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#1 Mouthguard for a More Competitive You

Updated on March 1, 2017

Apart from having all the best protective gears to protect yourself from contact sports, you would also be needing mouth guard to protect your teeth from all that smashing and pushing. Therefore, you would definitely need a mouth guard that will do its job properly. It’s recommended that anyone who participates in contact sports such as football, hockey, lacrosse, boxing, kickboxing, basketball, martial arts, or wrestling should be wearing mouth guards at any age level just like using other protective gears.

Mouth guard for boxing
Mouth guard for boxing

How to Obtain the Best Mouthguard

Purchasing a mouth guard is pretty simple. You should keep in mind to look for a mouth guard that will not affect your breathing. Some mouth guards makes it hard to breath and should be avoided. Luckily, there are plenty in the market that are specifically designed to not interfere with your breathing. Aside from a mouth guard that will not interfere with your breathing, you should also look for one that will allow you to talk since communication is key in sports.

Another thing to consider is the price. While you should not spend too much on mouth guard, you should not also spend less that you will compromise your safety and comfort like this Single Mouth Guard from Amazon. It promises ultimate protection for your teeth, gums and jaws. It can be molded for an easy-to-use comfortable fit in your mouth while providing unobstructed air flow since it is made of top quality impact-absorbing gel material that will protect your mouth and last during heavy use.

Speaking of comfort, mouth guards should always be comfortable to the user. You would not want to play on the field with an uncomfortable mouth guard since it will distract and affect your play.

Hockey and football also requires mouth guards
Hockey and football also requires mouth guards

The Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

As mentioned above, mouth guards should properly fit your mouth and teeth. Thus, the option provided by Single Mouth to mold your mouth guard to your mouth and teeth is perfect so you can have a custom-fit mouth guard.

Basically, these type of mouth guards are called boil-and-bite mouth guards. These type of mouth guards can be molded at home and provides medium to heavy protection depending on the product. You just need to place the mouth guard in a boiling or near boiling water for more or less 10 seconds, dip it immediately into ice cold water for 2 seconds and then immediately place into the mouth. Bite and suck the mouth guard for more or less 30 seconds and return into the cold water to set. Voila, you now have a “custom-fit” mouth guard.

They also have the custom-fit mouth guards that are obtained through the dentist’s office only. These type of mouth guards are more expensive, needs an appointment and will take a week or more to get your mouth guard that provides overall protection.

Martial arts players are prone to heavy punches needing mouth guards for protection.
Martial arts players are prone to heavy punches needing mouth guards for protection.

The Stock Mouth Guards

Another type that we have is the stock mouth guard. These mouth guards cannot be adjusted to conform to the teeth and are generally cheap. However, they provide the least protection and are likely to either slip off the mouth if too big, or pinch the gingiva, causing discomfort.

So, if you are looking for a mouth guard that is not too expensive but is comfortable and will fit you, I suggest you go for the boil-and-bite type.

One thing is clear though, regardless of what type you choose. Get one that fits you perfectly and is comfortable.


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