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Updated on January 14, 2011


The coach of the Denver Broncos when they blew three Superbowls in the 80s was a man named Dan Reeves.

Reeves played and coached in Dallas, same as Ditka.

Reeves thus will by the late 80s be like a Holmgren and Gruden...but not of Walsh. Of LANDRY.

Same as Ditka.

Yet you see my point.

Go ahead and scourge through NFL Films archives all you want. Dallas's offense schemes were DOGSHIT.

It was nothing but Varsity Blues workhorse stuff.

Ditka's best play-calling in fact involved straying away from the Dallas mindset.

He was the first guy in modern times to tell a quarterback to take a safety out of the belief that Joe Theismann wouldn't be able to score against the 46.

He was every bit as right that day as Bill Bellichek was when he did it twenty years later.

But when Ditka tries to actually go by the book -- you can see what it translates to.

The black workhorse is a funny concept.

Used in Dallas, it only seemed to make sense.

Used in Chicago, it results in injuries and fumble Jackson.

One person who had been paying attention to this in the same way that Bobby Knight and Bill Parcells and Tony La Russa all keep up with what each other does on the field and scoreboard...

Ditka's longtime pal Dan Reeves.

Reeves was always a million times more temperamental then his young pal Iron Mike.

Dan Reeves was the ideal example of an AFC-ish Tom Landry.

It is Reeves who will bring civil rights to the Dallas offense.

The way he did this was simple...

Eliminate the dynamic of the running back being the workhorse.

Take the pressure off the running backs.

Where does the pressure go you might ask?

Precisely on the guys who are going to get all the acclaim if that's how the Gods intend it -- the white quarterbacks.

Dan Reeves will spend nearly fifteen years in Denver being the greatest of all internet scammers.

John Elway rose to international truculence due to a coach who was harder on him then any of the other players around him who messed up the blocks, failed to make pockets, were mentally incapable of getting open.

Now before we bash Dan Reeves, remember that this was how Joe Montana's star rose too.

Unrealistic expectations.

If you deliver on THAT, baby....oooooooo......ooooooooooooooooooo.....

You gonna get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

You gonna get PU-NANY.

You're probably thinking that this would lead to some bad feelings between coach and quarterback.

And you will be correct.

Walsh and Montana fought all day.

Walsh and STEVE YOUNG fought all day.

Seifert and Steve Young fought all day.

And Elway, more then most people would or have to, said FUCK YOU to Dan Reeves.

Dan Reeves would in fact turn into the ideal writer.

Dan Reeves knew more then everybody.

Good lord it is not an easy nor lame task to take Varsity Blues and turn it into Easy Rider and get ASTOUNDING RESULTS.

The terrible thing about this whole dynamic, is that would lead to a very obselete method of coaching.

As wonderful as the idea of updating Landry sounds....Walsh had already updated him in 1982...and Walsh himself was being updated by 1992.

Dan Reeves was Quentin Tarantino, but going on his DVD boxes and Jay Leno with the appearence and mannerisms of like...Jerry Jones.

You expected an NFC guy because he had always been an NFC guy.

There was no defined audience as a result.

People liked Pulp Fiction...but linking that fucking crazy movie in with a guy who can't even talk to you without speeding his lips and swooping his arms...makes Pulp Fiction VERY VERY COOL.

Well what do you do when you attach Dan Reeves to Pulp Fiction...and then take away the box office success on top of that?

Reeves would piss off the Denver organization to the point that he becomes one of the only people in AFC history to get FREAKING FIRED, YO.

Their braintyping had encountered an NFC person, and he had to go...just like the millions of AFC personalities around the world that get fired from their shitty NFC-personality-dominated jobs every day.

Add to that, people were suddenly getting hired by the Broncos simply due to having a history of pissing off Dan Reeves...

This is how the offensive coordinator of the 80s Superbowl disasters get fired by the Broncos, but then hired immediately to become the head coach upon Reeves's dismissal.

