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More Tuna Fishing Techniques

Updated on July 16, 2013

More Tuna Fishing Techniques

Of the types of tuna out there, swimming around in the big blue sea, yellowfin is perhaps the most popular type to fish for sports fishermen. The fish is big, strong, fast, and spirited, and guarantees a struggle every time it comes on the hook. This is why yellowfin tuna are very popular targets for people who enjoy fishing for sport, or are on vacation and just want an awesome trophy to take back home with them. This article will give you tuna fishing techniques, tips, and tricks that you can take with you to snag your own yellowfin.

Tuna Fishing Techniques: What Do You Need?

For starters, you should probably consult a professional charter fishing service for your outing. Sport fishing on the high seas can be very expensive and challenging for the beginner. If you want to go out on your own, you will at a minimum need a boat, a reel, and some bait.

While you could technically catch yellowfin tuna from a simple pontoon boat, it isn’t recommended. You should have a stable motorboat, preferably with notches, post holes, or holders for your reel (for more stability). There are a wide variety of reels out there; you will need one that is very strong and flexible, and preferably comes equipped with two reels. Your line should also be strong and durable so that it does not snap and you lose your trophy during the fight.

What should you use for bait? That is a good question, and one that will be answered below.

Tuna Fishing Techniques: Chunking

At the most basic, fishing for yellowfish tuna is like catching any other fish. You attract the fish and convince it to bite on your hook. You then reel it in. To entice the yellowfin tuna into coming near your boat, you can employ a tuna fishing technique called chunking. Chunking is when a fisher tosses chum – or chunks of bait – into the water near the boat so that the yellowfin tuna approach. You set your line and hook into the middle of the chum area and wait for the yellowfin tuna to come.

For bait, you can use different substances. Butterfish is the most popular bait and is most widely used. You can use other types of bait, though, including squid, herring, and menhaden. To maximize the effectiveness of the bait, you should string some of it along your fishing line. Then, just sit back and wait.

Tuna Fishing Techniques: The W Pattern

The W Pattern is a technique that describes how you arrange fishing lines that come off the back of your boat. By arranging them in certain ways, you can maximize the fishing area and raise your chances for snagging a fish.

This pattern is utilized while trolling from a boat – a.k.a. allowing the boat to drift at a speed of 5-8 miles per hour while you trail lines from the back. To rig a W pattern, set up two long lines on each outrigger on the boat. Then, rig up two lines, one on each side that stays somewhat flat. Finally, rig a centerline that floats through the middle. The purpose of this is to mimic a school of fish, with the various baited lines in the water. This is sure to get some yellowfin close enough to snag.


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