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My first Web Page

Updated on July 28, 2010
Very nice Vintage Marble Goss, long gone from production
Very nice Vintage Marble Goss, long gone from production
Front sight kit for target shooters
Front sight kit for target shooters
Lyman vintage # 21 sight for the Winchester Rifle
Lyman vintage # 21 sight for the Winchester Rifle
Eaven a sight for BB guns
Eaven a sight for BB guns
Modern rail sight for AR 15 rifles, basic target
Modern rail sight for AR 15 rifles, basic target
Williams sights still in production for most rifles
Williams sights still in production for most rifles
Vintage Stevens mod 416 22 cal rifle, Factory Made Sight
Vintage Stevens mod 416 22 cal rifle, Factory Made Sight , is the company name and I'm the owner Mickey Gilbertson.

This is the first attempt to build a web site and I have pretty much every thing I wanted on it. If I can do it anyone can, I think.

My company deals with vintage old gun sights and some modern ones also,guild member custom knives and commercial ones also. We buy as well as sell ,parts broken or not it really doesn't matter when sights are so hard to find, I piece them together and sell as refurbished.

I started the company back in 1996, while doing gun shoes in Florida and in Georgia also there was a lack of people with gun sights . Most of you under 40 probley don't remember much about rifles with aperture sights mounted on them from the factory. Most gun sight companies went out of business in the early 70's, with the all steal product.

Lyman Gun Sight Company is probley the most famous of the after market sights, in the late 1800’s when William Lyman, an avid outdoorsman and inventor, created a product that resolved problems with gun sights of his day.

The Red field Company has made gun sights as well as scopes for years , but like all the good companies they are also out of business. All the major gun sight companies were made of steal it wasn't until machine coast caused the modern sights to be made out of aluminum.

Most people trying to rebuild a vintage rifle want an all steal sights so it will be era correct. The all aluminum sights are cheaper to make and easier to manufacture.

Almost all the modern target sights are aluminum with stainless pins through the sight for stability and work quiet well on the modern AR 15's used in most competition shoots.

There has been many other companies who have made rifle sights over the years, Marble Goss,Pacific Sight Company and an array of factory sights made for only a year oor two. The International Firearms International Co, or also known as FN Rifle made a small sight for the first years production guns in 1949 and 1950 the sights were precision cut into the wood on the right side of the stock. I have only seen one of these sights and its on my FN Rifle.

My new Web Page is on google it works best,remember I'm new at this but I wanted a sight that offered more than just a place to buy sights. I always need information from the gun guys out like Mr Strobel who wrote the best handbook on Vintage Sights out there, I use it every day. I wish all of you guys happy hunting for those very rare sights your looking for it makes owning a rare gun as fun as a 32 Ford vintage and cost a lot less.

Nick Strobel's Book can be found in any book store and I will try to have copies on my web site also,Happy hunting and stay alive.,,Mickey


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