Mike Shanahan, after the firing in 91, would go to San Francisco and be the offensive coordinator for Steve Young, William Floyd, Jerry Rice...

Landry had been transcended in Denver with Dan Reeves.

But now for the first time in will see what happens when Landry is fused with Walsh.

What this leads to is a complete dismantling of the entire Walsh system by itself.

You will see Brett Favre literally going from Level 4...back to Level 3...and then 2...and then to Mark Chmura at Level 1....

Shanahan's running system in Denver would take the pressure off John Elway. Terrell Davis would be aided by Derrick Loville who too was dominant that year.

Shanahan would bring Ed McCaffrey the reciever with him as well as Bill Romanowski who had intercepted Boomer in the Superbowl.

The 1997 season was highlighted really by only one team.

It should have been about nobody else.

That team was the Kansas City Chiefs.

Holy SHIT were the Chiefs cool this year.

Marty Schottenheimer would be their coach.

They'd be 13-3 with all three losses on the road to good teams -- Miami, Jacksonville and Denver. That's it. All great teams on the road.

They had Kimble Anders, Greg Hill, and Marcus Allen (he's almost forty!)

Allen would even out-run both these fools! It was literally like 600, 550, 500.

Then there was Andre Rison with over 1,000 passing yards.

There was a defense anchored by Derrick Thomas and that guy Reggie Tongue?

But all of this would pail in comparison to their biggest new star -- tight end Tony Gonzalez.

This sonumabitch caught everything, over the shoulder, fully extended leaping...

He was a tight end who was built like a reciever.

But a tight end.

But fast like a reciever.

You had to see this shit.

Imagine if Frank Wychek could run.

The Chiefs would end up with the league's best record of course, and go into a divisional playoff game against Denver.

Denver was a wildcard this season.

I honestly thought they would have given up.

That is why...thirteen months from this very point in would be left as a FACT...that John Elway was the very very very best quarterback in the history of this game.

Elvis Grbac is their quarterback and once Romanowski and them stop a handful of appetizers at tailback that can't even notch up 600 yards rushing for a season after he's been butt-piping Pro Bowlers for 12 years...

They're done.

Watching this game was like watching grass grow, like they say in Bullwinkle.

So Denver moves on and you're just like...don't waste our fucking time, asshole. We've seen enough of you.

Fuckin' honestly.

This is why I liked Reeves.

Who gives a shit that you're a Superbowl champion when all you do is rush the ball?

Be the San Antonio Spurs why don't you.

I like to see dem niggaz PASSSSSS.

Like Tom Brady.

Fuck the Patriots, but holy GOD do I recommend you pay to see that guy throw a football.

Fuck Favre. Brady.

So he cheats.

That's not Brady's fault, that's Bellichek's.

Can you execute a play that was obtained legally OR illegally? Ah-hah. Cuz Brady can.

But John Elway getting a Superbowl was ultra important for the children of America.

It would coincide nicely with an Oscar win for "American Beauty".

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

And until then, there's alot of entertainment when it comes to the AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh.

I laughed my ASS off.

Kordell Stewart comes into this game the big bad SLASH.

3 interceptions, 2 fumbles, 82 total yards.

Meanwhile let's look at Denver's offense and how it pertains to the moral of this story.

Shanahan's Walsh/Landry game plan has the black dude scoring all the touchdowns on 2 yard darting hooks and sweeps...and not one of them is run.

They're all RECEPTIONS.

Just like with Roger Craig.

Meanwhile who was the guy who literally had to pass every OTHER PLAY? The white Elway.

This is how Terell Davis would get all his stripes.

Davis would get a total of 2 handoffs for every Elway 26 pass attempts.

Each time...the defense doesn't expect it...and so the rushes go for 40 yards.

Davis would finish with 139 yards and the AFC title.

The Broncos were going back to the Superbowl for the first time in 8 years.

Elway had to like that they had Romanowski this time, I mean that just HAD to be nice.

Add to that, Shannon Sharpe was having a pro bowl year.

Shannon Sharpe lets his AFC-ness hang out from this point on -- never ever EVER shutting the fuck up.


