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Muay Thai Shorts Review: Which are the Best?

Updated on June 30, 2013

Twins Muay Thai Shorts

Twins Muay Thai Shorts great looking, comfortable 100% nylon satin fabric. Muay Thai Shorts Twins cut extra wide and short for kicking and freedom of movement.These are great quality Thai shorts, but they are actually 100% polyester, not "nylon satin" as it says in the description. I was disappointed with this because I prefer satin since polyester makes an annoying rustling noise every time you move and tends to feel more stiff. Each pair has distinct styling and characteristics that have dominated the sport for years.

Imported from Thailand. Fully machine washable. If you don't mind polyester then go ahead and order, because they're the best made polyester Muay Thai Shorts I've seen.

Revgear Muay Thai Shorts


Revgear Muay Thai Shorts. 4" Muay Thai elastic and drawstring waistband with 7 rows of stitching. Muay Thai Shorts Revgear cut extra wide and short for freedom of movement and ease in kicking. Much more durable than a different brand I tried,which fell apart very quickly.These are tight where I need them and loose where I need them -I wear them with leggings for no-gi grappling,too.

Authentic Thai appliqué lettering across the front (means "Muay Thai" in Thai) and Revgear woven waist patch. The material is durable and he says that it feels quite comfortable. I would recommend these, but just look up the sizing chart before ordering. Muay Thai Shorts available colors: Black, Red, Blue. Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts


Take comfort and style to the next level with specifically engineered and designed Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts. Each pair of Muay Thai Shorts Fairtex is made with extra-wide legroom for greater ease of movement during kicks and knees.Their equipment has an excellent reputation for quality, and for its ability to withstand the rigors of hard training over long periods of time.

Muay Thai Shorts luxurious satin construction for maximum comfort. 8-strip elastic waistband w/ drawstring for snug fit. Perfect for training and competing. Handmade in Thailand.Fairtex has become a leader in apparel for the MMA and Muay Thai community as well, some board shorts for grappling, or a badass jersey to chill in at the beach and just about everything in between, Fairtex has got you covered.

Raja Muay Thai Shorts


Raja Muay Thai Shorts The size charts for the waistline are in inches to avoid confusion because Muay Thai Shorts from Thailand are sized vastly different from the sizes Americans are accustomed to.lightweight satin. Made of soft and lightweight satin. For traditional Muay Thai kickboxing.The logos on the shorts are kind of stiff and the stitched uses the zigzag stitch pattern.

They are American sized. XXXL really is large. My fault for getting the wrong size. Quality is good though.These Muay Thai Shorts Raja fit the sellers description with it's measurements as stated and the waist band is nice and snug.Thai practitioner and those who do Muay Thai for recreation.

My Final

They're excellent all around, professional quality, do what they're supposed to do, and they last forever. In addition, they are moderately priced.

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