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A Blaugrana's Fondest Memory

Updated on May 22, 2013
An old rivalry...
An old rivalry... | Source

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El Clásico 2010

November 29th 2010- I was fairly new to football at the time, but I appeared to be a devout blaugrana (Barcelona fan) with years of experience and devotion to the Catalan team. Of course at times my naivete would be apparent with other football fans, such as my accidental fangirling towards the Portuguese coach of Real Madrid: Jose Mourinho. I was quick to realize that FC Barcelona and Real Madrid were enemies. No, sorry, more like rivals. Or maybe even more dramatic, blood brothers with the lust to kill each other... okay, maybe I over did it, but the point is that they just don't get along very well. After all, I only decided to follow and support Barcelona because the majority of the Spanish national team was on FC Barcelona, and after watching every single match of the World Cup so ardently, I guess they grew on me.

Nevertheless, November 29th 2010, was the day of my first el Clásico. For those who don't know what this means, el Clásico is what people call a Barcelona or Real Madrid match. Yes, it's that epic, it has it's own name. I had to admit, I was extremely nervous. I really didn't want Barcelona to lose so I wouldn't have to face my Real Madrid friends the next day. Not to mention, we were playing in our beloved sanctuary: Camp Nou, where Real Madrid hadn't won a match since December 2007. So yes, there was pressure. A lot of it, to the point I almost felt that I was to play in the match as well.

So the match begins. Real Madrid is best for its defense and counter attacking, whereas FC Barcelona is best for its attacks and possession of the ball. This isn't some petty match, these are Spanish football giants. (I mean there IS a reason why there is a specific name for this match) I'm biting my nails and staring at the screen hopelessly. Nine minutes into the match Xavi Hernandez scores the first goal against Real Madrid. I grin widely and hold my breath. While the team and fans were raucously cheering, I kept my silence, thinking in my head. It is just the first goal. there is 81 minutes remaining in this match. Don't celebrate now.

Real Madrid did have some close calls that made me grip on to my seat with my heart pounding in my chest. But luckily (or unfortunately) they were just close. Before I would suffer any further heart palpitations, in the 17th minute, Barcelona comes to my rescue with Pedro Rodriguez scoring the second goal. My grin gets wider and I start to exhale slightly, but I'm still not convinced. The first quarter was barely finished.

After a minor dispute with good ole Ronaldo and Barça coach Pep Guardiola, the first quarter ends, and the second quarter soon begins. Again, the stress begins to engulf me and I was shaking. We had such a good start, I didn't want us to screw up the next quarter. But before I could suffer an anxiety attack, my favourite footballer, David Villa scores against Real Madrid at the 54th minute. Real Madrid players howl that the goal was offsides, but the referees dismiss their whines, much to my joy. I barely had time to process that we scored when two minutes later, David Villa does it again. By then, I was out of my chair, screaming," illa illa, Villa, maravilla!" (Which is David Villa's official chant by his fans, basically meaning, 'wonderful Villa') I wasn't too wary anymore, the score was 4-0, and there was roughly less than 40 minutes to go, and unless Real Madrid produces some kind of miracle, it was hopeless.

I forgot when but it was close to the end, that Jeffren (a player I barely knew or saw play) managed to score a goal for Barça, making it a lovely 5-0 . Real Madrid did have some chances, but they managed to blow it off. Not to mention, towards the end, Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid committed a ghastly foul on Messi and was ejected out of the match. Soon the match was over, and FC Barcelona won. While some Real Madrid fans were sore losers, I was a ghastly winner. I took every opportunity to rub the win in their face and dismissed all their petty claims that Barcelona was cheating. In the end, they knew it too, a win was a win, and in this Clásico, FC Barcelona won.


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