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My California Adventure Holiday Favorites

Updated on January 3, 2017
My California Adventure Holiday Favorites.
My California Adventure Holiday Favorites.

Just like Disneyland, California Adventure goes all out for the holiday season. Even though it is a smaller park there are still plenty of decorations and holiday cheer throughout the park (but this does mean that my list is smaller). Here is a look at all the things I look forward to while strolling through CA ADV during the holiday season! I hope you all enjoy.

1. Buena Vista Street

Just like Main Street Buena vista is decorated to the nines! Everything is red and of course in 40's style. I love strolling around and looking at all the pretty bows and window displays.

2. Cars Land

Cars Land is decorated super cute this time of year and the thing I like best is that all of the decorations are made out of car parts! It is the perfect touch to Radiator Springs and don't forget to take a picture with the car snowman on the way in.

3. Santa in Hollywood Land

Honestly, I have never noticed this before. If it has been here in the past I could not say. I think it is a super cute photo opportunity for the family and I am pretty sure kids will be very excited to see him!

4. A Bug's Land

Most people skip over A Bug's Land because everyone thinks it is just for little kids. I actually really like this part of the park because it is so cute but every year at Christmas time they add in some large decorations. There are giant candy canes at the entrance (that smell like peppermint) and cute surprises like giant ornaments.

5. The Tree on Buena Vista Street

At the end of Buena Vista Street there is a very pretty, giant tree. It too is decorated in the style of the 40's and I love the garland wrapped around it. Even the ornaments look vintage and I think it is so cute!

6. Letters to Santa

This lady rides her tricycle throughout Buena Vista Street asking every child she sees if they have written their letters to Santa. She makes sure that if they haven't that they do and she mails it for them. She also asks adults too so don't be shy!

7. Window Displays

There is something extra special about the window displays this time of year. California Adventure has some pretty magical displays and it makes me feel like I'm back in the 40's during a proper Christmas!

8. The Trollies

The trollies are super pretty this time of year and are decorated in their holiday best! Taking a ride in the cold weather is so perfect and gets me in the holiday spirit.


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