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NBA Commentary: Why Derrick Rose Shouldn't Attempt A Comeback During the 2013 NBA Playoffs.

Updated on May 13, 2013

Derrick Rose.

In my personal opinion, being a superstar professional athlete in any sport is both a gift and a curse. When an athlete is talented in their respective sport, the expectations from the public are beyond high. We all know that money is a driving factor when it comes to professional sports. The organization the athlete is playing for expects them to help produce wins, which equates to putting fans in the stands. The fans expect to be entertained, which keeps them interested in seeing the player in action.

Chicago Bulls point guard, Derrick Rose, is easily one of the most talented players currently in the NBA. The fifth year player, who attended college at Memphis, has helped take a Bulls team that hasn't been a real contender since the day of Michael Jordan, to one of the top teams currently in the NBA's Eastern Conference. During his still young tenure in the league, Rose has razzled and dazzled Bulls and NBA fans alike with his speed, and explosiveness towards the basket. As good as Rose has been, it unfortunately all came to a halt during the first round of the 2012 NBA playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Rose suffered a torn ACL in his left knee in game one of the series against the 76ers, and has yet to play in a game during the 2012-2013 NBA season. Although the expected recovery time for this type of injury is 8-12 months, the 24 year old Rose initially had his sights set on returning sometime during the current NBA season; It has yet to happen up to this point - even though Rose has now been medically cleared to play. The Bulls are now in a highly contested playoff series with the current NBA Champions, the Miami Heat. Since Rose has been practicing with the Bulls and has been cleared to play, many fans are getting antsy about Rose returning during the playoffs. I think not!

I personally feel that Derrick Rose needs to stay put. The general public seems to agree with me on this. However, there are Bulls fans that are tired of getting their hopes up believing that Rose will be returning. It's recently been all over the sports media that Rose may be suiting up sometime during the series against the Heat. I'm going to try to make a case for why I think that Derrick Rose shouldn't return anytime during the 2013 NBA playoffs.


Injury Plagued Team.

As much as I hate to say it, the Chicago Bulls are currently a physically beat up team. Several of their key players are injured right now, and their team is playing shorthanded against Miami. Key injuries to the team already include Rose, Kirk Hinrich, and Luol Deng. Bulls center Joakim Noah is injured as well, but his currently soldiering through his pain.

The plague injuries that the Bulls are facing have forced coach Tom Thibodeau to play several players the entire game. Many players in the NBA play the entire 48 minutes during an NBA game, but it's not something that's ideal. The extended minutes can wear a player down towards the end of a game, which often means a decrease in productivity due to fatigue.

If the Bulls get by the Heat, and that's a big if at this point, they would've done it without having Derrick Rose. If they can defeat the defending champions without Rose, I think their chances of going to the finals are good. The Bulls as a whole play great defense, which in my opinion always keeps a team in a game. However, with an injury plagued and depleted roster, it doesn't seem likely that they can go all the way. If the Bulls happen to lose the series, they take comfort in knowing they can heal up during the off season, and gain those key pieces back.


Lack of Confidence.

No matter what sport it is, knee injuries can be both serious and devastating to a player. Since athletes have to use their legs so much, having strong and sturdy knees is crucial to a player being able to perform at their peak. None of us know what's going on in Derrick Rose's head, but something tells me that Rose himself isn't entirely confident in his knee at this point. Otherwise, he would be playing right now right?

Basketball players rely on their knees probably more than athlete in any other sport. This is mainly because basketball players have to jump so often throughout a game, and explode off the court using their legs. Derrick Rose is easily one of the most explosive guards in the NBA, if not the most explosive. After suffering a knee injury of Roses' extent, I think it's natural for Rose himself to question whether or not the knee will hold up throughout a game.

Although Rose has been practicing since being medically cleared back in January of this year, there's an obvious difference between practice and game action. Medically cleared to play means that team doctors believe that Rose's knee is healthy enough for game action. However, that doesn't mean that Rose himself is confident enough. If there is an ounce of doubt from Rose at this point, there is no need to rush back this late in the season. Since Rose has yet to play this season, let him continue to sit and come back more confidence next season.


Sync and Chemistry With the Team.

Chemistry is one of the most important factors when it comes to anything in life that relates to a team situation. That obviously includes sports as well. When the players on a team have their timing down, it's easier for them to play well together. They know their roles in the coach's system, and they're able to execute plays properly.

In Derrick Rose's case, this is a player that hasn't had any game action with his teammates all year long. True enough, he has been practicing with his teammates, and that definitely helps in game preparation. However, as I mentioned earlier, there's a difference when it comes down to game action. The lineup that the Bulls are using now have chemistry, because they've been playing together the entire year. Derrick Rose has unfortunately been the missing link.

The Bulls have made this far without Rose, and I think bringing him back now will do more harm to the teams' sync and chemistry than good. I personally don't feel that Rose will return, but if for some magical reason he does, I think it will throw the Bulls team unity way off at this point. Again, this is my own personal opinion.

