonious dog fighting (doesn’t that sound dirty?). He acted as a full partner in the Bad Newz Kennel dog fighting ring, which is so disgusting.

This guy was super successful as a football player, why not stay legit?

Not only did Vick run a kennel where dogs were forced to fight until death, but dogs who didn’t perfom well were strangled or drowned. Vick pled not guilty to the charges, but was convicted and sentenced.

And, this just covers his animal cruelty…I’m not even touching Vick’s illegal drug use.

Let’s just sick PETA on the guy—we’ll never see him again.

OJ Simpson

Of course I have to go there! The guy hasn’t only created a few scandals, but he is also a posterboy for why you shouldn’t encourage your children to play football: all of those blows to head make you even dumber, obviously.

Honestly, I’m not even going to go into detail with this guy. If you don’t know the story, then you must have just woken up from a twenty year coma. All I’ll do here is proved a Simpson Timeline:

1947: OJ Simpson born

1972: Named NFL Player of the Year

1979: After doing some acting stints, he started his own film production company

1985: Indicted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He also married Nicole Brown this year

1989: Pled no contest to domestic violence charge and separated from Nicole Brown

1992: Divorced Nicole Brown Simpson

1994: Tried for murdering ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman

1995: Acquitted of both murder charges

1997: Found liable for their deaths in civil court

2006: Wrote a book with the title: If I Did It—the publisher withdrew it. The Goldman family acquired rights to the book, and released it under the title: If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer

2007: Arrested and charged for felonies, ranging from burglary with a deadly weapon to conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Apparently, he was trying to steal some of his football memorabilia.


Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles Raiders to Oakland Raiders

Wait, is this scandalous? Kind of. The fact that it was considered newsworthy is what makes this so scandalous. I grew up in the California Bay Area, so I was caught dead in the middle of the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders rivalry. It was quite pitiful to see men crying on the streets when the Raiders announced they were heading to Los Angeles. It was even more sad to see the same men bumping chests when team came back to Oakland.

Crazy, Scandalous, Gossip-Making Football

What are your favorite football scandals? Which scandals will you never forget hearing about?

Share your football scandal stories in the comments box below!


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    • acanderson24 profile image

      acanderson24 8 years ago

      Good hub!! The sad part is that some of the "animals" were created by the media, coaches, leagues and teams they have played on. When yu look at Pac-Man Jones rap sheet, he was having the same problems in college. No one said anything because he was a good athlete. He got to the NFL, they knew his record, but he sold tickets so they just brush it under the rug. until it gets out of hand and pressure is being put on the NFL to do something. These guys are allowed to believe that they are bigger than life. Now I don't wnt to say all of them, because some of them (most) are really good people. But a few take their gift for granted. Check out my hub for some articles about some ofthe incidents in college football and their punishments. This is where these monsters are created.

    • ericfeld profile image

      ericfeld 8 years ago

      Very good hub, expose these jerks!

      -EFeld of Sports Mumbo Jumbo

    • profile image

      Erick Smart 8 years ago

      The league is only getting worse. With Plaxico Burress now going to jail and Big Ben of the Steelers facing rape allegations the league is full of news involving crimes by players.

    • 1kmjs profile image

      1kmjs 8 years ago from Iowa

      I totally agree with the Vick and OJ story, but lets not label the NFL as a breeding ground for lowlifes and future felons just yet. Warrick Dunn started a habitat for humanity program for the less fortunate. Not all football players are human scum, Most can still provide a valuable role model image to our youngsters. Vick is trash and even my kids know he is the devil. So lets just let the pacman's and T.O's go about thier buisness of embarassing themselves.

    • profile image

      notorious_HAI 8 years ago

      Why are sportsmen so naughty?? We are having some similar issues here with some of your guys. Ranging from group sex, drug abuse, beating each other up to getting sent home from tour for inappropriate alcohol fuelled behaviour. These guys are looked up to by kids across the nation. It's a real shame!