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Multipurpose Car Umbrella

Updated on May 3, 2017
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Wireless Remote Controller Car Umbrella

Car Umbrella
Car Umbrella | Source

Universal Protective Weatherproof Cover for a Car

Since I like the outdoors and I know how hard it is to deal with the hot weather, I have always thought that carrying something that can protect one from the sun´s rays is a good option on any good day in the outdoors. Why not, I thought once, an umbrella that is portable, easy to install and that will protect the picnic supplies and oneself from the burning sun´s rays.

It would be ideal to be able to spend a day or two in the outdoors and return home clean of any sunburns on the skin. I´m not talking about the latest sunblock cream on the market, but of the sunshade that is multipurpose as it can be used as an umbrella for the car and as a shade for the family while spending time on any outdoor destination.

I didn´t know there could be something that could protect the car from the sun. One day surfing the internet, I read about the Lanmodo multipurpose car umbrella. This shading device can be installed on the car´s roof and the installation only takes a few seconds. The apparatus also can be installed on the soil while going on a picnic or camping. The shade below the umbrella can safeguard the picnic supplies or keep the beverages under a good mild temperature.

The umbrella that I ´m mentioning offers shade for many sizes of cars, including small family cars and even pickup trucks. The umbrella can be installed and uninstalled remotely and doing so only takes a few seconds. The upgrades will offer more functionality in the future, which sounds perfect for a device that offers much protection, especially during the hot days of summer.

Automatic Umbrella
Automatic Umbrella | Source

World´s First Automatic Umbrella Designed to Protect your Car

I think, it would be very practical to be able to park the car and after doing daily activities, return and sit comfortably on the driver´s seat, not worrying about it being heated by the sun. the protection that the umbrella offers prevents the sun´s heat from entering into the car´s interior, so you´ll always find the seats, especially if they are made of vinyl, at the right temperature to comfortably seat on them.

Another practical function is that it protects your car and other implements against dust, tree leaves and bird droppings. The rooftop of your car will always be clean from natural or animal waste. The practicality of the multipurpose umbrella extends even more, as it can be used to protect yourself, and whatever is placed under it, from the harmful rays from the sun.

Protect your Car in Hot Weather

Car Sunshade
Car Sunshade | Source

Sunshade for your Car-How Does it function?

Unlike other manual car covers which may take anywhere from 2-5 minutes to install, this multipurpose sunshade unfolds and folds electronically in just seconds. A sensor installed in the mechanism captures the signal from a remote controller instantaneously, taking only 8 seconds to extend all over the roof of your car and another 8 seconds to fold completely to its original packaging size. The whole process of installation and uninstallation may take approximately 30 seconds.

The electronic switching on and off mechanism has a long lasting lifetime of over 10,000 installations; given that you use this shadowing device three times a day, you can be assured that you´ll be able to use one of this extraordinary devices for over ten years without needing a replacement. It works with a rechargeable battery, which can hold the charge for up to 45 days, assuring that you will never be left without the needed power for implementing your shade for the sun.

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Best Car Shield Against the Sun and Multiple Protection

It occurs that after having left the car under the severe rays of the sun, especially during the summer, the sun´s energy become trapped in the interior of the vehicle, raising the inside temperature and preventing one from getting inside. The longer a car is left under the sun, the hotter it will get inside; therefore, having a protective shield that could stop these radiance energy from storing inside your car, could allow you to avoid wasting precious time and continue with your daily activities.

Wouldn´t it be great to be able to avoid this climatic inconvenience and instead only spend some brief time putting the shading equipment away in the back sit of the car or the trunk? Well, it is possible. The marvelous car shade can be installed in only 8 seconds, as its electronically controlled mechanism activates instantaneously at the push of a remote controller; and the straps with which it´s provided can be attached easily to the doorknobs of the car.

It´s like having an assistant, which can keep the sun away while you are out of the car doing some errands. You won´t have to worry about leaving your car under sunlight. Once installed the magnificent umbrella reduces the storage of the sun´s rays inside the car by about 35 degrees. This is the same as reducing the car´s temperature from 71.5° C to about 36.5° C in any hot summer season.

Outdoor Party Umbrella
Outdoor Party Umbrella | Source

Convert it into a Beach Umbrella or Camping Tent

After having parked the vehicle for a set period in a place, you return only to find that the roof of the car is filled with bird droppings. This could not have been possible, if a shield protection, like the lanmodo umbrella, had been placed over the car´s top. This extraordinary sun umbrella not only protects your car against the bird poop and other unpredicted natural events, but also from dust, acid rain and leaves, among many others. Its waterproof fabric also protects against snow and rainwater.

It´s like having a modern cell phone with multiple functionalities. In the same way that a smartphone allows one to use it for making calls, chatting, sending messages, watching videos, etc., the versatile parasol can function in varied ways, such as a beach umbrella, party umbrella, camping tent or you can use it even at night with your friends, as it accepts the plugging of LED lights.

A camping stand, which is included with the appliance, permits it to be installed over varied types of soil, or hard rock, including the sand in a beach, the backward of a house or on top of hard cement. Once installed, it can resist winds of up to 13 m/s. Additional fabrics that are easily attached to the umbrella, can transform it into a portable house. It integrates a LED light that is easily plugged into a USB port; therefore, allowing to enjoy a night with some light at the beach or at a location of your choice.

Uses of Multipurpose Umbrella

Car shade
Party umbrella
Picnic umbrella
For family cars
During any day
While camping
pickup trucks
At night
Any day at the beach
Protection from bird droppings
For holidays
At any scenery stop

Customizable to Fit Anyone´s Preferences

When fully installed, the umbrella will cover 2.1 x 3.5 meters of space. It could easily protect the rooftops of most family cars, such as sedans, but also nonfamily cars, including pickups and jeeps. The total space needed to store the folded umbrella is not more than the space needed to safeguard a case of 87 cm long, which is almost the size of the case of a small camping tent. It weighs only 6 kg (13 pounds).

It is customizable to suit the needs of anyone, including businesses and brands.

© 2017 Jose Juan Gutierrez


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