Should Derrick Rose wait until next season to make his return?

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I've now stated my case on why I think that Derrick Rose shouldn't return this season. Would I like to see Derrick Rose come back? Absolutely, but only if he's healthy and completely confident. Would I like to see the Bulls defeat the Miami Heat? Yes I would. Not only because I like the Bulls, but because I despise the Miami Heat as well.

Although I'd love to see Derrick Rose suit up in his #1 Bulls jersey, rather than the casual suits we are currently seeing him wear while sitting on the bench, I think it's in his best interest to continue to stay put. I know that fans anxiously want to see Rose back out on the court; heck I'm one of them myself. However, I want to see a healthy and confident Rose that helps the Bulls, not hurt them.

I'm sure that Rose is feeling the pressure from the criticism that fans and analysts alike have given him. Heck I'll been critical of Rose this season myself. Not because of him not playing, but rather because of the campaign by Adidas called 'The Return' that promoted Rose returning this season. Looking at it now, I feel that Rose probably wasn't going to return at all this season, and some fans were probably led on believe he would. As I mentioned earlier, money plays a huge role in professional sports.

At any rate, I hope that anyone who reads this also agrees that I stated my case for why Rose should continue to sit fairly well. If not, feel free to leave comments on why you think that Rose should come back. Besides all that, I hope everyone is enjoying the NBA Playoffs thus far.



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    • prospectboy profile image

      Bradrick H. 4 years ago from Texas

      @formosangirl, Hello there friend. Thank you very much for taking out the time to read my commentary. I'm dealing with knee problems as well from getting older, and from years of running. I just feel like if Derrick Rose had an ounce of doubt about how well his knee would hold up, then he shouldn't have rushed back. The Bulls are out of the playoffs now, so it really doesn't matter much at this point. All he can do now is try to come back better and stronger next season. Thanks again!

    • formosangirl profile image

      formosangirl 4 years ago from Los Angeles

      Hi prospectboy, this is a very well written feature/editorial article. I never even heard of Derrick Rose until now. I personally have knee trouble, and my knees constantly remind me of being old. So, I can see how a professional athlete feels that his entire peak performance depends on well his body parts function and the pressure about being a integral part of a team sport.

    • prospectboy profile image

      Bradrick H. 4 years ago from Texas

      @Miller2232, I agree with you sir. Lip service describes it perfectly. The only thing that bothers me about this is how so many people got led on believing that he was coming back. Like you mentioned, he's been cleared to play, and he would've played by now if he really was going to come back. It looks like the Bulls have come to the end of their rope tonight though, so it really doesn't matter as far as him coming back. All the hype was annoying though. Thanks for reading man. I appreciate it.

    • prospectboy profile image

      Bradrick H. 4 years ago from Texas

      @hawaiianodysseus, Hello there Joe! First off, I want to thank you for viewing and commenting like you always do. I really appreciate you being a loyal friend on here. Secondly, I read your hub that you referred to at the end of your comment. That was an amazing hub sir, and I really appreciate you mentioning me. That was a pleasant surprise. For some reason, I don't always get notifications of when people I follow publish hubs. I may have to ask someone on here about that.

      Well the Bulls lost tonight and went down 3 games to one. It looks like they've totally run out of steam, which is understandable when playing so shorthanded. I'm glad that you agree with the points that I made. I think I made a pretty good lawyer for D. Rose lol. Anyway, thanks again for reading and giving your feedback. It's always appreciated. Aloha my friend, and see you in the next hub!

    • Miller2232 profile image

      Sinclair Miller III 4 years ago from Florida

      Its just been lip service and that's all it has been to the point where its just old about whether or not Derrick Rose plays. I believe its a public relations ordeal where Derrick Rose gets mentioned because its going to get the attention of the basketball (especially the NBA) universe. If Derrick Rose was going to play, he would play because he already was cleared months ago by doctors and there have been all the videos posted on YouTube of him warming up and slamming the basketball. Iman Shumpert injured his knee the same day as Derrick Rose did in the 2012 NBA playoffs, but he doesn't get mentioned as he returned during the 2012-13 regular season. We might as well assume that Derrick Rose is not coming back until the 2013-14 NBA Season.

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 4 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Hi, Brad! There are a lot of NBA fans in Hubsville, so I for one am glad you wrote this piece. If Derrick Rose is active in the playoffs, that means one or two men who played in lieu of him during the regular season will be told, in essence, that their healthy selves are not as good and effective as someone questionably returning from an injury. That's hogwash! The Bulls got to the playoffs without Rose; they can find a way to beat the Heat without him. I, too, want him to be fully recuperated, and that isn't dictated by playoff hopes but by a sensible season of rest. Great Hub, Brad! By the way, you were featured in my latest article. : ) Aloha, my friend!