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My trip to Alaska Next

Updated on August 15, 2009
 Mike, setting at the boat ramp, trying to call his wife
Mike, setting at the boat ramp, trying to call his wife
 The view going into Prince William Sound Tunnel
The view going into Prince William Sound Tunnel
 The marina, you could stay lost here forever
The marina, you could stay lost here forever
 The Moose, they go any where they want
The Moose, they go any where they want
 More of the marina
More of the marina
Its dark driving through the tunnel
Its dark driving through the tunnel
 I just can't get enough of this place
I just can't get enough of this place

Here we are again , not quit recovered from three full days of hard fishing. Where the sun doesn't set before you get sleepy and it makes you a super man for a short time.

My sister in law Nancy on my wife's side, lives in Anchorage and has for several years now. A nurse she's able to work at will,during her off time she gets to do so many wonderful things in this country. When your not from a place beauty like this place, you cherish it every day. She has invited us over to spend the night, With steaks, Margaretta's and some good sleep life just don't get any better than this,and that's all I have to say.

"Where in the hell shale we go next" Mike said, south young man, I replied. We had reservations in a motel up in Talkeetna, Alaska but we had a few day to kill first. So we headed south along the cook inlet trying to get to Prince William Sound. Mike slammed the brakes on "slow the pony down, whats the matter now I ask". Mike replied there's two moose in the road ahead. This is true Alaska standing in the middle of the dam road are two huge moose. The moose weren't the problem it was the cars filled with out of town tourist with their cameras. The moose left the roadway and slowly started walking in a marsh area just as free as a bird and without regards to anybody around these moose just captured the moment.What the hell we were stopped and also took a picture or two just to blend in.

The road to Prince William Sound is just a few miles off the main road. You know when the land and water is just so beautiful on both sides of the road its hard to make time. Ice bergs on the right floating in a huge pond of emerald green water , interrupted by snow capped mountains.

There is a little toll and wait at the entrance of the tunnel.The tunnel is the only way you can enjoy what you are about to see. Like everything in Alaska there is a price to pay, Not necessary talking about money here but the life changing experiences that you will go through just to be able to enjoy it all. OK enough of that I get a little carried away sometimes about things and places. Inside the tunnel the rock formation looks like some kind of European Spy movie where the walls were covered with dripping water, dim yellow lights were passing every so slowly and there were emergency exits that were cut into the rock.

Once we made it to the other side it opened up to another world. On the left were more mountains capped with snow. on the right were high cliffs and a set of rail road tracks bringing in tourist and supplies. I was told that durning ww2 the tunnel was cut to gain entrance to a secret military base, lucky for us.

We stopped for a short in a little park just on the left after going through the tunnel. This is great looking beach for fishing, all rock with fire places scattered in various places along the beach. I guess campers just stopped too spend the night. Again the water was a blue green color it just made you want to dive in and swim away. We played with the fly rods a short while and then moved on into town only about 1/4 mile.

The little town was just a large marina, boats every where, aluminum fishing boats about 25 to 30 foot long with cabins and dinghy on top. Having lived and fished in Florida for most of my life this was a little different but neat. As we got closer to the main body of water we observed a couple guys fishing on the boat ramp, mostly snagging salmon and releasing. We got parked and dragged out some gear of our own. We fished for a little ,catching nothing, but learning a lot from the locals about these waters. Tired from not catching fish we grabbed us a hamburger and a drink. The cafe was just on the water nothing special but a great view and made me homesick for my wife. My wife and I were up here about 4 years early and tried to get lost but people keep on finding us.

You know to be in a place like this so far from any other is like being in your best dream and someone rings the dam door bell waking you up. I just hated to leave but Mike insisted, I guess he had all the fun we could stand, so were off again. Leaving back through the tunnel we had to wait for the people cumming in from the other side about a 30 minute wait, then the train had to go through now,I sure didn't want to leave.

Traveling south again along the Cook inlet, the water was changing a bit the sky was looking angry and so was I We should have stayed longer in the last fishing village I muttered . Mike 's not listen to me much at this point I think he's home sick.You know traveling in Alaska is so different than any other place that I have ever been, in so far as the weather and terrain.

Lakes on the left with small cabins dotted the shore line, "are you sure we can't just go down there and fish a little" I ask Mike. Look if we stop every time you get the feeling we will never get anywhere. I looked at Mike and it reminded me of the last trip to Alaska with my wife Jane. We started in Fairbanks and drove with her brother Joel to Anchorage. We drove his dodge camper pulling a trailer full of 4 wheelers. I could have stopped a hundred times or so just to get outside and get my feet wet. This country is just so dam neat if you don't take time to small the roses along the way you may never get another chance to.

We will be back with another leg of the trip soon.


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