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My Top 5 NFL Running Backs of All Time

Updated on May 5, 2019

Oh how the glory faded, Still AP is a Top 10. Hold on though Saquan Barkley is coming to the show

Well my pick for Adrian Peterson to be the best was shattered by these:

1.)a year long absence due to a child abuse case,

2.) A yr long absence to a acl injury.

3.) A horrible stint with the Saints, that made know since in the world.

4.) Now Age has gotten him, but hes still a top 10

But lookout folks there's a new sheriff in town. Hes in New York and no its not Laveon "ill take a year off for money" Bell. This guys wearing the blue. Saquon Barkley makes moves that resemble my favorite back of all time Barry Sanders. Could Barkley make this list, I believe so. The Giants have given him the reigns as they let OBJ go. Its all running now and hes going to put up numbers like 1500 in rushing and 750 in recieving. Hes a do it all back and I hope he stays healthy because hes got the the gift that my Top 5 had.

The NFL has had great running backs, but Adrian Peterson will become the elite

 I've been watching a lot of Minnesota games this year and no its not because I want to see a grey haired, high noon cowboy at QB. I have fallen in love watching Adrian Peterson play the game of football. He outruns every player on the field week in and week out, but that's not just it. If you try to take him on with a tackle up high he will just run you over. I watched him literally find a guy 3 weeks ago and run at him so he could give him a stiff arm. The guy just amazes me every week. He can dance around you or just plow you over, it depends on his mood. I bet there are Safetys out there that dont even want to try and tackle him.

This leads me to my Top 5 backs of All Time and I wonder which one i will have to kick out when AP is done tearing through the NFL. 


#5 Eric Dickerson, Total yards 13,259, 4.4/ypc 90 tds

* Very dynamic back who ran very tall, making it known that you dont have to be 5'9 to fit through the smallest of holes. i think he was 6 ft tall.

#4 Emmitt Smith, Total Yards 18,355, 4.2/ypc 164 TDS

* The NFL all-time leading rusher. He had an outstanding offensive line through his career, which I feel is why he isnt worthy of the top spot. He was a hard runner who could run up the middle on defenses all day long.

# 3 Jim Brown, Total Yards 12,312, 5.2/ypc 106 TDS

* He would have held many more records had he not cut his career short for acting. A monster out there on the field who just ran over anybody in his path.

# 2 Barry Sanders, Total Yards 15,269, 5.0/ypc 99 TDS

* I grew up watching this guy. You knew if #20 was playing then be ready for a show. He would make 1 yd loss's look amazing. ive never seen anything like it (until now) He could of had many more TDS if the Lions would have put him in on the Goal line situations, but they didnt. Also he danced so much once he ran out of his shoe, and hurdled over 5 chicago Bears once too. He retired way to early, thus giving up his shot as the best back ever to play the game.


# 1 Walter Payton, Total yards 16,726, 4.4/ypc, 110 TDS

* OK I always thought Barry was better than "Sweetness", but I started watching old films of this guy and I was mesmorized, with the explosiveness he possesed and then to all of sudden be able to change into a slasher out there, was just pure scary.He had it all, and I now know why Barry retired, it was because he felt that record should be Paytons forever, but of course who new Emmitt Smith would stick around another 5 years and break it anyways.


If you havnt had a chance to watch Adrian Peterson, then you are missing out. He carries the intangables of every single player I listed, and he uses them well. If he stays healthy then the NFL rushing record book better get ready for a new name in 10 years. AD you make football fun again. Thank you.

BEST RB of All Time

Who Do You think Is the BEST RB

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    • RWC149 profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Casto 

      7 years ago from Jackson, MI

      I totally agree, but Unfortunatly we never got to see what could have been. Im from michigan and grew up watching Barry Sanders, I still have the Detroit Newspaper from the day he retired, with my teardrop marking still splatterd in the middle. I watched everysingle game Barry ever played in the NFL, and No doubt would have been the greatest had he not cut his career short at 31. Its a toss up between him and Payton. I put Emmitt at #4, The thing about Barry Sanders is everyone says "what if he had an offensive line all those years, or was the HB for Dallas." Well I say Barry wouldnt of been Barry had he had blockers, we would've never got to se those unbelievable 2 yard gains, he would have just ran up the holes made by the OL. And those jukes and spins would have been way to far and inbetween.

    • Miller2232 profile image

      Sinclair Miller III 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Barry Sanders is #1 because he played behind the worse offensive lines, dealt with constant quarterback change for 10 years, and he could have easily had over 20,000 rushing yards in his career and still have gas in the tank. I love Emmitt, but Barry is the greatest running back of all time.

    • RWC149 profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Casto 

      7 years ago from Jackson, MI

      Wrote this Hub over 2yrs ago!!! This, the 2012 NFL season, AP is on pace for over 2,000 yds and a mesmorizing 6.1 yds /carry, not even 1yr after tearing his ACL!!! Was I right about him or what?? The best, not yet, but top 5 I think is not a reach


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