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My Experience Playing Fanduel So Far

Updated on January 23, 2020
nbayawnie profile image

Yawnie has been an avid NBA fan and a fan of the Lakers for 25 years.

An introduction to daily fantasy sports

Daily fantasy sports is another form of betting on sports. There are ways you can bet on the teams, and daily fantasy sports mainly focuses on players. I have seen countless commercials and ads on videos for fanduel, draftkings, yahoo sports, and many other kind of daily fantasy sports sites. I was very hesitant to start this up for years because I am not in a position in my life to put in a lot of money, and be sure I was going to walk away making a lot more money then I was putting in. I started doing my research online. Started to watch a lot of youtube videos of people who play, and finding a lot of different sites on google that give a lot of information. I have found that you should not expect to win every single night, and that you certainly must do research throughout the day. I would say overall my sports knowledge is above average, but playing fantasy sports I have to turn this knowledge into elite status. I never knew how often NBA players get sick, or that a player will sit out because he gets a migraine headache all of a sudden. There is just too much information to keep up with, but despite all that I am having a lot of fun with it and am looking to build something by playing daily fantasy sports.

My decision to exclusively play on fanduel for now

Fanduel and draftkings are the two most popular daily fantasy sports sites. They are the most well known, and I have seen the most reviews about these sites. I first tried fanduel and actually had a decent night on November 6th. I was thinking, "alright this isn't so difficult." I then lost the next 3 days in a row with just my knowledge, and finally started doing research and found a few people on youtube who make videos about their daily fantasy picks for NBA. These videos have helped out a lot tremendously. I have also tried draftkings, but have mostly found myself on fanduel. The point system and salary cap are a little bit different, and I find myself liking fanduel a little more. The difference to me with fanduel is that blocks and steals are worth 3 points on fanduel's scoring system. While on draftkings those defensive stats are 2 points. Fanduel has a lot more scoring overall with 9 players per roster, instead of 8 on draftkings. More points equals more fun in my opinion. Also I have tried playing both sites on the same day, and it is very difficult to keep up with both. Balancing a full time job and many other duties of life, and having 2 different strategies for 2 different sites was too much on my plate for me. Some can handle it, and some can't. Currently I am just a pup in the daily fantasy sports community, but hope to one day play on both sites, and even small sites such as fantasy draft, yahoo sports, and super draft.

GPP vs Cash

There are two different ways to play daily fantasy sports. GPP is guaranteed prize pool. These are large contests that you have a chance to win a lot of money. I sometimes play these, because on fanduel they have games as cheap as 5 cents. Playing a few of these 5 cent games and throwing in different lineups is no big deal to me. These contests have thousands of players in them, and are tougher to come out victorious in my opinion. Cash games are smaller contests, but do not have as much opportunity to win money. I have been playing these more in order to build my bank roll. These are the kind of contests where you can go as low as playing head to head with someone, and only have to worry about one person. I would advise to start off with cash games to build money, and then try to go for the bigger prizes. Another note is that for GPP you want to use less popular players who you think will have a big night, and cash you want to use more popular players to try and walk away with some money.

Any success?

To start off and answer the question straightforward, I have not had any success. Overall in the 2 and half months I have been playing I have lost 7 dollars. I consider this to be very respectful. I have only deposited money twice, and have seen my total reach as high $47 dollars, of course seen it at $0. I only play a couple dollars a day, and have won the highest at $15 in a day with just a couple dollars. This is not much at all, but am looking to build my bank roll up. My day consists of waking up to go to work, and still finding time while I am at work to cram my daily videos and read articles on today's best players. It is a lot of work, but is a lot of fun to me to try and soak up all the information I can before the lineups lock at 7 o'clock eastern time. The 4 o'clock lock on the west coast is a lot more difficult, which is where I am at. I would not keep on doing this and want to get better if I was not enjoying all this. Sports knowledge to me, mainly basketball, has always come easy to me, and I am looking forward to learning more and making something out of this. Thank you for reading and I may want to start writing articles on my favorite players for the NBA slate for each day. Take care folks!


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