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NBA: Miami Heat and the Three Kings Of The East

Updated on June 7, 2011
Three Kings of the East?
Three Kings of the East?

Like, the Biblical Three Kings of the East, the National Basketball Association now have their own Three Kings of the East(ern Conference).

King D Wade,

King Bosh,

and King James,

finally after much dilly-dallying, speculation and suspense, the third king announced his coming with much fanfare on his highly anticipated but highly criticized ESPN show, aptly called "The Decision."

The Decision

“In this fall, I am taking my talents to South Beach and joining the Miami Heat.”

With these words, LeBron James leveled the city of Cleveland, he crushed the hearts of his Chicago fans and he flattened out the hopes of New York. But since all these other cities are also in the East, all of them wooing King James, and for all the teams in the West it doesn’t really much matter, for we know he was staying in the East. So in the end, Miami it is.


Meet The Three Kings of The East

Miami's Big 3

King D Wade
King D Wade

King Dwayne Wade

2006 Finals MVP and the biggest reason the Miami Heat had won the Championship that year.

Guard has played seven years for the Heat, 28 years old, 6 feet four inches, 220 pounds, averaged 26.6 points and 6.6 assists a game last season (25.4 points and 6.5 assists in his pro career).


He will be paid, some 15 million dollars this coming season, his 8th year playing for the Miami Heat.


King Bosh
King Bosh

King Chris Bosh

Forward has played seven years for the Toronto Raptors, 26 years old, 6 feet 10 inches, 230 pounds, averaged 24 points and 10.8 rebounds a game last season (20.2 points and 9.4 rebounds in his pro career).



The same as King Wade, will be paid some 15 million dollars this season for coming to the Heat.

King James
King James

King LeBron James

Forward has played seven years for the Cleveland Cavaliers, 26 years old, 6 feet 8 inches, 250 pounds, averaged 29.7 points, 7.3 rebounds and 8.6 assists a game last season (27.8 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists in his pro career).



The same as Kings Wade and Bosh, King James will be paid some 15 million dollars this season for coming to the Miami Heat.

And although LeBron has lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to two straight league best NBA season records and was the season MVP two years, he has only led the Cavs to a finals appearance once, losing to and swept by Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs in 2007.

The same with Bosh, although him being the face of the Toronto Raptors pretty much after Vince Carter left in 2004, he had never really brought his team anywhere.

But all these will seem to be a thing of the past as all three are now the new faces and the Kings of the East, South Beach, Miami.

How these New Kings will fare with the Original Big 3 (Kings) of Boston, which could very well have new faces this season as well.

How these three can stand up to all the hype and all the expectations, especially because all the other teams of both the East and the Western Conference are enticing and moving team members around.

And finally how these Three Kings will fare with the current Kings of the West and the current back-to-back defending champion Los Angeles Lakers, still remains to be seen, the Miami salary cap not withstanding.

With the World Cup gone and will not be back for four years, let the (NBA) games begin!



I believe the last we saw something like this happen in the NBA was way back in 2004 when the Los Angeles Lakers signed up Karl Malone and Gary Payton to join up with Shaquile O'Neal and Kobe Bryant.

Although, in case you forgot, well I know it was not something to remember anyway, that "decision" bombed out for everybody involved.

And so even though the Miami Heat may have the pieces, but like that Laker Big 4 in 2004, a champion team needs more than that. You have to have all the superstar egos in check, you have to make them working together, you have to have them learn to play with the same system, you need to teach them to share or pass the ball, you need role players who will do just that, fill in their respective roles and you need somebody there who they will all listen to and do the right things for the right reasons.

And of course injuries and other unforeseen events need to factored in.

So let's wait and see, but just the same, I see a terrific 2010-11 NBA Season and the next few years will even be more interesting.


The far-fetched idea of a "Super Team" in Miami (Wade, Bosh and James) was constantly being pushed by John Ireland on the Mason and Ireland Show in ESPN Radio. And Ireland was almost getting ready to die on this prediction, well until the last minute of course. And he has gotten a lot of flak from Steve Mason and most callers of the show. But looking back, it was fun, it was sad, it was exciting, it was suspenseful and everything else in between, depending on what team you are a fan of and where you are from.

The one thing I want to watch now are the games of the Miami Heat in Cleveland, in Toronto, in New York and in all the other places LeBron had shunned.


How Far Can the Three Kings Of The East Bring the Miami Heat This Season?

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  • J@ps profile image

    J@ps 7 years ago from Southern California

    I agree it will defintely be something to look forward to, especially because most teams are also scrambling to complete their rosters.

    Thanks hoov45.

  • hoov45 profile image

    hoov45 7 years ago from Denham Springs, Louisiana

    I think James made the right decision. Basketball is a team game and one great player can't win championships by himself. Jordan had Pippen, Rodman, Kucock...Magic had Worthy, Kareem, Scott.. Bird had McHale, Parish, DJ...No quality free agents wanted to go to Cleveland and James realized that. Now he has a chance to win and be a part of a great dynasty. It'll be fun to watch.