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Motorcycle Camping Tips

Updated on July 12, 2009

Motorcycle Camping

It’s hard to give anyone advice for motorcycle camping because every person has their own views on the subject.

As far as a list goes that can vary greatly as well. It all depends on what kind of camping you are planning on doing.

Some people are just after spending the night and then moving on the next morning.

Some people have a plan to stay at one spot the whole time they are on the trip and just venture out during the day.

Some may plan on cooking all meals or at least a few at the campsite , others may plan to eat all meals on the go.

Every option has advantages and disadvantages ,you just have to decide for yourself what works best for you and what works for the particular trip you are taking.

Camping in Cherokee,NC

Pop up Campers for Motorcycles

Pulling a motorcycle trailer provides a quick way to unhook your gear and leave it somewhere secure while sightseeing,but then you have to return to the starting point to pick your stuff back up. If you’re constantly moving forward this may not be the way for you to travel.

For us, we usually have a plan to stay at one or 2 places during our trip and we also plan to be at the same place for a few days , so having the camper is great for us. It’s like home away from home. What I like most about our camper is we don’t have to unload all the gear to use the camper. If all we intend to do is spend the night we can set up house in about 10 minutes. Actually if caught in rain I could be inside in under 2 minutes, try that with a tent. Now if we’re spending a few days there we drag out the screen room, chairs, tables, lanterns, stove sometimes we even carry a porta potti.
Motorcycle camping is not quite as restricted as backpacking . for the most part there will be a store of some sort close enough (or at least on the journey) to get supplies that you may have forgotten. Most motorcycle camping is done at a campground or park and not miles down in the woods completely isolated. You do have a bike that makes travel much faster than
on foot.

Deciding What You Need For Motorcycle Camping

I can give you a list of questions that may help you decide what you need to carry :

  1. Are you going to be constantly traveling or will you be spending some time at each stop to sight see ?
  2. Are you going to be moving to a new spot every day or staying several days at one campground/site ?
  3. Are you cooking any meals or will all meals be purchased prepared ?
  4. Do you know where you will be every night or will you look for a campground/site as the time approaches ?
  5. Are you planning to spend any time at the campsite or is it strictly just a place to sleep/eat ?
  6. Are there multiple destinations on your trip or just one spot for the duration of the trip ?
  7. How many days are you going to be there ?
  8. Do you know if there is a store close to where you will be or is it imperative that you carry everything you will need with you ?
  9. Have you checked for availability (or made reservations) at the campground/s or park/s that you want to be staying at ?

Once you have asked yourself these questions then you can decide what you need to carry with you. Good luck with your camping trip and have fun.


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