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Motocross Protective Vest Latest Innovative Product Review

Updated on February 16, 2012

2nd Moto LLC 2MV Moto Vest

2MV Orange Checker Moto Vest From 2nd Moto LLC
2MV Orange Checker Moto Vest From 2nd Moto LLC | Source

2nd Moto LLC Introduces the 2MV Motocross Protective Vest

Offroad motorcycle, or motocross, riders spend almost as much time thinking about protective equipment as they do wearing it. In motocross racing there is a shift in philosophy increasing focus on core protection. Riders are separating the concept of roost protection from core protection. Traditionally riders wore basic roost guards, or chest protectors, to protect from rocks and debris; however, riders interest now is transitioning to core protection that provides roost protection and core protection if the rider goes down. Most importantly, products that provide protection for the rib area that are integrated into their core protection product. The product of our focus today, the innovative 2MV motocross vest from 2nd Moto LLC. The motocross vest that's setting the standard in quality and performance and their proud that it's made in the USA.

The 2MV is prevalent at tracks and for good reason too. Riders are recognizing the benefits from the riding vest, and have learned that 2nd Moto's unique layering of a plastic puncture resistant barrier with a force distributing foam has established them as a leader.

2nd Moto LLC 2MV Moto Vest In Green

2MV Green Checker Moto Vest From 2nd Moto LLC
2MV Green Checker Moto Vest From 2nd Moto LLC | Source

Selection of Protective Gear

When selecting any protective gear, a rider has specific criteria that's important to them. With core protection here are a few of the items that are most important:

  • Puncture resistance
  • Force distribution
  • Rib Protection
  • Frontal and spine protection
  • Integrates with other gear
  • Stays in place
  • Durable
  • Stylish

This list is where the 2MV shines. Traditionally riders wore chest protectors to protect from debris kicked up from riders in front of them. Over the years we've seen chest protectors attempt at providing more wrap around protection near the rib area, but now the 2MV provides specific protection to the rib area as part of the core protection.

What Sets The 2MV Moto Vest Apart

With several moto vest on the market, there are clear reasons why the 2MV comes out on the top of our list.

  • Plastic and Foam providing superior puncture resistance
  • Durable denier outer shell
  • Binding on fabric seams as part of high quality craftsmanship
  • Neckline that works with the most popular neck braces
  • Internal mesh lining assisting ventilation
  • Easily adjustable with high quality velcro
  • Made In The USA

National and local riders across the nation and internationally are recognizing the superior protection provided by the 2MV from 2nd Moto LLC. Visit to see for yourself.

2MV White Checkerboard From 2nd Moto LLC

2MV Moto Vest available from 2nd Moto LLC
2MV Moto Vest available from 2nd Moto LLC | Source


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    • profile image

      Michael 2 years ago

      How can I get in dirt bike racing

    • hubwriter profile image

      hubwriter 3 years ago from Washington

      Time to checkout the 2nd Moto Under Jersey protector....look it up!

    • hubwriter profile image

      hubwriter 6 years ago from Washington

      thank you for the comment. This product is really a response to what the motocross community has been asking for. I too think it's illustrating a genuine paradigm shift in concern over injury in the sport over the daredevil tougher than steel mindset.

    • Casey White profile image

      Mike and Dorothy McKenney 6 years ago from United States

      Any kind of motorcycle scares me to death, and I always appreciate someone writing an article that could potentially prevent injuries. Great job. Voted you up and will be following you.