Meanwhile you see Roger Craig beating the 49ers in the form of Dorsey Levins.

Fuckin' Dorsey Levins WAS Roger Craig.

He was so freaking good.

So you have William Henderson AND Dorsey Levins both catching touchdown passes and getting almost 50 yards recieving each in the title game.

You got Chmura, Brooks and Freeman.

But the fun parts about the Broncos and Packers in Superbowl 32 was the defenses.

For Green Bay -- Reggie White, Santana Dotson, LeRoy Butler, Eugene Robinson, Mike Prior, Darren Sharper when he was a rookie.

Then for Denver -- Steve Atwater, Tyrone Braxton, Darrin Gordon, John Mobley, Romo, Neal Smith the defensive lineman whose abscence from Kansas City had made them picked for last place when the season started...

Let's see if we can summarize this in a way that's interesting and make it a format --

1) Favre scores on the opening drive with a touchdown to Freeman.

2) Elway scores on HIS opening drive with a whole bunch of short runs and long runs by Davis.

3) Terrell Davis has a migraine this whole time like Scottie Pippen did.

4) Davis was used anyway because Shanahan knew his abscence would just lead to a blitzes all day long.

5) Denver leads 17-7 with 5 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. Denver fans are pumped. And then Green Bay marches right back down the field and Favre hits Chmura with 12 seconds left.


7) It's 17-17 in literally NO time. Denver fumbles. What else is new?

8) But then the defenses buckle down and nobody scores for quite some time.

9) Now deep in the third quarter, Elway's driving down and wants that first down and gets hit by two guys and his body is sent spinning through the air and down.

One of the commentators said it best -- this son of a bitch really wants to win this football game.

A guy at the Superbowl party I was with had just gotten done telling us that his mother died that week, and a few minutes after Elway's little incident, my buddy comes over and is making small talk that leads somehow to him ending up telling the guy -- "Go fuck your mother!"

The whole room went silent and the guy just turned away red.

I didn't tell my friend what the problem was.

More important things were going on in Tempe, Arizona.

So the Broncos go up 24-17.

So then Freeman fumbles.


Elway looks like he's got his ring.

He just has to go on another drive and put it away.

Eugene Robinson intercepts it.


And Favre hits Freeman for the touchdown 24-24.

Now it gets wacky, for the Broncos will fuck up...

Then the Packers fuck up...

But the Packers messed up worse because Favre got SACKED.

This becomes the key play of the game, for Green Bay will never have proper field position again.

They are deep in their own territory in a tie game with 5 minutes left.

A punt...sure far as a punt can go, sure....and Denver now starts at Green Bay's 45!

Green Bay literally gives up from this point on.

Darius Holland the Packers linebacker grabs Terrell Davis's facemask which is bound to happen when one team just runs all day.

This little face mask puts the Broncos at the GREEN BAY 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Davis gets in there. They go up 31-24, and it's Davis's third rushing touchdown with a headache powerful enough to blur the eyes by itself.

Now in the final minutes, Favre does what he does best...panic.

He starts trying for passes behind the linebackers like he was winning MVPs for...incomplete.

Then he resorts to the primary reciever Brooks...incomplete.

Third down...time to go to Dorsey.

Okay, Dorsey completes it.

Favre fucked up at being Montana from 1989 and 88...but got the 84 play off good.

Dorsey gets them a first down because he's amazing.

But then he drops two of them.

Third down.

Favre goes to...Dorsey of coursey.


So much for 1984.

And so Favre becomes Montana from 1982...and sees a touchdown to big Dwight Clark the tight end who he rode to his first Superbowl in Mark Chmura.

The pass to Chmura...has Broncos everywhere.


The Denver radio commentator put it best -- "HOLY COW DENVER WE'RE GONNA WIN THIS BABY!!!!"

It was John Elway's first world championship.

The Broncos had done it.

And the very best quarterback to ever play this game...finally had his Vince Lombardi trophy.

GO JOHN!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to be continued...



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